Thursday, May 7, 2009

Red Bra-White Coat-Grey Suit-HYPERTENSION!!
Water has nothing to do with this post. There wasn't any body of water that I could see in the exam room. Nor was there an aqua beach chair... or a deck... but there was a red bra... and me. I just like the picture.

... Is all I'm gonna say about this for now... if ever.


Suffice it to know I met a new doctor today.

Suffice it to know I was dying a thousand deaths from the second he walked in!

Suffice it to know... I dug myself in deeper with my words... but I had to explain.

Suffice it to know..I think I may have had the doc chuckling on the inside as evidenced by his obviously restrained... ever so slight... smile, as I was getting SQUIRRELLIER by the second!!


Even if I never post it all... I feel better for venting!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Oh come on now! Now, you've got to tell us.

SeaSpray said...

I am pretty sure was his comic relief for the day. It was my awkward emotions bubbling to the surface that made it worse & ... that and when I asked if during a nuclear stress test.. could go go out of control and then would my heart explode? LOL?

If I just shut up about the red bra! But I KNOW it affected my bp!

I could definitely play a Meg Ryan,Kirstie Ally(sp?), Lucy comedic spot. *sigh* Both when in middle of embarrassing situation and reaction after situation.

Chrysalis Angel said...

So what's with the red bra? I remember one time I went wearing a fushia colored all lace one. It had a pretty, clear plastic heart dangling in the center of it. I wasn't thinking that particular appt would be a heart or lung check or anything (I had just been there for all that), guess I know now ANY appt. might be a check like that. I normally dress frumpier if I'm going to my MD. Oh well....

Chrysalis Angel said...

They don't really care any way...they've seen it all.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-that sounds like a pretty bra.It wasn't was me... and my reaction. I might post on it..or I will e-mail. Not a big deal..just awkwardly embarrassing. Your supposed to act like everything is normal but no... I end up calling more attention. *sigh*

Colette George said...

I'm sorry to comment here at this exact post about this exact topic What to do with the things of a loved one after they die..
Here are my suggestions that I promised to you and you've been so patient.
1 ask youself if enough time has gone by to make a good evaluation.
I know that getting rid of things too early would have been a mistake filling me with regret later on.
2. Remember you can always take photographs of things that you liked but had no super huge attachment to. A momento book of sorts.
3. To get rid of things that meant so much to my dad, like his notebooks filled with to do lists and owners manuals for all his tools etc felt so dishonoring to dispose of although taking things to good will was ok for somethings. But I couldn't bring myself to take his things to the dump. I decided to have a ceremonial burn on my little piece of property. It was a somber occassion but made me feel as if this acknowledgement was made greater somehow.
For some of my mom's things, like her christian books- I donated them to her church and created a lending library in her name. Think about doign something like this when any large collection of things you may have. Passing these things along to people of the same mindset or passion- say for instance: a model car collection to a another model car enthusiast that was friends of your loved one, is an appreciated gift and one that will serve as a reminder of your loved one to them.
Take into consideration the personality and character of the loved one- if they would have donated to the church, or the YMCA or whatever, let that be a guide for you also.
I work alot with old vintage paper and decided to keep many of my dad's papers/booklets etc. My mother wanted her journals burned but I haven't been able to do that yet. Unfortunately, she has alzheimers so it's just not time right now. (I had nightmares when I had to sort through her things while she is still living) but keeping most of her things no longer makes any sense and I simply don't have the room for the things, although I do have a storage unit and am going through as I can. I parsed out things to friends of course, and donated things back to a christian womens group for their use. etc. etc.etc.
I hope at least some of this helps, let me know if I can be of any more assistance to you.
I would rather have had an email address but noen available.I guess you can copy and delete this comment. all the best to you, Colette

John McElveen said...


I've been looking all over for that. Could you please return it before my wife misses it???? I knew I never should have worn it that day!


SeaSpray said...

THANK YOU so very much Colette! I sincerely appreciate all you have shared here and copied it for me to refer too. I also am leaving up in case anyone else will benefit from your shared wisdom.

I am sorry about the loss of your Dad and that your Mom has Alzheimers. I know it's hard dealing with these things. You have been sensitive to the specialness of what you found from them. I like the fire burning ceremony idea and sounds like good closure.

I came across my uncles writings and it was like a treasure I discovered. I had no idea he wrote like he did.

I have a ton of his pictures and I don't know who anyone is. I feel obligated to keep them because they were his and people he knew.

It is weird that when your life is over..your things may not mean anything to anyone else and things will get tossed. Feels wrong.

I have to tell you..I am struggling. BUT..I am going to DO this!

I especially like the picture idea!

I am giving her books away, but whatever is left..I am donating to a Catholic hospital so they can sell them. I feel good about that.

Mom always liked helping people and had a very generous spirit and I believe would be pleased with that. i will keep some.. but not many.

I have to tell you... that just this morning...i was looking inside my bedroom closet at all the things I neatly reorganized and stuffed on the top shelf.

I looked at it and thought... I rarely touch that stuff and still... couldn't get rid of anything else. maybe I can get rid of two unused plastic skincare makeup bags..and still I cringe...even tho I have others and haven't touched these. See what I am up against?

It is so ridiculous. And it is taking me forever and am miserable until I finish this process. Right now I feel like a slave to things and I DON'T like it!!

Thanks again Colette. :) email address is in this blog

SeaSpray said...

Hey John -I heard THAT about you! ;)

SeaSpray said...

I may tell the silly little red bra story here. May not even be as funny as I think... like you know... one of those you had to be there moments. :)