Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry SeaSpray-Nice Guy :)

Okay...about the guy I almost ran off the road...dumb on my part.... OBVIOUSLY!

I was traveling southbound on a one way 2 lane highway.

He was in my blind spot and while I did check...evidently not carefully enough.

As I got halfway into the fast lane, the other vehicle was right there from seemingly nowhere and so as I came in... he veered farther to the left onto the shoulder. I then veered back into my lane while he simultaneously came back into his lane and it was as if our paralleled cars were totally in sync ... as though we intended to do this choreographed car dance of the highway. It was all so calm and uneventful... surreal... yet could've been very serious.

Then we were side by side and fortunately got to stop together at the next light. I wanted to tell him I was sorry. I was afraid to look over because I didn't want to see any obscene gestures or whatever. But even more so I wanted to apologize. So... I put my window down and tried to get his attention by waving at him.... while simultaneously thinking he might think I'm a nut if he see's me in his peripheral vision and not look at me at all.

But he did look over and so with a sheepish and most apologetic face... I dramatically mouthed the words, "I'M SORRY!" followed by a please forgive me look.

Figuring... I'd take whatever..I deserved it... but instead... he flashed a friendly smile and nodded his head a bit...acknowledging and accepting my apology.

Then in a minute or so... he went his way and went mine.

Not everyone would've been so nice. HA! WhiteCoat would've taken my picture with that trusty camera of his! ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Ha, I laughed when I got to the part of WC taking your picture. I was going to tease you that I thought I saw your photo on WC blog, ha,ha.

If we ever get together....I'll drive. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -I don't mind shot gun ..the more scenic seat. :)

He's so funny with that camera when he is irritated. :)