Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another New Urology Blog


I discovered a new urology blog -Urology Clinic News!

I've enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to going back to read more. I've added this blog to my urology section in my blogroll.

It turns out they have my SeaSpray blog linked as being listed as a top urology blog. I like that... but, while I am in good company with the others listed and I like the title... I will have to leave a comment with a correction.(I did leave a correction in comments, but it doesn't appear there now.)

I have written a lot from a patient's perspective about my urological experiences, with a few generalized urology posts. My SeaSpray blog has been the perfect outlet for me to vent my urologic concerns and/or frustrations ... usually with humor... but also from my heart...depending on the situation I am writing about.

I have written about uro procedures, being stented and unstented, men's urinals(the pictures drew me in :) and foley caths, SDS, pre-op, OR and post-op, inpatient, out patient, ER, Bajingoland exams, office visits both on clinic and office sides, the doctors and staff, my hopes, fears (surgeries) and God knows I have now developed a keen fascination for whizzie winkles. ;)

My SeaSpray blog... really called "SeaSprays-it's a Wonderful Life" (Accidentally omitted SeaSpray's - in the title and can't change it now but is in the URL.) is mostly about things that happen in my life and a good part of it was based on medical because of my urologic history when I began this blog. But I also worked in a hospital for 20 years.. in emergency registration and wore some other hats along the way.

So... that is why I joined the medical blogosphere... because of my personal experiences while working in the medical environment as well as my newly acquired experiences as "The patient".

Well actually.. the first draw was the exquisite humor in the med blogs. Then it snowballed and it has turned into one of my favorite hobbies of all time because I have always been passionate about writing and have found an outlet with my blog... as well as reading and commenting in other blogs. Not only do I appreciate the exquisite humor... but the intellectual discussions... friendship and support along the way.

I see my blog as both. It is a patient blog... but also medical in that I also write from a medical work experience perspective and will be working back in the medical arena soon... although I will keep that separate. I may write about work... but like others have with disclaimers.. it would be more the idea of something, not actual facts or descriptions in anyway identifiable.

I would never compromise an employer or patient's confidentiality... just as I would never want mine compromised.

Actually...this blog is eclectic, in that I write about many different things... but has been most cathartic for me from a patient's perspective. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Well that's pretty cool, Seaspray. I remember the first time I read one of your comments, on Dr. A's blog. I stopped in to check out your site, and liked you instantly. You have me shaking my head at times, but you are a doll.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. I have some of THOSE posts in my drafts :) Just lost my mojo a bit but it will come back when it is supposed to.

I MISS your blog by the way. Any chance you'll open it again?

Chrysalis Angel said...

You're so sweet, Seaspray. I find it hard to believe anyone would miss my little scratchings. Maybe someday.

SeaSpray said...

Angel..the only thing missing was a set of Adirondack chairs and an ice tea or cup of coffee and a kitchen table. :)

I bought a big thing of Jersey blueberries (big ones too) at Costco last night.. but I must say... they aren't as sweet as what they had previously. And I wonder if that reflects the nutrient content, like were they picked too soon...although they are big and blue.

I an going to leave them on the counter for the day see if they ripen.

i still remember your blueberry post from 2 years ago. :)

By the way... don't go by public responses to your posts. If I did that... I would've quit a long time ago.

You have been one of my most consistent commentators. thank you. :)

I miss my blogging friend Elaine and still can't believe she died. :(

I do have people that stop by and I am grateful for all of that because when I get comments... it feels like getting a post card in the mail. It's just fun. :)

But I am a writer at heart and so I do it anyway.

Besides..and this must've happened with you too... you know there are people that come in to read all the time but just don't comment. And then that people blogroll you shows they think enough of your writing to have you on their side bar.

What I wonder is what is it that compels me to discuss personal things (about me) publicly? But I am in good company... because most of us do in one way or another.

Maybe it is that sense of being heard. Like in therapy..that is what heals you..to tell your story, get perspective..a healthier one and then move on. Or feel validated.

Boy... aren't I just the deep thinker with my first cup of coffee today? :)

I have been busy and so I am behind in reading some of my favorite blogs. Have to spread myself between inside and outside. :)

Rositta said...

Seaspray, I like reading your posts and like you I miss Angel. Too bad she closed down (are you listening Angel?). I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment. Sometimes there just isn't time. Have a nice day...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta -Thank you for your kind words and reading. Thank you for the support you have given me since last summer during the various experiences I was having during Mom's decline. I know you understand and I empathize with you too over the loss of your Mom and mother-in-law.

I know..there are many wonderful blogs and not enough time to comment. I am even behind in my reading now too.

I vote Angel reopen her blog..or let us in... when she has time again. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

You guys are both special to me. You aren't missing anything. The last post you saw was it. Now, I'm trying to keep better track of the both of you!