Friday, June 26, 2009

I'll Be There (a capella)

I'm sorry Michael's life ended as it did.

He was tremendously talented. I have been mesmerized watching his dancing during all the news clips and then videos. This YouTube video portion isn't the best, but the audio is fabulous. A capella singing gives me goose bumps. :) It's mostly Michael singing, with his brothers.

I wish those close to him peace during this time of sorrow.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Sad thing. Farrah will be missed too.

SeaSpray said...

Yes..Farrah will be missed too. She fought a valiant fight. I appreciated the Barbara Walters interview wit Ryan and her friends... tastefully done.

I actually am Jacksoned out and I don't mean that disrespectfully, but think the media is going overboard and the family should have more privacy and not have to hear all the negatives. Maybe they are used to it.

I hate that I saw him in a body bag from the choppper to the rig and would rather remember differently.

Boy if it isn't a lesson on it doesn't matter who or what you own... but it is your relationships that matter in the end.

Rositta said...

Farrah was a beautiful woman but I don't have good memories of her. About 8 years or so ago she did a made for tv movie on our street. Not only where the trailers parked for days obstructing traffic, our street was closed during certain times of the day. We neighbours would have gladly tolerate such inconvenience except for one little thing. We were not even allowed anywhere near her (her rules) and not one of us on our street caught so much as a glimpse of her. She wasn't that big of a star anymore. There are many stars that come to Toronto and they are generally quite easygoing. I once sat in the same restaurant with Whoopi Goldberg. Sad about MJ but couldn't we all see it coming? Prescription drugs will get you if your not careful...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Oh that's too bad Rositta. Maybe she just got overwhelmed. It would've been nice if she made an appearance for the local people tho...especially since they were inconvenienced.

I think MJ had more than prescription. Like demerol and morphine...heavy duty things that should only be for the most extreme circumstances while an in patient or hospice. ??? O don't see how he could possibly do a 50 concert tour on the stuff and keep up with his dancing.

Was whoopi nice? She seems like she'd be friendly and try to be patient.

Rositta said...

Whoopi was fabulous, it was an after hours Portuguese dance club and she was up dancing with all the locals. No paparazzi anywhere to be seen.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta -I don't agree with Whoopi's politics... but she always tries to be fair and gracious..that I have seen anyway...and I respect that. I think you can disagree with the views but should always be respectful and she always seemed to be...which is a breath of fresh air.

That must've been neat to see her. :)