Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Should be THE LAW
They were no Jiminy Cricket!

I was corresponding with someone elsewhere, discussing lizards as pets and feeding them live food... BUGS and decided I will post it over here too.

Having two boys and living right by a pond, pretty much assured that we would have various living critters of the non human species sharing our home. That would be birds, bugs and bullfrogs as well as turtles, fish and tadpoles and ....the occasional garden snake that was always encouraged to be let go immediately.

Of course we have always had our wonderful family pets.... cats and dogs. (Some day I will discuss them individually and put up pictures.) But then... there was the pet store little vermin type pets that I was just never crazy about... and usually thanks to my husband's acquiescing to pressure from someone half his size.

So on my husband's watch. ..we ended up with a Russian hamster, a white mouse and SECOND iguana. One day I went to feed the white mouse and it bit my finger. I was instantly mad at my husband for that! I realize HE didn't bite my finger..but he might as well have... because he bought the mouse. I refused to do anything with said mouse again. That mouse was lucky we also didn't have a pet SNAKE. " Mouse? Did I see the mouse? Gee.. MYSTERY to me..... " ;)

The hamster was actually cute, furry and friendly... but I still wouldn't have gotten him.

Then we already had Godzilla...the iguana...and so we really didn't need to get a second one... T-rex. Although... I came to like the iguanas and even let them sit on my head. Why? I don't know. ? I guess because I could and they did. In retrospect... considering all of God's creature's have an exit passage... that was perhaps not the most enlightened decision of my life. We also let them climb the sliding door screens, the fig tree and lamp shades. Thankfully..accident free.

I admit... I am the one who caved and got the chameleons... as I was a sucker for the pretty iridescent aqua in their coloring... and I was amused by their suction capabilities on the glass with their feet. I was NOT thrilled...when after I said we could have them... the clerk said we had to feed them LIVE CRICKETS! EWWWWWWWWWWW!

And that brings me to the rest of the story.

I hated the cricket thing for the chameleons. They were that yucky
grayish tan. Well I guess if they were as cute as Jiminy Cricket.. it would've been a lot harder to feed them to the chameleons.

One day... my husband went down to the pet store to buy a bag of 12
crickets and left on table for Jon to feed chameleons when he came home from

A couple of hours later I went to pick up the wall phone and screamed loudly
just as my hand was about to pick up the receiver. A CRICKET was sitting on the

Turns out the bag wasn't sealed right and all 12 crickets were now out having a
free- for- all.. LOOSE in our house..and they were stealthy about it too... because
there was nary a peep out of even one of them.

I hollered for my husband because what else is a skeeved out damsel in distress
supposed to do in such an unnerving situation? I stood frozen by the phone
lamenting about how we'd be overrun by a cricket population if we didn't find

Oh and the phone cricket leaped off when my hand got near him which is
what set off my scream.

With my better half at my side... we managed to find all 12... who had tucked
themselves away in various nooks and crannies in the kitchen. I was the pointer
and he was the catcher. I don't do bugs..ugh!

Well except for Praying Mantis', Lady bugs and butterflies and fire flies... oh and wooly bear
caterpillars .. I will touch them. Oh and I will pick up a Daddy Long Legs by one leg and toss him outside..if my walk to get there isn't too longwith having to carry(dangle) him. Given my near phobic reaction to all spiders..I think that is pretty brave and compassionate of me.

*Having lived with the consequences of entering a pet store with a child... I think there should be a universal law enacted for the protection of said parents.

No adult shall enter the premises (inside or outside) of any pet store alone with their child and especially not with anyone else's child... unless accompanied by another adult who is deemed to be of reasonable and sound mind... thus protecting other innocent family members, as well as the purchaser from the inevitable buyer's remorse and subsequent consequences of having made a wrongful purchase.

Furthermore.... if the purchase of any critter involves feeding said critter any other living critter ... said purchaser should be accompanied by TWO adults whom are deemed to be of reasonable and sound minds.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Oh, man! I just could not feed a live critter to another. Nope, couldn't do it.

SeaSpray said...

I know. I drove the car so I was an accomplice...but that's all I would do. :)