Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Talk About Sea Spray!

Hurricane Waves at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

I love this picture! It was so awesome to see in person. I think it was August, 1996... but I am not sure. Normally the waves wouldn't be so large and powerful. Talk about sea spray! They were breaking much farther up on the beach than normal.

There was a hurricane down south that was affecting the Jersey Shore tides.

I had brought the boys and a friend of older son's to the shore the day before. Later that night...after we left the boardwalk to go back to the motel...we decided to go on the beach and dip our feet in the water. Well we didn't have to go very far down to the water because the crashing waves were rushing up farther on the beach.

The water was very warm. No doubt the tropical currents were affecting the temperature. It felt wonderful! Younger son who was only about 7 going on 8 at the time, was especially enjoying himself. He was falling down into the water (up on the beach) and having a GRAND time. He was completely soaked. But we really were too because the force of the water just shot up all over our clothes.

We eventually went back to our room for the night.

We were surprised the next morning to find out we weren't allowed on the beach.

And we were both surprised and saddened when we arrived home and heard on the news that two boys around 12 years old were drowned in Pt. Pleasant that day. They were doing the same thing we were doing... hanging out in the white water that rushed up on the beach. It pulled them right out and they couldn't be rescued in time. So very tragic.

When I was a teenager...I remember one beach day when my friend and I were frolicking in the whitewater that washed up on the beach. I was 14 and she was 15. That day too... there was a hurricane down south and we also weren't allowed in the water because of the currents. But the lifeguards let everyone near where the waves crashed. We'd fall down into it, roll around it it and just had the best time thoroughly enjoying the tropically warmed foamy white water.

I had always heard about under tows and rip currents... but I never knew it was possible to be knocked off your feet on the beach and be sucked back out to sea like that.

I prefer beaches with lifeguards. Although..on our honeymoon in the Bahamas (October-1975), we were on a private beach and there weren't any lifeguards. We also experienced larger waves than when we first arrived because there was a hurricane in the islands somewhere that was affecting our calmer waters. We LOVED it as we body surfed and frolicked in the increasingly rougher waters. We were oblivious to any dangers with the currents. Ignorance is bliss.

The only thing that unnerved me was that I had seen the movie "Jaws" (October - 1975) when it first came out 2 months earlier. Admittedly... that had me a little concerned... even though I had grown up by the seashore... frolicking in the waves every summer... without a care in the world... except that we had to wait a whole hour after we ate before we could go back in the water.

That was torture and seemed like an eternity. "Is it time yet? Is it an hour yet? Can we go in yet? When can we go in? Yayyyyy.. we can go in!!!" And then we'd gleefully run back into the the Ocean. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I love that photo. Gorgeous.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-Thank you.:)The waves were so POWERFUL & LOUD crashing on the beach! It was very humid and windy too. My video camera kept fogging up.

I may put the pick on mt side bar. I suppose it could be my SeaSpray logo too but it doesn't show up as well so small.

I have a lot of ocean pics. Just have to go through all my pictures. :)

peggy said...
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