Monday, June 22, 2009

Teasing me!
A girl can dream. :)

The sun is totally teasing me! While comfortably cool and haven't used the a/c once... there hasn't been much sun at all...for days... at a time. I am not even tan and the pool water is cold and there hasn't been any sun to warm the water to a decent temp. I don't like bath water... and much prefer cool and refreshing... but this is just plain cold.

We've had more sun today (not much) than in days, but every time I go goes in. Then I get busy inside and it comes out.

Total tease!

I know..getting tan isn't supposed to be good for you... but the best way to get vitamin D is from being outdoors in the sunshine. I do use a spf 30 on my face and neck, but admittedly baby oil everywhere else.

I am confused about sunscreens because some are said to have cancer causing agents in them... or they let the bad rays in or keep the good rays out. I guess I should head over to derm doc (GREAT blog!) for an explanation. :)

Anyway... it's good to rotate your body to vary the exposure during the weaker sun hours.. not mid day. 10 -15 minutes at a time. Although I swim and am in the sun and so do get pretty tan.

I am usually careful though to catch the son before or after the more intense sun rays... unless having fun in the water. You have to enjoy yourself too.

It's 4:39 pm and I am going to try to catch a little sun now.. before it disappears again. :)

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