Monday, June 1, 2009

Thank You Ramona!

The following pictures with commentary were taken from Ramona's post about the quilt:

Here is a detail shot of a very soft little puppy with a bone.

Here is a detail shot of the lower puppy. It show the butterflies in the fabric and the fish.

What you don't see is that the back of the quilt is in a pretty pink fabric and it has sweet words running through it. I think all the fabrics are gorgeous and I especially love the butterflies. :)

Here is a link to surgeon, Dr Ramona Bates medical blog .. Suture for a Living and a link to the baby quilt post in which she has these baby quilt pictures up and describes the quilt... this very beautiful quilt.. this most thoughtful and generous gift.

I have to say...I was feeling down that week, but really perked up when I opened Ramona's package and laid eyes on her beautiful handiwork... I was so moved by her taking the time out from her busy life to do this... and in awe of her talent. I have no doubt that God has given Dr Bates a gift for working with her hands. :)

The pictures do not do it justice. The puppies are indeed soft and it's just the most precious quilt and we all love it! :) I gave Devan a sneak peek at the quilt before we went to the hospital and she kept rubbing her hands across the soft furry puppies. :)

Thank you so very much Ramona! :)

Oh! I also just have to add the link to the post where her chocolate lab, Rusty is modeling a surgeon's cap she made. (Check him out! :) Too funny and very sweet! He's got the countenance of a surgeon. Hmm..let's see...what specialty would Rusty be in? :) Not only does Ramona make beautiful and arty quilts, but she also makes caps for surgeons and anesthesiologists.

You can also peruse her blog and check out all the other amazing quilts she has made. :)


Jabulani said...

Hey Sea Spray, I saw this quilt on Ramona's blog when she posted it. I was awed then - seeing it a second time does not diminsh the awe any! It's a stunning quilt. Her work inspired me to make one for my new niece, and to start making theatre caps too. Quite an amazing woman she is ... but shh, don't tell I said this: she is too humble about her gift! ;)

rlbates said...

You are so welcome, SeaSpray! You're grandbabies (new and older) are very cute!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jabulani-you should see it in person... Stunning indeed! :)

So you are also talented with a needle. I think you all must have the patience of SAINTS!

Yes..I think those surgical caps are so cool. :)

thanks for stopping by. :)

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Ramona- They ARE! :)

It's amazing how children can make everything seem right with the world... and definitely a much brighter place. :)

Jabulani said...

Sea Spray: *sigh* I would LOVE to see it 'ferreel'! I plan to visit Arkansas one of these days so I'm hoping Ramona will have a quilt there for me to drool about - please note not over. That would ruin the quilt!! Mind you, the rate at which they get distributed, I might not be so lucky :(

Patience of a Saint huh. I MUST tell my husband that one. He'll bust his stays laughing at that. Maybe I should just whisper to you that I'm a redhead ... ;) I think I might just have to blog about being a saint. I feel positively ennervated ...

Thank YOU for a splendid blog! It's a thrill to stop by.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jabulani! :) I appreciate your kind words.

And you have to have some kind of patience going on there to stay put long enough to sew and be attentive to such detail.

So..You're the fiery redhead. Red hair is very pretty. :)