Friday, July 31, 2009

BEHOLD.. the CRYSTAL CLEAR pool water. :)

This pic is actually from last year, but the water is just as clear now. PERFECTLY CLEAR!

Be damned you wascally gopher! Okay... so it was just cloudy pool water... but after enduring this almost 2 month cloudy warter debacle...resistent to all my interventions.... I really was getting Bill Murray Caddyshack frustrated with this constantly cloudy pool water that defied all treatments and draining and refilling the water.... MULTIPLE TIMES!!

Mr SeaSpray... out of the goodness of his heart... no make that self preservation from my whining... changed the filter sand and hooked it all back up again.

And BEHOLD... the pool pic above!! Crystal clear!! Can I brag on on my crystal clear art form pool water? Can I? Okay.. so I am. Check it out. C-R-Y-S-T-A-L CLEAR!

Persistence pays off!

I'm just sayin. :)


Anonymous said...
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John McElveen said...


We went to the Pharmacy to pick up a Rx for my wife. They did not ask for an ID for a controlled substance. She was told that her meds were given to another lady.

This lady now how all our Rx info, they broke all Hippa laws, not to mention some Federal Controlled substances procedures. We had no meds, and they said we could come back tomorrow and pick it up tomorrow, and not even offered an apology of any sort.

The next day, (an inconvenience) we drove back to the pharmacy where they gave her her medicine......without asking for an ID or signature. Was this the same med that had gone home with a stranger? Had it been "Doctored" up? Quantity was easy enough to verify and it was a refill on a med she had taken for 18 years, so we knew what it looked like.

But, what if? It had been new, etc, etc etc. you can imagine the scenarios! We called them as soon as I got home, spoke to the manager, received no apology again, no offer for a comp of any type for the trouble- Here have a Coke while you wait, etc.

If we weren't Christians, and I'm not bragging- except on our Lord, we would have sued their pants off. The only reason we didn't is because of our Faith.

But to say watch this, and brazenly call......ohhhhhhhhhh! and we wonder why medicine is so high. Now if they gave her the wrong pill and she reacted I agree with you.......but to take the pill knowing it was not hers...........

Keep praying for my Heart Sea, I'm having a rough time after this last stent. I went back to work 3 days after I had it in and could not finish my shift. They had to send me home. I was given two weeks off and told to walk walk walk, but NO lifting or pulling and go see Cardiologist on Aug 12. Yeah 2 days after my 55 birth

That's why I've been off, plus my puter was down foe 10 days and I had no access. Missed ya my Sea faring friend.


John McElveen said...


Does Chysallis not want me to be her buddy no more? I can't get on her blog. If so, tell her I miss her and I'm sorry if I said or did anything inappropriate.


SeaSpray said...

John-she didn't take the pill..she LIED..stating she DID! I don't blame you being mad one bit. Attitude makes all the difference in diffusing a potentially negative situation.

I think you should think of switching pharmacies and report the incident to a CEO level.

If they didn't demonstrate they were sorry..then that causes me to think they didn't learn their lesson and may perpetuate the errors again. Sounds irresponsible on their part!

SeaSpray said...

John..I am so sorry you are having to endure these heart concerns. I am/will pray for you and believe for your healing.

It just plain sucks when we don't feel well or have to be concerned about our health or feel held back.

You know the drill and sometimes med people are the worst patients... but keep doing what your doc says and you know to do and if it is take it easy... make the most of it.

Are you doing any kind of heart rehab? And you know..if something doesn't seem right to the doctor.

I don't know all that is going on... but aren't you supposed to feel better after a stent..relief from a block? John..if you are not..perhaps you need to have that looked at again.

Sometimes..people go in for surgeries, they think the problem is fixed ..but miss something..or something else coincidentally developed. I recenttly met a woman like that with a urology surgery. Serious one involving CA.

She was put on pain meds longer when she complained of pain they didn't know why she had it. they said surgery was successful. She has 5 children and couldn't take care of them. After some weeks..they took her back into surgery and they found another tumor. Why? I don't recall. I dion't think they knew.

Anyway..all is probably taking longer to run it's course... but just be observant...oh and john.. also C-O-M-P-L-I-A-N-T patient. :)

Hey..on the that your computer is up and running... you can write funny things and make us all laugh. :)

I hope you will be up and running soon too John.

Take care. :)

Chrysalis Angel has her blog closed to everyone for now and is totally private. You didn't do anything to offend her.

i know she likes you and enjoys reading your posts and comments. You make us laugh. :)