Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cheese Doodles Don't Make Sunburn Feel Better (but I'll tell you what does)

They don't!

No..I'm not rubbing them on my fiery body.

Owwwww..that would hurt and be just a bit scratch. Talk about fire!

It's 02:54 (am) and I feel like I am on fire. I'm hot and cold at the same time... and sore.

I have a big wedding to go to on the weekend.

There hasn't been very much sun and so I was barely tan when I fell asleep in the pool by high noon today. I was actually feeling cold before I fell asleep.... but the warm sun on me felt sooooo good. How can something that feels so good be so bad for you?

It was the deepest, most pleasurable sleep... just drifting around in the pool.

The summer has been so weird and not a great summer at all wise. Mostly cloudy days and the sunny days cloud up too. The corn isn't as high as it should be.

So..I thought I was tan. I was going out at the end of the day and thought I had built a little tan and so wouldn't burn.

My rules are sunscreen for face and throat and no sun between 11am - 12 pm.

But..remember I have this wedding to go to and remember I had a little tan? Well I wanted more tan... especially in the cleavage area. My dress is low cut in front and with I just wanted more tan.

The thing Is my new bathing suit doesn't go down like a v in the front and so I took the straps down and pulled the top... just a little too low and so I have a really red hot burn straight across the girls where the sun has never been. OUCH! (my virgin skin (sans sunlight exposure) is very fair and I didn't realize just far down I pulled my suit. *sigh*

And I pulled my suit down in the back and so burned there but not as badly. I fell asleep while lying on my back.

Suffice it to know that it looks like when you're painting and you peel the tape back and you see the distinct contrasting borders...except I didn't pull them down evenly and so it is crooked too..and ... it still wasn't low enough in the middle. So.. I'll give it a rest and Friday will put a different suit on that covers the burned area and will tan like usual in the middle.

I was telling people on twitter that a pharmacist recommended using whole milk compresses to help a burn.

I was 18 and decided to go out in the sun for the 1st time with just baby oil for 6 hours. I was in the water some of the time but was also lying on the beach.

I was supposed to play tennis that night. I took a little nap and when I woke up I was in unbearable pain, was dizzy and had chills.

My aunt was looking for Noxema, Solarcaine (sp?), etc and the pharmacist recommended whole milk compresses.

I had baby doll pajamas on and my boyfriend (now husband) came up and she let him do the compresses. (That surprised me!)

What he did is take a couple of paper towels, dip them in the cold whole milk, wring out, open them up and apply to the burned area. They are ice cold at first and then are very soothing. You press them onto the burned area. And leave them on until they feel hot. Then remove the paper towels and repeat the process. Make sure the milk is cold.

You do this over and over again until the person doesn't feel as warm and they are feeling some relief. It takes a while!

I was covered in paper towels...legs, arms, chest, back, stomach. It was the worst burn I have ever had in my life and I have gotten sun burned at the beach.. for sure.

Well.... I woke up the next day...with out ANY pain. NO PAIN at all!! No blisters.. ever AND.. I didn't peel either.

We have always used that when needed and works every time.

Personally... I would do that before I'd ever go to the ED for treatment. It works, you don't need any drugs and its just about free... just labor intensive for the person helping you.

My husband... who's legs and feet are as white as the virgin snow...well almost... got a really bad burn on them. he refused my doing that for him and the next day... he couldn't put his shoes on and his pants hurt his skin because the burn was so intense. He let me do the compresses...and he felt much better.

We had a party here tonight and and so I didn't have time for my husband to help with the sunburn, a friend came over after ward and so I just didn't get to it. And husband has to work tomorrow. It's messy and so I am going to forgo the milk compresses and hope for the best.

But I have to say... it it totally weird how you can be both really hot and really cold at the same time with a sunburn.

I am joking about the cheeses doodles helping sunburn. I wasn't even hungry and as I was eating them, observed... my emotional eating of cheese doodles was not helping me in any all. The sunburn still hurts... and the salt will make me retain water along with supplying me with non nutritious unwanted calories.

*I have a friend who swore her girls were bigger the next morning if she ate a salty snack the night before. I'm just sayin. :)

I will put sunscreen over the burned areas Friday!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray! What have you been up to? You are too quiet over there, I worry when you are quiet.

SeaSpray said...

I was away for the weekend at a fabulous wedding. My computer died before I left and officially yesterday.

Thank you for asking. You do know me.

Thanks for asking. :)