Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"They're SO Pointy.. " :)

First of all...I can't believe Mr SeaSpray used the word *pointy*! LOL! Seems so girly. ;)

He's definitely the MANLY type though. :)

Earlier this evening, as I was typing in my blog... I turned around and told Mr SeaSpray I was going to Costco and I asked him if he wanted anything. Then I turned back around to finish my post.

He said, "Yeah...could you pick up some more Q-Tips?"

Still typing... I hollered out (He was in another room), "Okay. I can get a lot more for a much cheaper price down there." (I just LOVE Costco!)

He then said... with a somewhat puzzled intonation in his voice, "The Q-Tips I used...were so.. pointy? and they didn't absorb anything!??"
I immediately stopped typing and bolted around in my chair to face him and afraid to hear the answer, I said "WHAT? (already kind of knew) What did you use that was pointy??"

"Those Q-Tips you had."

"In my draw?"


"Oh my gosh! You could've poked your eardrums out! THOSE aren't Q-Tips... they're NAIL TEES! They're used to remove nail polish off of cuticles!!"

"They're terrible!"

"Because they are for NAILS and CUTICLES!!"

P.S. I picked up a whole bunch of Q-tips at Costco today (Friday) ... 1,750 cotton Q-Tip swabs... to be exact. I am sure it warmed Mr SeaSpray's heart when he saw them on the counter. :)

P.P.S. Anyone need any Q-Tips? I think we are gonna have these for awhile. :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

pointy is a lot less girly than calling him 'mr. seaspray'

i am wondering, does he know you call him this? and if he does, does he approve??


SeaSpray said...

Hi P - LOL! You have a POINT! (Pun intended)

I have mentioned I call him Mr SeaSpray and he is alright with it. :)