Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chattus Interruptus

FYI - the SeaSpray "dictionary" defines chattus as being chatty.

My regular readers that have frequented this blog know about my squirrellyness when it comes to being given the Happy cocktails prior to going into the OR. I am admittedly borderline phobic when it comes to my apprehension in being just a little too breezy in the OR while under the influence of said drugs.

I wish I could just go with the flow (pun intended) as the drugs circulate through my system... but I can't help resisting on the inside... although.. I am going to try to think of balmy ocean breezes and the mist from the sea spray landing gently on my face along with everything else wonderful at the beach. And hopefully..I won't be recalling the night Mom died there a few months ago. :(

Balmy ocean breezes.

Versed! I hate the thought of a med that can cause me to forget something! I realize that can be a blessing as well. Who wants to remember their colonoscopy or EGD? (Actually, I do remember part of a routine EGD and then they must've given me more meds.)

In the ED a patient is often given conscious sedation while being worked on for an orthopaedic case. The patients (all ages) often cry out in pain, etc., but because of the Versed/Fentanyl combination given to them, they don't remember anything of what just happened.

I'd hear the patients crying out in pain and they'd leave with smiles like they didn't have a care in the world.

Still... I hate that the versed causes you to forget everything and you don't know what you said or did if you did do or say something. I don't know... maybe the Versed is merciful so I don't want to die from mortal embarrassment after the procedure is over.

Still... it really bothers me to think others know things about me that I don't know. *SIGH!*

Is this a control issue? Sure it is!

Boy oh boy...does a patient have to trust the staff or what? I believe they're trustworthy and there to help... it's just that whole surrendering my body and mind thing I hate to do. I know I am not the only one. I know these things happen every day.. all day long.

Ha! I spoke with a nurse earlier. She wanted to verify the info she had on me. After she was finished... I commented on how I hate conscious sedation even more than anesthesia because then you're not completely out, can follow commands and have the potential to say and do a lot more.

She said, "We have a policy here. What happens in Vegas..stays in Vegas." That was funny and momentarily reassuring.

Of course I don't really know what goes on in the OR once my memory stops. For all I know, they are still talking with me but the versed blocks my memory.

And ...for all I know we are wild and crazy... doing the Macarena or something ... I'm just sayin.. ;) would never know with this drug ...Versed.

On Friday, I went over to the hospital to be seen in the ED and was chatting with the x-ray tech in radiology. We got talking about my coming back for an EGD and how I hate Versed. He said, "Oh..Versed is a good drug!" I didn't say it... but I was thinking, "That depends what end of the drug you're on." :)

Then I remembered the things I know about people who have had surgery in the OR that I have no business knowing. There is no way I could possibly know... but I do.

Of course I am assuming anyone would even care. If they don't know you..they probably don't care and it's just a job ...although the aspect of people being breezy in the OR or procedure rooms must be quite amusing at times.

Okay... and I also abhor the thought that I would cry or yell out in pain. And last year I was just plain shocked when I read that during a colonoscopy... you have to pass gas before they will discharge you! As far as I'm concerned..while most grateful for everything that functions properly in my body... rectums and gas just don't exist. I don't remember that after the colonoscopy!

Score one for Versed! :) I got this out of my system...AGAIN. One would think I am used to this and accepting by now... but nope..never am. I hate it. Hence I write so much about VENT about it.

The nurse told me the procedure is only 5 minutes. It's all the prep before that takes the time I guess.

Anyway... in view of everything I've said about being squirrelly about versed and not being in control of my mind during these procedures or surgeries... there is one good thing about this week's procedure.

Chattus Interruptus! (I'm using poetic license with this :)

I won't be able to chat..much.. because I am getting an esophagogastroduodenoscopy(
EGD), which is when the physician puts an endoscopic device down your throat to have a look-see at your upper GI tract.

I am pretty certain I won't be inclined to speak with an endoscopy tube down my throat...thus.. Chattus Interruptus... no breezy chatting! :)

I wonder if the gastro docs ask you questions like the dentist's do... for their own amusement of course? ;)

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