Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lol! I am sitting here semi-soaked... on a towel.

At least I had my bathing suit on. :)

Younger son went over to his grandmothers to mow her lawn a while ago. I was writing a post when I noticed the rain falling softly..yet steadily outside and thought to myself, "Oh this is nice... the garden will get good water and I won't have to water the plants tonight. :)

Not long after... son calls to ask me if it is raining there.
He left the back seat in the van in the driveway so he could have room for the lawnmower. He called to tell me to cover it up.

Scrambling for something..all I could come up with was a box of big hefty garbage bags.. which were useless. Well maybe if I had time to split them and drape... but as if it were timed... cats and dogs started falling out of the sky, Noah's Ark floated by on the front road. I was soaked before I ever got to the seat and I assume the seat was the same.

I did make a lame attempt to cover the seat but the effort was in vain.
The rain actually felt good on my body (I was hot-being stubborn about using A/C) and even would've been fun if it weren't for the crack of thunder and the seat getting soaked. So..I thought about just leaving it. Wet any way ..right? But then then I figured the seat would be wet, drenched and more drenched and so I decided to drag the beast to the back of the house.

Maybe that was a dumb move in a thunder storm. ?
At least there were wheels and so helped a little but then they dug into the soil in the back. I pulled it up against the house... but it was still getting soaked.

So..I did the only thing I could do... I yanked the cover off Mr SeaSpray's shiny grill. That shouldn't matter...right? They are designed to take some water..yes? Stainless steal? I do realize that "the GRILL" is his
raison d'etre during the summer... you know... "The grill master" and all that... but I figured ..a girl's gotta do...what a girl's gotta do! Well..I did it.... and it fit over the seat perfectly.

So... I wasn't back in the house even 5 minutes when younger son comes in to find me and states he was sorry, it was sunny when he left and that
he just put the seat back in the van! LOL!!!!!!!! I told him I think the seat will have to come back out and dry out in the sun for days. Also... that the wheels and metal parts will have to be wiped down and oiled..including parts in the van so they don't rust. I am not sure it is all necessary.. but makes sense.

Oh.. on the upside..I was going to re-wet my hair I had
unintentionally let air dry to twist up so I have waves when I take it back down later.... but now..nature's water saved me the bother. And..I think rain water is supposed to be a natural conditioner for your hair.

And now it is sunny again. :)


SeaSpray said...
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Flarin' Karen said...

It's good to be alive and feel the rain.

SeaSpray said...

Flarin Karen ... you are so very right!

I love getting wet by the rain..unless dressed to go somewhere. :)

And swimming in the rain! :)