Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speeding gets You Nowhere Fast!

I fell off our pool deck steps this afternoon. Missed the last one or two rungs..not sure... and not sure how I landed, but then flat on my back and hit my head. I may have twisted because I also have left knee pain. (While reclining on the sofa I realized what I did. I missed both bottom steps and came down on my left foot HARD, because I wasn't on the bottom rung... then bounced backward. That explains the knee pain. So I must've landed hard with a twist and then flat on the ground.)

I also have a headache, and some stiffness in neck/back with knee pain, feel a little nausea which could be that I am stressed about lasting damage.

So Stupid! How many times have patients come into the ED uttering those words? To help them feel better..I always told them that when these things happen.. they didn't plan the accident..that's why it happened was an accident.

I had fallen into this dreamy sleep state on the raft in the pool. It was hot.. but in the water the balmy breezes in conjunction with the filter water rocking the raft, lulled me to sleep. I was expecting a man to come to exterminate bees that have been tunneling in near the front door. I opened my eyes to see an unfamiliar truck across the way and thought it might be the bee man (early) looking for our house. So..I bolted up and out of the pool, grabbed my towel and I guess because I was semi sleepy, my sunglasses had a little oil on one part and my hair flopped in the way and I was thinking about getting to the guy and not the steps and then down I went...flat on my back and smacked the back of my head.

My head got a good jolt, but fortunately I landed on grass. (I have a headache)

I was afraid to move for a few seconds and then again asked God to keep me from being seriously hurt.

I got up alright.. feeling somewhat embarrassed if any neighbor happened to see me going down. I walked fine, except for additional pain in my left knee. Actually... I am pretty sure it would've looked pretty funny to anyone who saw it. Hopefully... no one was home. :)

I do have some low back discomfort right now since the fall. I have been blessed with a strong back and do not have pain or at least it's rare and I have always been grateful for that. Having had a close friend with serious back problems and seeing how some patients suffer, no one would want to walk down that road.

My whole back hurts..even around my shoulder blades and in the middle.

I have to admit..I felt panicky about what an injury could mean and that is why I prayed immediately.

Oh.. and it wasn't the bee guy. He came by much later.

So after going back in the house ...I ate a cinnamon tart. (I realize comfort food), then took a Celebrex for inflammation. I figured that might be better than I-buprofen.. but now I wonder about the Celebrex dose vs stepping the I-buprofen up to 800 or 1000mg.

I know this makes no sense.. but in a knee jerk rxn ..I also drank a glass of organic aloe juice and drank this great acai drink..from Costco. The thick one..90% acai berry. I was thinking get additional nutrition with healing powers into me.

Then I started doing some stretch exercises, but thought better of it this time.

After that I got a box of frozen Okra and some ice and have it pressed up against my back while sitting at computer typing this.

I also tried to call PCP but his office is closed. I don't want to go in ..but I was hoping he would suggest something I am not thinking of of if needed. I want to avoid any problems.

I admit to doing an internal FREAKOUT because I just cannot have anything else go wrong. I've seen what happens to people with back problems, etc.

I had a whiplash once from MVA. I know one hurts more the next day. I can deal with pain that leaves. I just pray to God this is no big deal. I know... I'm being a wimpette.

Anyway.. Of course I know that if I think anything is seriously wrong..Go to the ED!
I hope it will work it's way out. If I end up with significant pain.. I will make the trip to the PCP.

Should I be lying down and not moving around? Or should I keep moving so i don't stiffen up?

Does it need complete rest?

I feel so STUPID! This is the 13th summer with the pool and the first time I did this!
It's about 9 hours later and the headache is back. I'm sore from the top of my head to well below the low back area and feel all out of sorts... even on my sides and my chest. I did slam the ground pretty hard. I must've had quite a jolt because I was stunned initially and then as I said..later realized how I fell.

Serious accidents happen to people all the time and I am so glad that I am able to walk around, bend and I am not in excruciating pain.

It happened so quickly and yet was in a surreal slow motion... maybe because my sunglasses have a pinkish tint. For a split second I thought this might be bad as I fell down toward the ground. I did call out "Jesus!". Not as a swear word.. but for help.

I pray to God that this will all heal completely.

I believe in the power of prayer and so I ask that anyone who feels so inclined to please pray for complete healing of all the places injured.

Thank you very much. :)

P.S. I heard this on the radio once as I was traveling too fast through the Pine Barrens down to Cape may one Sunday night.

"Speeding gets you nowhere fast.", said a man on the car radio.

I looked at my speedometer and suffice it to know, I seriously reduced my speed.

Today..I was rushing and therefore careless... and you know the result of that.


rlbates said...

Hope you heal quickly.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you too! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

What are we to do with you? Hopefully you feel better by the time you get this, I'm late in reading, sorry.

Rositta said...

I'm pretty late in reading too but we were away. I think rest for the first couple of days and then light exercise is what's recommended. I usually try robaxicet for pain. Speedy recovery...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Angel and Rositta - I shouldn't have been rushing like dumb!

John McElveen said...

Prayers on the way up!



SeaSpray said...

Thanks John. Prayers always welcome.:)What a stupid thing to do.. *sigh*!