Monday, August 10, 2009

SurgeXperiences 303 is Up!

Specifically, SurgXperiences 303 -The Dog Days of Summer Edition is up and is being hosted by Dr Bruce Campbell, author of the Reflections in a Head Mirror blog.

What is SurgeXperiences?

Well to quote Jeffrey Leow, founder of SurgeXperiences... it is a "Surgical Grand Rounds" - the only blog carnival that compiles the best surgical-related posts in the medical blogosphere."

And what a compilation of great posts there is in the Dog Days of Summer Edition! There are so many interesting posts to read, that I am going to borrow my son's laptop, so I can kick back more comfortably, sipping a refreshing drink while enjoying these fabulous posts.

Tonight... I've already been to South Africa, Washington State, Wisconsin, Little Rock Arkansas, Illinois, Israel and the Cleveland Clinic where I saw President Obama operating a Da Vinci robot. was really just a picture.. but it sort of felt like I was in the same room.

A 16 person kidney transplant is awesome and you can read about it in SurgeXperiences now. They had an episode like that on Grey's Anatomy this year and it wasn't that many. What an amazing accomplishment that is!

I an definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the posts. :)

I am writing about this because I submitted a post to SurgeXperiences for the 1st time and you can read it over there or in this blog...the previous post...about Surrendering in the OR.

Thank you Dr Campbell for accepting my submission. :)

I love Dr Campbell's theme, Dog Days of Summer and I borrowed the picture that he placed in the posts about surgical patient's and I just had to put it here because I can relate to that dog. I love to be in front of a fan. I can't say it is because my floppy ears are happily blowing in the breeze... but I do enjoy my hair blowing away from my face when I am hot. So that little pooch and I are kindred spirits. :)

Oh...did you know you can speak and sound like an alien if you talk at the back of a fan? I'm just sayin... ;)


Dr. Deb said...

I need that fan that is airing the cute doggy's ears!

SeaSpray said...

I need one as a permanent appendage! LoL!

peggy said...

hmm i don't really know what you're talking about with your header. i hosted the image on my site, but i've since cancelled/deleted my site. you'll just need to find a new image and a new place to host it and then change the code in your own blog. that's all.