Thursday, August 6, 2009

They Made Me Cry

Darn yellow squash!

Darn orange Tomato!

They made me cry...

and there wasn't even an onion involved.

I woke up and got all happy when I walked out into the kitchen and saw that Mr SeaSpray had placed 3 real nice looking yellow squash from the garden..dirt and all on the kitchen counter.

I exclaimed, "Wow..THREE yellow squash!"

Now I do realize that my glee over garden squash may be somewhat of an indicator that I seriously need to add more excitement in my life... but I was genuinely happy to see these beautiful squash.

That is because we are competing with a tenaciously, hungry ground hog who's mission in life is to eat as many garden vegetables or the flowers that preface the vegetables as he can consume. he lives under a shed which is right by the garden.

Last week, Mr SeaSpray told me we wouldn't have any yellow squash because this groundhog ate all the flowers off the plant, but then he did find one... but figured that would be it. I am guessing the squash is probably having that population explosion they are known for and even the hungry critter can't keep up.

Anyway..Mr SeaSpray came in the kitchen (home on break) and told me we got our first orange one, but he was giving it to his mother. That was sweet.

And then the wave hit. The Mom wave. I've been good with this... but I said.."My mother always loved your yellow squash and orange and yellow tomatoes. She liked them better because they were acid free."...and with that I just fell into his arms and cried... just a little and then the wave receded... left as quickly as it washed over and through me.

Am I always going to cry when I look at vegetables?

Actually... I know they didn't "make" me cry.

We choose how we will react in any given moment.

Well that.. and I'm pretty sure vegetables aren't the least bit controlling. ;)


John McElveen said...


Please don't ever stop crying at Vegetables. Your MOM smiles every time she sees you cry and knows what an awesome Daughter she had, and your son will know what an awesome Mom he has.

I cry at Beets. Not when I see em, when I'm told to eat them.

What a sweet sentimental heartfelt post!

Thanks. It helped me cry for dad!


SeaSpray said...

Thanks John. :) I know you must miss him. It hurts. I guess in time it lessens. most of us go through it and it's been that way forever..but it sucks.