Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Blogging Friend's Clever Cardiac Humor Shared :)

Your cardiac surgery was a success

A few posts back... I wrote about a
cardiac coat... which was supposed to have been Cardi Coat... a popular sweater coat this fall. Anyway.. I knew there had to be jokes in that somewhere... but darned if I could be that clever... and so I asked my blogging friend John from the Full -On Forward blog, if he had anything funny to say about a cardiac coat.

Of course he did... he is so clever, quick witted and always leaves me smiling.

Thanks John! :)

John's cardiac Definitions as follows:

1. Cardiac coats is a subject that really warms the heart.

2. "Beats" a cold hearted person every time. Aorta tell you more, but I don't want to tell you "A-FIB" Hey I like that one!!! A-FIB!! I crack my own self up

3. Circulate this amongst your readers and as they sit in the Atrium of their hospitals, they will see that you definitely are very warm hearted and have on your Cardiac Coat.

4.The New designer Purkinjie is using new "fibers" just discovered that makes the coats lighter and water resistant.

5. Cardiac coats make an echo when you wear them, causing much stress testing to be done on the new material. I'll do a stent on the ABC's of Coat making followed by the PQRST wave, done at football stadiums!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you visiting my blog! I've gotten so behind keeping up with all my fav blogs...

And, I can assure you that every mom thinks they could have done something better or different....I just keep reminding myself that God's grace fills in the blanks! :D

Have a great weekend!

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Kelly.. you too! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

that made me smile. he's so silly, did a good job with that.

i'm so behind on all my friends blogs. some have a crazy number of posts to keep up with. those that post fast, i'll never catch up. i'm regretting finding so many wonderful posters, i want to keep track, but can't. yikes.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel..yes John is a funny guy. Would love to work with him. :)

I'm glad you stopped by. I've missed seeing you around. I finally had mom's memorial and slowed down greatly reading blogs but am getting caught up..slowly but surely. :)

i hope all is well with you. :)

Dreaming again said...

CA get a feed reader ... I use bloglines ...and then save your favorite blogs to it. When someone posts SS did ... then you will see there is a new post.

You can read a lot of them in the feed reader (some make it so that the feed is only partial and you have to visit the blog, but it's a link so it's cool)

I read 99% of my blogs these days in a feeder. (which means if your blog has blocked that particular feature, or you're blog is private can't go to a feeder)

much easier and I can read them as I want to. I've got one that I keep meaning to get to that I'm behind by 125 blog posts ... no idea how many it will hold before it goes bizerk

Chrysalis Angel said...

thank you, dreaming again. i do have my favorites in a reader. the problem is i have been recovering from surgery and some of my guys and gals have 30 or more posts.i have to hunt and peck one handed to get around on here, some make it so you have to go to their page. i've got stitches and rehab to get out and through yet. i try though.

btw...i can't read yours, reminder,reminder. i'm missing out.