Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bug Up My Nose!

My previous post was about younger son inhaling his gum up through the back of his throat and then he blew it out his nose.

Well a couple of nights later a stupid bug (it had to be or at the very least.. had no sense of direction) flew directly up my right nostril. It freaked me out, but a friend had just called with an urgent concern and I didn't want to interrupt.

I saw this little with tiny light wings coming right for me..but both hands were tied up and so I couldn't wave it away and so all I could do was blow... but to no avail... up it went!

Without mentioning a word to my friend... I put her on speaker phone, grabbed a tissue and tried to blow it out but I could feel this really weird sensation higher up. It was definitely there. I figured my friend couldn't hear me blowing my nose.

And then I remembered something I heard an ED doc tell a patient once. He told her she should never squeeze a pimple on her nose or I think between her brows... (not sure about the brows) because doing that could cause an infection to go into the brain.

And so I began to wonder if there is any way a bug could get in the human brain? I was thinking it must be different pathways..but what if?

I tried using a tissue which I also thought could push it up higher... but had to try. Nothing!

It was uncomfortable! It's interesting how our bodies easily perceive when something is out of the ordinary and we can feel the tiniest this tiny gnat.

So I brought my friend who was still talking on speaker phone into the bathroom with me. I placed the phone on the window sill. I grabbed a neti pot so I could do a nasal wash with a saline solution.

I poured the saline wash into my other nostril to wash the bug out of my right side.

Nothing came out!

And it really burned. It never does, but I guess I irritated it from blowing so much.

I repeated the wash.


So then I did the other side.


My friend asked if I was still there. I said yes..I'm listening. She continued talking.

I was out of saline packets.

So I rinsed the bug side two more times with clear warm water.

Still nothing!

Now everything just felt irritated.

I wondered about my brain again. Nah.. that couldn't happen... right?

We continued talking and I never mentioned it. Dinner was ready and so we ended the call.

I pretty much forgot about it until the next day... yesterday. Friend had come over to swim. We were all sitting at the picnic table, when I told her what I was doing when she asked if I was still there while we were talking on the phone.

I told her about sort of being afraid the bug would find a path to my brain because of what the ED doc had said about causing infection to the brain. D-i-l thought that it would be different pathways..which makes sense. I mean you just can't have easy access into your brain for every wayward bug that happens along.

But then friend told me about someone who did have a spider crawl up into her brain and laid eggs! Talk about a horror show! And she felt the babies crawling around in her head. !!!! Doctors thought she was crazy.. but it ended up being true.

Have I ever mentioned that I am near phobic about spiders? I feel creeped out even typing this! And I won't even look at horror movies. The thought of this happening is the stuff nightmares are made of.

So I tried to find this story in google and all I could come up with was that it's an urban legend... THANK GOD!!!

Hey... I've never said I wasn't gullible!

Also... I'm not superstitious... but if it's true that things happen in threes... then someone I know is soon going to get an uninvited foreign body up their nose. I'm just sayin... :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Seaspray,
You worry too much my friend that sometimes your worries and fears become self fulfilling prophecies. If we believe that nothing happens by chance and that "All things work together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:280, then we can rest assuredly and peacefully in the arms of the Lord. Didn't He said that He will never leave us nor forsake us? There are so many nasty things that could happen to us and they could, if we fear them enough and they become empowered by our fears. We can be rest assured that the same God who keeps all the planets and heavenly bodies in place, who keeps the earth rotating perfectly in its axis so that it does not spin off in outer space, and numbers even each and every hair in our head, then we can rest assured that He will take care of us to the best of His ability. And His ability is perfect and infinite. So relax my friend and entrust yourself and your loved ones to the care of the Lord and He shall always direct your paths. Thanks for the engaging post. God bless you always.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mel and you're right. Lol! I joke that I am like Felix on the odd couple. Of course..he was a full blown hypochondriac and I am not that.. but I do have the tendency to be overly concerned sometimes... but not obsessively... more the moment and then gone.

That is one of my favorite verses ever.. and I know it is true. I think when I am walking closer to God.. I am more at peace with things... and then there is my quirky side. :)But let me tell you..spiders crawling in the brain.. THAT one unnerved me! Ha ha!

I love the things you write in my comments and am going to out them in a special place in my drafts to refer to or in a private blog I have that is only for me.

thank you for your words of wisdom Mel.

God bless you too. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

You made me laugh as I read this post, Seaspray. I know how you feel. :) Just relax. Mel's words are very true.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Grace - Welcome! I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. It warms my heart when I know someone is laughing over something I wrote. :)

Oh I am fine about it now.. but I sure wasn't when I felt the bug! ...or heard about the baby spiders! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

John McElveen said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Grace - Welcome! I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. It warms my heart when I know someone is laughing over something I wrote. :)

Oh I am fine about it now.. but I sure wasn't when I felt the bug! ...or heard about the baby spiders! LOL!

Yes..Mel has wonderful insights.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

What am I going to do with you? You're killing me over here. Lucccccy.

SeaSpray said...

Angel - your reactions amuse me. :)