Monday, September 28, 2009


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After I left the Doctor's office today... I decided maybe I had better use the bathroom after all since I wasn't going straight home. So I used one of the bathrooms in the medical facility hallway.

I was the the lucky one who used the last of the roll. I could've washed up and just left. But instead I washed up and attempted to replace the empty roll with a new roll so it would be ready for the next person. Attempted being the operative word here.

Ahh... best laid plans. It turned out to be the Rubik's cube
See full size image
of toilet paper rolls.

I couldn't peel the darn thing apart! I tried and tried and tried ....and all the pieces kept breaking off! Then someone knocked on the door and I said I'd be right out. Feeling pressured but still wanting to do the right thing... I figured if I just lift up a bunch of sheets at one time.. I could then tear across and then remove the torn and very jagged sheets of paper off and finally get down to a normal tearing roll.

But no... that would've been to easy. It was shredding up exactly like the roll in the picture.. leaving little pieces all over the floor and toilet seat. Fortunately there was still more on the roll. Not to be thwarted in my quest to do a good deed... be it ever so little... I gouged more deeply straight across the roll.

The stupid paper (couldn't possibly be my fault ;) was coming off in shreds and pieces... no matter what I did! It looked like something my cat attacked! Now mindful that someone was waiting... I decided to just put it on the holder. Cleaned up the floor and toilet, washed and then ... had to make whizzie winkles again! I thought.."You have to be kidding!" That's what drinking water on an empty stomach will do to you... well me anyway... and as tempting as it was to just get out of there... my bladder has me trained!

By the time I got what I needed off that roll... It DID look like the roll in the picture!

There wasn't much left and so I just put it on the back of the toilet.. for the next person.. who would be lucky to get A SQUARE... one entire square... sans shredding.

I washed up ... again.

Guess what?

I happened to look down by the back of the toilet and there was another roll of wrapped toilet paper that had been knocked down to the floor!

I thought... do I dare... do I bother? My conscience wouldn't let me leave. Then there was that part of me that was ready to open the bathroom door and just LOB *both* rolls ..shredding and all... right out into the hallway... but I thought better of it... but it would've been fun. Just one of those little pressure valve thoughts you get when venting. :)

Guess what?

The roll unrolled PERFECTLY! I uneventfully put the roll on the holder, washed...again (Toilet paper was on the floor), opened the door and no one was there.

Can't imagine why they gave up! :)

*Would've made a good Candid Camera joke! Remember how they would set up different situations and then film the different ways people react? :)


John McElveen said...

I'm going to try to WIPE this one from my mind!


SeaSpray said...

ha ha.. funny John :)