Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Do These 3 Pictures Have in Common?

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The answer is *my brain*.

Crisp fall days seem to have come to northern NJ a bit early.. like JUNE! Nah... we did have summer... briefly... for about half..maybe 3/4 of the month of August.

Btw...does Al Gore know this? Just wondering. ??

So... the house was really cold this morning which has prompted me to again think my husband was right..and the pool should be closed on labor day. I am always hoping for a burst of post labor Day hot days. Now younger son will have to dive under ice cube water to help get the sandbags and drop down stairs out. But I digress.

I haven't been clothes shopping in awhile and was wondering what some of the fall fashions are this year and so I went on line to peruse the fall lines.

Well the first thing I saw was a cardiac coat. W-h-a-t??? Cardiac coat!?

Perhaps it is time for me to get glasses? So...what did it say?

Um..that would be Cardi Coat.

*Cardi* coat.

Must be the influence of working in the medical arena for so long. My brain naturally filled in the last 2 Logical.

Oh..and a Cardi Coat is a cardigan sweater coat. I like them... although some are dowdy... but some are stylish. I'd like one in winter white or black. I've always been a sweater girl and love fall/winter clothes. I like blazers and blouses and lots of things..depends on my mood... but have always loved sweaters .. the kind you pull over your head.. not usually cardigans. But with the cardi coat.. I do like the tailored ones. I went to look for a picture to put up of a cardi coat to put up..I kept getting cardio products, equipment and exercisers. I went through 3 pages of pictures until I realized I typed in *cardio*.

LOL! I guess anything that has cardi in the word automatically steers me to all things cardiac.

Like the liquor everyone drinks when they have Bacardio Cocktails. ;)

I wonder what would be so special about a cardio coat and what would be in a Bacardio cocktail and why?


John McElveen said...

Sea- did you get my post on Cardiac coats? I've left several but they seem to be disappearing?


Maybe I'm messing up the word verification?

John McElveen said...

It was about Cardiac coats- They are heart warming to say the least. Aorta write more about it while I'm sitting in the Atrium of our new building. A man's coat when wrapped around him is called the "Bundle if His!"
The New designer Purkinjie is using new "fibers" just discovered that makes the coats lighter and water resistant. Etc Etc Etc?
I don't know where it went- seriously.

Cardiac coats make an echo when you wear them, causing much stress testing to be done on the new material. I'll do a stent on the ABC's of Coat making follwed by the PQRST wave, done at football stadiums!

Later gator!


SeaSpray said...

Hi John -yes I did, I'm sorry for not responding. i was all tied up and side tracked with Mom's memorial last week. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful humor! :)