Thursday, October 15, 2009

And On a Lighter ...NOTE - Mr Gasman (1:11)

I love these guys! LOL!

I'm drained and happily going to bed and I'm hoping Mr Sandman will wave his magic sleep wand over me and I will have a sound, deep ...deep sleep... something that has been ever elusive for me ... even with the melatonin lately. But then tonight ...I have exhaustion in my favor too.

My husband has been quite ill the last few days and in great pain, but I am happy to say he seems to be turning the corner now. I was scared because I have never seen him this way.

I guess that means we are really fortunate. While it is no day at the beach being ill ... it's an awful feeling to see a loved one ill and to experience feelings of fear combined with powerlessness because you can't do much to help them... and this wasn't serious as compared to other things ...although, it could've been the way it was going... and it was serious for us.

So ... I am looking forward to a sweet sleep momentarily ... the kind that causes you to wake up whistling and singing with the birds in the morning ...or something like that. ;)

And Mr Gasman ... how apropos for sending me off to bed with a smile. :)

So now... I'll listen just one more time.

Nite all. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I hope hubby will be feeling better soon.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel -He is and is going to work tomorrow.