Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday - October 5th

Chris holding his niece, Wrenna on the day she was born back in May of this year.

Chris, with his nieces Devan and Wrenna

Today... October 5, 2009... our youngest son officially turned 21 at 08:49 this morning. :) It was just as sunny and beautiful with colorful autumn leaves as it is today. I wrote the following for Chris because I was feeling so sentimental about his 21 year milestone and gave him a copy and will share it here now.
I will forever remember the joy and profound love I felt for you ...even before you were born ... but when you were first shown to me by my obstetrician... all that love just exploded in me and has never ceased multiplying. I have loved you more every day since you were born.

And that first moment ... hours later ...when you were finally placed in my arms... it was as if all my love for you blended between our two bodies ...and while no longer one in body... we'd forever be one heart ... as mother and son. I knew I would love you forever... unconditionally ...forever. My first words whispered in your ear (as you were crying loudly) were “I love you. You’re precious.” You were so beautiful. I saw you as fresh from God himself… brand new, ready to be loved and we were all anxious to have you in our lives and couldn’t wait to bring you home.

Your brother Jonathan, chose your name… Christopher and we loved it instantly. Good thing… because Dad and I just couldn’t agree on one. :) And your brother insisted you had to be a boy. .. because he only wanted a brother.

You are a terrific uncle with your nieces and Devan adores you. No doubt… Wrenna will too. :)

Christopher you have been a joy and a blessing to all of us.

You're a good friend to your friends.

You're a great guy.

You were especially good to my mother... your grandmother; last summer and actually … most helpful with Mom during the last couple of years of her life. But last summer ... when I was stented with a big ureteral stent for most of the summer... which kept me close to home and not able to be active.

Chris ... you were right there for Mom and helped her with whatever she needed. You took her grocery shopping and saw to it that mom and her groceries got safely up to her apartment. Shopping was not easy at that point in time with Mom and most young guys would not want to be doing that. But you *never* complained. You went over to fix her TV remote when she changed the settings and you went over to unlock her door when she locked herself in. You were there for her.

My mother felt very loved by you. She bragged about you to the other elderly people in her building and the elderly ladies would come up to me to tell me how nice you are.

We know.

We have always been very proud of you.

Happy Birthday DEAR son. :)
Dear Chris,

May God direct your paths... so that you will experience all the things in life that make it great... that you will be strong and become stronger when the winds of adversity blow... that you will know peace and joy with lots of laughter... good health and prosperity... friendship and love... lots of love and that you will always have faith in God and remember to seek him... because our Heavenly Father will carry you through so many things, bringing insight, wisdom, and so much more... and may you continue to be a blessing to others and may *you* be blessed in wondrous ways. :)

Love forever,
Mom and Dad

xoxoxoxoxoxo :)

P.S. I may have written this ... but I KNOW that Dad agrees 100% and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for you. You should have seen him just beaming when he came back to me in recovery and was telling me all about you. He was so very proud and in love with you too. He still is. :)


It's Wednesday afternoon now and we are celebrating his birthday at home tonight. We usually celebrate on the actual date but Chris had to work on his Birthday.

Birthdays usually mean a taco or pizza meal but I am making large pan of lasagna instead, since I already have the ingredients. Also a big salad along with Italian bread baked with butter, fresh garlic and Greek oregano from the garden. I am using a whole grain bread and the regular Italian and will fill the Longaberger bread baskets with the sliced loaves. of course there will be the usual chips and dip. (Not a good thing when I am getting weighed for my PAT Friday morning ;)

And the piece de resistance ... the birthday cake. (and ice cream) I didn't do anything great and confess to using what I had ...a box of confetti cake mix with... ugh.. do I dare admit to this... a can of Betty Crocker icing. But what makes it great is that Chris' niece Devan decorated the cake last night and the funny thing is ...with pink writing, a heart and the number 21 along with his name and some other things. It's a *girly* looking cake... which was causing Devan and me to laugh about it because we all like to play jokes sometimes and Chris gave his 29 year old brother a card for a 3 year old on his birthday. So we're having a little fun with it. :) Besides.. the only alternative was green writing..shamrock color. The pink is pretty and Devan did a good job. :)

I love birthdays! My family never celebrated this way. They gave a card and a present.. but no big fuss or anything. I did have 2 parties when I was a child... but otherwise very uneventfully celebrated.

My husband's family has always celebrated everyone's birthday .. including singing Happy Birthday. i have gone completely opposite my upbringing and thoroughly embrace birthday celebrations. Not only are they a chance to honor someone you love and is important in your life... but they are bonding... and create lasting memories to look back on... giving a stronger sense of family and friendship.

And.. birthday parties.. no matter how small or large... are just plain fun! Oh.. and the presents... ;)


John McElveen said...

Thanks for sharing your celebration of Life with us!


Gia's Spot said...

Definitely a day to match your blog title! Sounds like a well brought up son, who is loved tremendously! Happy days to you all!

Chrysalis Angel said...

What great pictures, and what a beautiful wish for him. I hope he had an enjoyable birthday.

SeaSpray said...

Dear John, Gia & Angel..thank you for your kind words. :)

It was a fun party with 5 more unexpected guests and so that big pan of pasta looked smaller and smaller. i don't know why I made 2 loaves of bread cause I never do... but good thing I did. there was plenty of food and fun and was a wonderful night and wwith good 21st birthday memories. :)