Sunday, October 4, 2009

I LOVE Tonight!! :)

*Click on pic for artist credit. I was drawn to this, but my monitor is so dark..not sure if other things are in the picture. I related to this.. because I love to turn the lights out..even now..get all comfy and look out at the moon and surroundings... and also let it shine inside. I still open the curtains to let moonlight in when I sleep. :)

Oh my Gosh... what a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L full moon tonight... shining brightly amidst pretty clouds... illuminating the mountains so that they look like tidal waves and the silvery light cascading across the fields.

What a gorgeous autumn night in Northern NJ!

This is absolutely one of my favorite kinds of night. The only thing better would be if there was snow on the ground and then the silver blue light of the moon would sparkle and reflect off the snow that is covering everything. :)

I admit to looking for something about Mom in the clouds... but I'll explain that another time. Sometimes..when I look up to the heavens... I feel so close... like I belong there... as if I could become one with the light and all my surroundings. I actually feel the full moon... almost like it calls to me. I know that sounds weird and I'm not articulating my feelings well. A full moon has always affected me this way. :)

But I have always been drawn to the full moon. To me... the moon is one of the universe's most awesome sights and the way it reflects down here on earth... never ceases to evoke strong... moving feelings deep within me. If I could be one with the moon and what I feel.. I would be.

Once... on a full moon night in the middle of winter, I took a walk around my lake community. I felt such a pull to be outside walking in the moonlight. Not a big deal... except.. I was only 17, it was a school night and about 2 in the morning. I also didn't tell my aunt and uncle but rather I snuck out into the cold night while they slept.

There was snow on the ground... but a very clear, frigid night. Everything was so quiet and still... except for the crunching noise I made while walking on the different streets. I enjoyed walking in the silvery blue moonlight that was reflecting off of the snow. I went back in after about a half hour.. not sure now. The house felt so warm and cozy.

I got undressed and opened my curtains wide so that I could fall asleep with the moonlight coming in as I nestled into my warm covers.

No one ever knew I left the house earlier. :)

Moon shadows. I also like moon shadows... that it is so bright under a full moon you have a shadow.. as do other things. Even tonight (later now) ... I was outside.. gleeful walking and talking with my friend... until we heard some noise in the woods... then we parted ways and went inside. :)