Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Hang Me Upside Down....

Like a BAT!!

Seriously... I've decided that until the worst of this cold has past ... I should just take up residence hanging upside down from our attic rafters a BAT! Although would be rather cold, lonely and dark up there ... and so I think hanging from the family room beams would be more aesthetically, socially and physically pleasing... plus I can still see outside. I'll just take the corner by the sliding door so I can still watch TV. ;)

Why .. you ask?

As I have stated in previous posts... I have a ureteral stent in me.

No big deal..usually.

I think this one would be fairly uneventful ... but I don't know ..because I went from feeling the post-op pain/discomfort right into this ridiculously awful cold and haven't felt like myself. And... yesterday, I began coughing ... mildly because I am so dry in my throat. Mouth breathing will do that.

By late last night the stent was bothering my bladder put it mildly.

Anyway ... at exactly 3:15 this afternoon when I began coughing harder ... it became painfully obvious that sitting and coughing is just not going to work. Then I realized neither will coughing and standing.

So.. I have concluded that the only way to make coughing with a ureteral stent uneventful is to hang upside down like a bat. Of course..there's always a trade off and I suppose the pressure would then be on the kidney.

I was never sick when I had a stent.

I am open to any suggestions anyone may have to avoid the effects of gravity and coughing...because it feels like it is moving down into my chest and could get a bit more challenging.

The silver lining: I do feel better that I identified the problem, because I was beginning to think something was wrong.

Hmmm ... hanging upside down like a bat works for Halloween too! ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm sorry to read you aren't feeling well. Make sure you have plenty of fluids. Move that gunk on out of there! I hope you'll rid yourself of that nasty cold. I really hate those things.

I loved the pictures of the girls,that's on your other posting. How sweet is that? Just precious.

Hope you feel better soon.

SeaSpray said...

Thank You Angel. :)

passionstamper said...

now I've heard it all-of all things, a BAT? I guess, if you like looking at the world upside down! Maybe it looks better that way! At least you haven't lost your sense of humor.

SeaSpray said...

Well Pstamper never hurts to have another perspective, ;) Only be concerned if the sense of humor goes. They say hearing is the last to ho ..with me sense of humor. ;)

I'm just glad you get my humor. :)