Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make Cheese With Urine
This pic has nothing to do with the post... other than the cheese connection. I just love the disdain on the cat's face. Well ...okay ... you can't exactly see the cat's face ...but you just know it is disdain. :)

"Make cheese with urine" was the google inquiry that led to this blog and got my attention.

I just had to follow it.

There is making cheese with goat urine. I don't know what that is exactly or why and I saw that there are videos on making cheese with urine, but I really don't care to know why or how.

But ...I was curious to know why someone's google search for making cheese with urine led to the SeaSpray blog. If I type in urine ... or with urine .. no google searches lead here least not with the first few pages. Cheesy urine or urine cheese don't do it either.

But "make cheese with urine" leads here.

It turns out because I have so often spoken of urine and urology in this blog and mentioned cheese doodles once that "make cheese with urine" leads to this blog.

LOL! Are you thinking this post is going somewhere?

It's not.

Just sharing the pondering of an exhausted SeaSpray who is now going to bed after a long ... but interesting day. :)


Anonymous said...

I actually looked up cheesy urine and found your site - maybe because you mentioned it NOW ;p

Anyway back to googling 'cheesy urine' sigh...

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous - it is a concept that baffles me. Must be an odd taste?
Thanks for stopping by. :)

katty said...

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