Saturday, October 3, 2009

I LOVE this! :)

This is so beautiful!

I was looking for things to help the baby sleep last night and she wasn't responding to the usual ocean sounds and music I play. So.. I went on youtube and found this.

It soothed her right to sleep. :)

I absolutely love the mix of Native American and bagpipes sound and it would be neat to learn in Cherokee.

And I've played it a gazillion times.. make that a gazillion and one now. ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...


I like some of the meditative videos with scenery. I, like you, love to just look out at the water. Sunsets are my favorite thing to see.

SeaSpray said...

hi Angel - yes definitely the water. you have a good memory. I haven't written about that in a while. :)

I wrote a post about moonlight but didn't post. maybe I will. Your sunset is probably my full moon. Of course..they're both beautiful. :)