Friday, October 16, 2009

October Snow in NJ... and About Herbs

These 2 pics were actually taken in October 08. It is unusual to have snow in NJ in October. We had it again yesterday too for October 09.

Normally.. the earliest snow would be mid November. We might get flurries earlier.. but not sticking to the ground.

I love snow and get so excited when it does snow.

I ran out to pick more fresh herbs in the snow and my fingers were frozen by the time I finished gathering them. I hope they will be alright and I still want to dig some up to try to grow inside during the winter.

I am absolutely crazy about the herbs and want to extend the herb garden along the length of the house next summer. The thyme of my favorites.. is prolific. Greek oregano.. my other favorite. Parsley, mint, and sage are also bountiful. The rosemary isn't as much.. but I think it comes back. The basil is done.

I took a lg basil leaf and put it across a fresh chicken sandwich and it tasted so good!

the lavender has really grown but I am not sure if I should leave it or do something with it. What can you do with lavender? bath water? sachets? I like to put sprigs of it in floral arrangements with mint leaves too for the greens.

And I love how my hands smell after picking the herbs. MMMMM so good. :) Even the air is aromatic with the different scents as the herbs are being gathered.

i wish I began an herb garden much sooner. it's been fun. also.. there is nothing like using fresh herbs in a recipe.

I wanted to dry some and may still if they live through this cold weather. Otherwise I will use the ones I've frozen in soups and other recipes.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I love fresh basil. It is so delicious. Tastes great in almost everything. I especially love it in Bruschetta.

Speaking of snow, I began my Christmas shopping already! I won't go near a store come December, if I can help it. When everyone else is rushing around, presents for my loved ones are already wrapped. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -yes.. basil is delicious. we should've grown more.

I'm impressed that your presents are bought and wrapped already.

I have *one* present wrapped. have to buy everything else.

Ugh.. just had horrible thought. No present for Mom this year. First Christmas without her. :(