Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something Special :)

The following is something (then 7 years old Devan - during last winter) wrote about her soon to be born baby sister.

The students were given an assignment to write about something special. Devan's was one of the essays chosen to be in the local paper.

No one helped her with it. I love her thoughts about them being 8 years apart and twins. :)

And I especially love the warmth, love and excitement she was already feeling toward her new sister ... Wrenna. She is so good with her and is a wonderful big sister.
I did cut off the last couple of sentences because of privacy, but she ends with "I can't wait until May!" :)

scan0010 by you.

These too beautiful girls will always be something special to me... to all of us... forever special in our hearts. :)


passionstamper said...

hey Sea...got thru craft fair #1, and my class last night! Now it's catch-up time! Just checked in here and this picture is just beautiful! You should enlarge it and have it framed! Sorry you've been sick with cold following stent. Hope you are feeling better! Did you enjoy your little chocolate treat? ha ha...oh yes, I can sympathize with the coffee spill. I did that will a 5lb bag of SUGAR-talk about a mess! Feel better....

SeaSpray said...

hey Pstamper! I want to hear all about the events and class.

As the day progresses ..I am feeling better. I think this is my turn around for the better day. :)

Yes..I enjoyed the treat .. but of course. :)

Sugar ..ugh ..worse than coffee ..so fine and potentially sticky.

Thank you very much for getting my stuff at Costco. You really can take *one* potsticker in exchange for your efforts. ;)