Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Straddling the Coffee!

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This morning I inadvertently knocked over a big tub of coffee.

It didn't just spill out in one place though. No. It had to roll half way across the kitchen leaving a wall of coffee along it's path ...on the tile and ...on the rug. Big mess! Waste of good coffee too!

When I was a little girl grandmother used to dump coffee grounds outside because she said ants didn't like the coffee. This coffee spill would've been a HAZMAT disaster for any ants in the vicinity.

Fortunately I was a big tub and so I could still make coffee.

I happen to have the mother of all colds.

Between the ureteral stent and the fact that thanks to the cold ...I have the energy level of sleepy slug ...I decided not to get the vacuum cleaner or even a broom and dust pan to clean it up.

No ...instead..I opted to repeatedly straddle the coffee to get whatever I wanted in the area.

I am not saying it didn't bother me... I just didn't have the stamina.

It warmed my heart when my thoughtful son came in from class ... and cleaned up the mess I made and left ...without me having to ask for his help. :)

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