Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What If?

Henry Kissinger just gave a chilling account of what could happen if Iran develops a nuclear weapon. He basically described the domino effect it would have in causing the other middle eastern countries to want nuclear weapons to protect themselves.

He said it will be a different world than what we know now.

Why can't people just get along and work toward the betterment of mankind everywhere?

What if there was no more war?

What if all the money spent on the military... all of it that is currently being used for man power, weapons, equipment and operations... for all the military... in all the countries... was pooled together and used to eradicate world hunger, provide basic necessities, advance medical research and help to provide medical care?

Unfortunately ...there is evil in this world of ours and the best way to deter it is to remain strong militarily... while simultaneously preventing dangerous regimes from developing nuclear weapons. Continue negotiations ...keep communications open ..but never be lulled into a false security with a pseudo peace.

Walk tall with a big stick.

Be gentle as a dove ...and as wise as a serpent.


What if?

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