Sunday, November 1, 2009

Collateral Damage

I was in this room on the computer last night when I heard noise in our bedroom which is just on the other side of the wall.

My husband had said he wanted to go to bed and I asked him to wait because I had clothes and towels to move off of the bed. So ..he said alright. I admittedly was blogging and so time does get past me when in that mode. The next thing I know.. I hear some kind of noise and it was only a couple of minutes since we spoke.

I thought .."Gosh he's being impatient!", but also know when he wants to go to bed... he wants to go to bed.

As opposed to me..I may want to go to bed .. but will find a hundred distractions along the way.

Remember Mark Gungor? (if you read my post on the difference between male and female brains) Men have the one track mind in which they compartmentalize and there is no room for any other thought than that one ... one at a time and women have the spider web brain... they're all over the place with thoughts. Men have the nothing box in their brain.. they really can think of *nothing* and women don't understand the concept of a nothing box in the brain?

Ah... I've just proven my point ..this post isn't about the difference between the male and female brains!

I knew he wanted to go to bed and thought he was already in there moving things I didn't want him to touch because he will put them where it makes absolutely no sense to put them... but they WILL BE off the bed. :)

I was just finishing something and then I hear more noise.

Thump! ...


Still don't get up and then I hear...


What the HECK! I jumped up and went directly to our bedroom. And there he was... the culprit behind the disruption.


All wild eyed looking and a little disturbing... until I saw the mess I made and then I hollered at him to get down.

What in the world was he doing???

He was up on one side of my vanity. He knocked some jars off and some lingerie I had folded and left on the bench onto the floor. He knocked over and broke a pretty ceramic piece that held some jewelery and the jewelery was all over the floor ..rug and hardwood. You know those little tiny earring backs? How tiny they are? And other pieces.

I again in frustration yelled "SNEAKERS"!

Normally he would've been long gone but he stood right outside the door in the hallway and continued looking in.

As I picked the lingerie up I saw that he had mercilessly ATTACKED one of my favorite bras. Covered in cat saliva, pulls and claw holes.


And then this white furry hat I had taken out was all wet with saliva and he apparently fought formidably with that too.

I was perplexed and thinking what ever possessed him to do this.

I LIKED that bra!

And then there it was. It was my fault. I wouldn't have thought it would cause a problem because it was sealed up in a Ziploc bag... which also had puncture marks and saliva on it.


A while back I bought new catnip with a couple of new toys and I keep them sealed up in the bag when not in use to keep them fresh. Earlier in the day, while looking for something ... that bag fell out and instead of putting it back in the closet I brought it into the bedroom with me with the clothes and forgot about it.

And so in his frenzied ... although I am sure very brave skirmish with his catnip bag... he caused collateral damage to a favorite Bra, the hat and my jewelery box that had been a gift. !!

Thank you very much to my Mr Destructive ..I wear it like a badge of a cat!

(I could regale you with stories)

I know ..this time ...the CATNIP made him do it.


Chrysalis Angel said...

What they won't do to get to your stash, ha,ha,.

SeaSpray said...

LOL! Funny Angel!..NOW you know why I write the way I do. ;)