Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Out and Vote Tuesday - November 3rd

For those of us who have local elections to vote in ... please go out and vote for your candidate.

Here in NJ it's going to be a very close race for governor. EVERY vote counts!!

I did hear something extremely disturbing to me and it's infuriating and it just has to STOP!

Everyone wants their candidate elected.

Someone will win.

And someone will lose.

I can handle that.

But PLEASE ...can't we elect a politician fairly? Without political corruption?

I am finding this ACORN/Affiliates debacle to be extremely disheartening... sickening ...actually.

It just isn't right.

My state is a blue state. The fact that this is even a close race speaks volumes. If the independent wasn't in the race... the incumbent governor would lose by a landslide.

I hope it's okay to do this but this writer explains it better than I ever could. it is an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Chris Christie's Next Case: Who Stole My Election?


The race for governor in New Jersey is so close in final polls that it may well end up in a recount -- the 1981 election did and was decided by less than 1,800 votes. If there is a recount, you can bet disputes about absentee ballots will loom large. Moreover, if serious allegations of fraud emerge, you can also expect less-than-vigorous investigation by the Obama Justice Department -- which showed just how seriously it takes such allegations when it walked away from an open-and-shut voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia earlier this year.

Plenty of reasons exist for suspecting absentee fraud may play a significant role in tomorrow's Garden State contests. Groups associated with Acorn in neighboring Pennsylvania and New York appear to have moved into the state. An independent candidate for mayor in Camden has already leveled charges that voter fraud is occurring in his city. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party in New Jersey is taking advantage of a new loosely written vote-by-mail law to pressure county clerks not to vigorously use signature checks to evaluate the authenticity of absentee ballots, the only verification procedure allowed.

The state has received a flood of 180,000 absentee ballot requests. On some 3,000 forms the signature doesn't match the one on file with county clerks. Yet citing concerns that voters would be disenfranchised, Democratic Party lawyer Paul Josephson wrote New Jersey's secretary of state asking her "to instruct County Clerks not to deny applications on the basis of signature comparison alone." Mr. Josephson maintained that county clerks "may be overworked and are likely not trained in handwriting analysis" and insisted that voters with suspect applications should be allowed to cast provisional ballots. Those ballots, of course, would then provide a pool of votes that would be subject to litigation in any recount, with the occupant of New Jersey's highest office determined by Florida 2000-style scrutiny of ballot applications.

Absentee voter fraud is in danger of becoming a hardy perennial in New Jersey. Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small and 13 campaign workers were indicted in September on charges of conspiring to commit election fraud using absentee ballots. One worker pleaded guilty last month. In Newark, five campaign workers were indicted in August on charges involving absentee ballot fraud.

Victor Negron, a campaign adviser for independent mayoral candidate Roberto Feliz, a former director of Camden's public works department, says he's shocked that more than fifteen times the normal number of voters are casting absentee ballots in Camden this year. In the 2005, when the city's voters voted for both governor and mayor on the same day, only 200 absentee ballots were cast. This year, some 3,700 have already been received. At least four voters have approached the Feliz campaign to complain that an absentee ballot was sent to them without their permission or cast for them without their understanding the documents they were signing. I spoke with Uremia Rojas who reports that "a man with a clipboard knocked on my door and had me sign something so I could vote by mail. I was skeptical but signed and got a ballot. I never really wanted one." Says Mr. Negron: "We believe this to be underhanded and a possibly illegal strategy by the Democratic Party to undermine the civil rights of the residents of Camden."

There are additional reports from Camden that Hispanic voters have been misled into voting absentee ballots. So-called bearers who are allowed to collect and carry absentee ballots are said to have encouraged voters to fill out applications for absentee ballots. A few days later, the bearers reportedly return with the actual ballots, which they offer "assistance" in filling out.

Authorities in nearby Philadelphia know about such scams. In one infamous case, a key 1993 race that determined which party would control the Pennsylvania state senate was thrown out by a federal judge after massive evidence that hundreds of voters had been pressured into casting improper absentee ballots. Voters were told by "bearers" that it was all part of "la nueva forma de votar" -- the new way to vote. Local politicos tell me Philly operatives associated in the past with Acorn may now be advising their Jersey cousins on how to perform such vote harvesting.

Elsewhere, an investigation is being conducted into a report that people wearing Acorn T-shirts entered an East Orange hospital near Newark carrying blank absentee ballots and left with completed ballots. New Jersey law allows anyone to pick up an absentee ballot for someone else -- these are called messenger ballots."

"The best hope here is that Christie wins by enough of a margin that these dirty tricks are moot. As they say in sports, put enough points on the board and the refs can’t steal it from you." (different article-source unknown)

On a lighter note ... After going out to vote tomorrow ... I am coming home and making a nice Italian dinner. Lasagna, salad, bread with fresh garlic and Greek oregano from the garden... and not sure what else. I may bake some Toll house cookies... or an apple cake.

We have this tradition on election days ..where I make a good home cooked meal (crock pot if working) and we eat it while watching the talking heads discussing the elections. I usually do a pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes for the presidential election. Since I don't do pies ..I bought a good homemade apple pie the last time. :) And sometimes I decorate with patriotic ribbons, etc. :)

We will be watching the girls tomorrow night and so that is an added bonus to a nice cozy evening at home. Oh! And I just love that it gets dark early now!!!'s that cozy thing.. (home and hearth... although we don't have a hearth:) and it's an exciting time of year with the holidays coming up. :)

It would be neat to be more politically involved in the future. This time I just got my toes wet ..helping with the phone calls... and I came in at the tail end of it... but enjoyed it.
I just want to add ...that even though I am voting for the conservative for Governor ...I promise you with all my heart ..that if the tables were turned and this was being done by republicans, independents or Martians ...I would be equally upset, disheartened and angered.

In NJ is pretty much a given that the democratic candidate will win... most of the time .. although not always. But ... it is an awful feeling to know that your candidate could very well win... but then be undermined and lose because the election was stolen thanks to fraudulent voter tactics.

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