Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Thankful For My Good Friend and Her Vanilla :)

This is an on line thank you to my dear friend
Pstamper who I just know forgives me BECAUSE she understands that desperate people do desperate things in their hour of DESPERATION!

I was supposed to have baked the Pumpkin cookies much earlier but then something else came up and I had to put the batter aside and could't finish even though I was all set to bake. Then around 11:30 on Thanksgiving eve ..I finally got the first batch of pumpkin cookies in the oven!

I then proceeded to make the icing. I melted the butter, milk and brown sugar in the pan. I got the confectionery sugar out and then went for the vanilla.

"WHAT???!!! NO VANILLA???!!", I screamed in my brain. I desperately rummaged through the closet and then remembered the last time I used it and emptied the bottle.

I called Pstamper... telling myself if she doesn't answer by 3 rings ..5 rings...or so..I'm hanging up because then she's sleeping and they are going to the church to help with the Thanksgiving meal. She is often up late and has called me late.. but if she didn't answer..then she must be sleeping.

What to do? What to do? I quickly ruled out the possibility of pumpkin cookies without the icing. Mulled over the fact that the icing would still be sweet and who needs vanilla anyway.. but traditionalist that I am .. I decided I had to have the vanilla. I called her cell and the house phone. Then I went to look out my back window because another neighbor I know stays up late but I couldn't see anything through the fog. But just then Pstamper called.

I told her of my plight and then begged her to please go downstairs and get the vanilla and said younger son would be over to get it. I could here she was tired and envisioned her with eyes barely open shuffling down the stairs, through the house and into the kitchen to get the vanilla for me. I hope she got back to sleep.

I am thankful for her efforts. So..not only did she volunteer her time to help feed the alone and or hungry people for Thanksgiving yesterday.. but she saved the day for the traditional (since Thanksgiving 1977) SeaSpray Thanksgiving Pumpkin cookies. I know that pales in comparison to feeding the hungry ..but she did help this friend out and I do appreciate her sacrifice. :)

Oh..and if my thanks isn't enough..I am also attempting to absolve myself of guilt by giving you a plate of cookies this weekend... oh and so you can't have YOUR vanilla back until I finish baking. ;)


passionstamper said...

ha ha! I'm glad to have been able to help! Hmmm, want to know why I didn't sound thrilled at 11:45 p.m. when I called you back? Well, because for the first time in months I decided to go to bed at 10:00 p.m., and even took that Myletonin (or whatever it's called) to make MAKE SURE I slept through the night and got a good nights sleep! Of all nights for you to run out of if I sounded groggy when I called you, maybe that's because they actually worked! LOL It did take me awhile to get back to sleep! But I NEVER would have gotten back to sleep if I had not gotten up and got that vanilla. I ignored the first cell phone call (didn't even LOOK to see who was calling) just buried my head under the pillow! Then the cell phone rang a second time and I ignored it but heard that annoying voice mail tone, so now I was getting curious as to who this was messing up my early to bed night...that's when I heard SeaSpray's frantic plea for--no, it can't be...VANILLA???? Did I hear right???? No one was hurt, or dying...yep, it was Seaspray and she was pleading for VANILLA-and it ended with the longest and most pathetic, heart-wrenching AWWWWWWWWWWW I've ever heard! That's what really did it you know, Sea...and while I was taking all this in, the house phone rang-and of course no one was getting up to answer it! But I knew who it had to be...I was so sleepy when I called you back-and was still trying to process all this....If I ran out of vanilla at 11:45pm that frosting would have been MINUS the vanilla, folks! Yes, I have called Sea late at night on occasion, to talk--but if it were 11:45 p.m. and that happened to me, I'd be deathly afraid that if Mr. Seaspray just happened to be up to have a smoke and answered that phone (thinking it was an emergency), I would hang up rather than ask him for--VANILLA! I can just hear his response "VANILLA?????" while thinking, "is she nuts?"). Anyway, the weekend's OVER--where are my pumpkin cookies???? And whatever happened to youngest son bringing the vanilla 'RIGHT BACK" as you promised that night in your moment of sheer desperation? I never saw that vanilla again, folks-my hubby had to go out early Friday morning and get me some so I could make OUR desserts for our Thanksgiving meal...hmmmm.. By the way, it's 12:31 AM and I'm still up cuz I can't sleep...figures, no frantic calls tonight for VANILLA! LOL

SeaSpray said...

Hey Pstamper -I cracked up when I read this. :) You must've dreamt that i said I'd bring the vanilla right back. doing so would've woken you up again. And you could've had the vanilla back. I'm joking about keeping it..never mind that I still have it. ;)

I did make the pumpkin cookies and they are here. I burned the bottom of one batch..not badly and made the icing to thin. I only use the baking stone but decided to do to trays at once and they burned on the metal tray. I am so used to the baking stone and never burn anything on that. Don't know how I did that! Anyway...making Tollhouse cookies too and your tray is on the way. :)

*Thank you* for the vanilla and getting up. I am sorry about that... but most grateful. :)

I wonder if the vanilla makes much of a difference in the icing. ? It has the 2 sugars, milk and butter. I'm thinking the vanilla gives it that good flavor.

passionstamper said...

Seaspray, I love you you know. So truthfully, I DID NOT DREAM that younger son would bring back VANILLA after you used what you needed...(you were SO distraught that you didn't even realize what you said-you poor dear!)

I was trying to calculate if I'd have enough VANILLA when it returned, (cuz I had just MADE and shipped your Famous Pumpkin Cookies recipe to our son in the Coast Guard-for his first Thanksgiving away from home-you know, cuz they were his favorite and I begged you for the recipe once I found out). You are ONLY forgiven cause we didn't have to be ready till the day after Thanksgiving..otherwise, this A&P would NOT have extended you any further credit due to this incident! Isn't that correct, Sea?

HMPF! Excuses, excuses...WHERE ARE OUR (PROMISED) COOKIES? Forget Pumpkin..Thanksgiving is over-now we will only accept TOLLHOUSE!

SeaSpray said...

Pstamper -are you saying you were waiting up for son to bring the vanilla back? I assumed you went back to bed. You could've called here at anytime to ask for it back.

If you borrowed it from me..and I needed it..I just would've called you and asked for it.

I really am sorry for the inconvenience though.

The cookies are a gift.. a thank you and I did have a stomach virus. You wouldn't want me baking your food while sick and then when I did..they just weren't good like usual. They are here tho... but not gift worthy.

Besides ..GOOD things are worth waiting for. :)