Monday, November 23, 2009

New ER Blog

There is a new ER blog in the med blogosphere - "StorytellERdoc".

The author also goes by the name StorytellERdoc and he had me reeled in with just his profile. I like his writing style and I am certain it's going to be a most interesting blog. He already had me crying with his second post as he recounted for his 13 yr old daughter one of his saddest patients.

Just reading his first couple of posts ...I can see he's going to have some good stuff for us to read.

This doc can write! :)


StorytellERdoc said...

Ms. SeaSpray

I can't thank you enough for the shout-out...I really appreciate it. Your comments in my first two posts were very kind and went so, so far. Thank you.

I really appreciated you sharing your story with me about finding your Mom's purse and her hair in her checkbook. And, also giving your son the $3.75 in touching. I could almost smell the purse as you opened it...did the smell remind you of Mom, too?

Something similar happened to me with one of my Gram's possessions after she passed, and the smell made me feel five again...

Thanks again.

SeaSpray said...

Hi StorytellERdoc -Thank YOU for your kind words. I tend to leave wordy comments and not knowing you ..I wasn't sure if you'd mind because some people consider that Hijacking the comments. :)

I KNOW you're gonna have a great blog. :)

No..I didn't notice any smell from her wallet... but a bag of clothes recently opened.. one would think she herself was in the bag! It was bittersweet.

If I want to smell Mom..all I have to do is go by a bottle of Tabu perfume (way too strong for my tastes :), it is just like Mom because she always wore it.

The purse was only purchased about a month before she became ill and was placed in a new purse and so neither object had time to take on her scent.

We do have an old clock..grandfather clock from about 1930 or earlier (still works) that every time I open it to raise the weights ..that old smell in the wood comes out. I'll write about it sometime..but is the main object that represents my family in my mind because I grew up with that clock.

Thanks for stopping by. :)