Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wednesday night I went to Walmart to have pictures put on CD's and printed out. I have a couple of favorite places I prefer to park and one of them is directly on the side of the building..which usually isn't available. Then I saw someone getting ready to back out and I waited... but then they stopped and so I moved on and pulled in in front of the store in one of the regular aisles.

Just as I pulled in again looked like the car was ever so slowly backing out and so I ever so slowly began backing out ..eying that spot thinking I'd make a dash for it.

Never mind the fact that I already could've been in the store and I'd now have to make a mad dash out of my aisle, past 2 more and hang a fast right to claim the coveted spot. It's kind of like trying to find a way to get that last dish fit in the dishwasher so you don't have to hand wash it.. but by the time you do could've washed it 5 times. Okay it's different ..but sort of like that. :)

So with my eyes focused on the target I backed out ..slowly...slowly ..slowly "are they backing out or what?" slowly...BAM! One "*%*#" expletive loudly uttered! I'm not proud of that. I did that in Cape May too when I was backing out of the motel parking lot and backed right into a telephone pole which should NOT have been there. I wasn't proud of uttering that same expletive either. And my then young son was in the back seat. Expletives are not the norm for me at all ..but evidently ..flare up at a moment of extreme distress and alarm for something stupid.

Son of a gun! Images of seriously dented back of vehicles ran through my brain ...and money ..lots of expense. *sigh* I pulled forward. The other car I had been watching backed out and left. (Were they TOYING with me? ;)

I got out and was instantly relieved to see it was a truck. I figured it would be alright. Sure enough it was fine except for a little bit of white paint on the bumper that the owner could probably buff off. Then with fear and trepidation..I turned to look at my vehicle. It seemed okay until I got closer and saw that I broke the back tail light at the base and the pieces fell off in my hand. *sigh* I put them in my pocket.

I pulled a pad out of my purse and wrote the make and license number of the truck down so I could have the owner paged to the desk. I probably didn't have to but I wanted to let them decide how they felt about it.

So I walked toward the store and when I got to the door, this real tall man was walking out and I don't know what made me do it but I stopped him and said, " you own a truck?"


"It wouldn't happen to be gray..would it?"

Now looking concerned he answered with a cautionary "Y-e-s-s-s."

I quickly stated "Don't worry..It's fine! I just backed into it..BUT there is only a little paint on the bumper. I was just gonna have you paged so you could look at it. I broke my tail light though and hope I can't get a ticket for it. Why don't you look at your truck. I'm sure it's okay and if you think so just wave back at me."

He was very nice. He got over to his truck and hollered back "It's fine and we don't have to call insurance."

(I knew that but just being courteous. I had someone back into and dent the rear end of my T-Bird and it was an ER doc who pointed it out to me when he saw it in the parking lot. I hadn't even noticed because it was dark blue (only a few years old) and must've recently happened. It was fairly significant and I was bummed and thought it was so wrong to do that and take off.)

But then he hollered, "I'm going over to check the damage on yours. It's not bad. All you have to do is go to the auto store and pick up some red tape and it will be fine."

I thanked him and we went our separate ways.

It could've been worse. What if a person was walking behind me? All for a stupid parking space!

I am not strong with parking .. like I can't parallel park. Well .. I can.. but it looks really bad when I get out of the car and see how crooked and away from the curb I am ..and so I guess I can't parallel park. Apparently backing out is debatable too. :)

Anyway.. this one afternoon I pulled into a parking space at the grocery store. the parking lot was packed because it was during the holidays, but this was a good spot. I pulled in too close to the car on my right.. like they would've had to enter their car from the passenger side too close to get in and drive away if I left it like that. (Had someone do that to me TWICE!).

So..I backed out..and I backed out a distance so I could pull in more evenly and this woman who saw me waiting for the other driver to leave and saw me pull in and had to see I needed to straighten out just pulled right in, got out and walked into the store. I couldn't believe it.

I had my elderly mother with me and so I couldn't park too far for her to walk in and out of the store. I saw the woman in the store and told her she took my parking spot and she just commented she thought I was leaving. She lied. She swooped in like an eagle on a marmot!

Now with Black Friday almost here and the busy holiday shopping season over the next month ..we would all do well to exercise more caution while driving AND parking. People do get a bit crazy this time of year.

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