Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spontaneously DUMB! (with a stent)

I like to tease.

Some might say I can be impish (in fun) at times, but I prefer to think if it as frisky. :)

Things just pop up and I get the idea/urge..unplanned... to do something as the opportunity presents itself.

I like to tease.

No.. I love to tease.

Practical jokes or frisky competitions ..all in fun. :)

Mom always said (when I annoyed her as a kid/teenager), "You're just like your uncle JIM! You like to TEASE! or "You're a TEASE just like JIMMY!" It was not meant as a compliment but rather said in annoyance or exasperation..although she was closer to him then my other uncle.

Older son Jonathan is just like me..although he doesn't always know when to stop. Hmmm. ...and perhaps the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

But we are spontaneously frisky ..not the mean kind of teasing.. just annoyingly I guess, but we always appreciate the humor and laugh ..even when the joke is on us. He leaves hilarious messages for me with the funniest impersonations. :) J (my husband) is quite the opposite and isn't quick to see the humor... nor is he competitive. He does have a good sense of humor, but not the practical joke kind of humor. He can actually get a little testy at times when we do these things. :)

A good example with me..when Jonathan (older son) was 16 or 17 and he asked for the Afghan (we were watching a movie) and I went to hand it to him... but ...then didn't let go. He gets this big grin and we are then in a major tug of war... which he won.. but not without a struggle. Chris and I will do it too and he appreciates practical jokes, but isn't likely as us to initiate one.

We have wrestled things away from each other or pushed into each other, had cherry tomato fights, hose fights, snowball fights, tinsel fights, pillow fights, food fights and other pranks, etc. A common one is to sneakily relocate the bowl of cereal (insert your food) while the person returns the milk back to the fridge. :)

These kinds of things would get J mad..and so I don't usually do it.. but today..I heard his key going in the door and I seized the opportunity. The door was locked and so was the deadbolt. So I spontaneously decided to do what I have done with Chris ...who got a big smile when I did it to him a while back.

I decided to lean against the door really hard (on my stented side) feet wedged, body wedged against the door so that he couldn't budge the door when he unlocked it.

He couldn't move it. Then I heard him switching keys and I also heard him with grocery bags moving and thought ..okay.. he's not gonna be laughing at this.. but I held my ground...mind you not thinking about the fact that I have a ureteral stent in me... until he pushed harder again and the door moved a bit but closed.

THEN I thought about the stent.

And so then I was thinking that I had better get away from the door and so just as I leaned away he pushed and I got pushed back and almost fell!

In retrospect ..I should've just hollered.. "Wait.. don't push's me."

So..predictably ..he failed to see the humor in it.

And now my side/flank is aching big time and I think I strained it. When you have a ureteral stent in, you are not supposed to strain yourself, i.e., lift anything heavy, run, jump, play tug-of-war, etc.

I am not the new kid on the block with this. What was I thinking?! Oh wait... I WASN'T!

Now on the up side is that I was feeling good enough to do something so spontaneously dumb and momentarily forgot about being stented. True the meds help with that... but there have been days where I wouldn't have even thought to do that at all.

So.. now I am hoping I didn't cause some kind of damage because I feel noticeably different there.

Actually ..I used to get aggravated when the boys and their friends would purposely try to close and open doors on each other and then they'd be shoving the doors in the opposite direction. I thought that was an invitation to have someone get their fingers crushed in a slammed door.

My friend Pstamper's son would play a joke on her and then blurt out he was kidding. He got that from us. :)

So long as you don't hurt someone physically or emotionally and know when to stop... joking around is fun. And then you know what they say about pay back... ;)

AND... so long as you don't have a medical restriction to keep you from harm.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I wouldn't mess with a man that's carrying in groceries. He's going to be in NO mood. Spray, spray, what am I going to do with you?

It sounds like you have a lot of fun with the boys though. You've raised a nice family. It's fun to all play together.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-Good point.Didn't know about groceries til too late. 34 yrs of marriage and we know each other so well and yet for some odd reason expect different outcomes from the other that we know won't change. How does that happen? I guess in the end..we are who we are and we did know that after dating for 3 years before marriage. We are night and day..but the things that are similar..are most important. :)

Like I said spontaneous.:)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I hear you. I like spontaneous. Spontaneous is good - just remember timing is still a factor. ;)

I'm sure you've kept him on his toes all these years. Never good to have anyone bored now, you know.:)

SeaSpray said...

No..he definitely doesn't get bored around me. :)