Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Revenge - Part I

This is one of 3 pics that will go up at the end of this little birthday revenge saga. :)

"Vengeance is mine" ..thus sayeth the Lord.

I can appreciate the wisdom behind God saying that and he's right.. but sometimes..just sometimes vengeance is oh so sweet least for birthday retaliations. ;)

I am dedicating this post to my friend Debbie ..AKA Pstamper , since her birthday was in November.


I may have told this story on this blog.. at least in part. I'm not sure...although I know I did in some other blog comment sections. Either way..I'm telling it again! ;)


Birthday Revenge - Part I

It all started about 4 1/2 years earlier than Debbie's 40th birthday. Well actually even earlier if you consider my being influenced with practical jokes by my often times hilarious/impish emergency room co-workers. I definitely went through a practical joke faze during the 90s especially ...because of them. Anyone who has ever worked in the emergency environment knows what I'm talking about. Actually..I should say medical environment because other departments play their jokes too. :)

*I think it is a healthy outlet to release the stress/tension that comes with the work. There is nothing like a hearty, nearly gut busting laugh to clear the tension and then forge as usual.

Anyway thing the hospital staff was notorious for was decorating with black balloons, etc when someone was turning 40. Over the hill decorations would be strung up everywhere. :)

So I decided that for Mr SeaSpray's 40th birthday ..I would decorate the house with black balloons, streamers and over the hill stuff. I giggled every time I thought about it. :)

This one morning.. I decided to call my friend Donna who is absolutely one of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life. Her guidance counselor seriously told her she should go into comedy. Even during the worst challenges of her life..she'd have you laughing.

I thought she'd love my over the hill 40th birthday decorating idea.

Um ..noooo ..she did not. I actually thought she was kidding when she raised her voice and said how awful it was, it wasn't funny and for my birthday..she'd be putting tombstones in front of my house. I was laughing and she was mad ..and then I eventually caught on that she was serious and so I let it drop. But..I was really surprised.

Well turned out that she was very sensitive about her age..which was the same as my husband and so she was turning 40 that same year. And it It turned out that she and her 2 sisters all lied about their age by about 5 years. She told me that even her sisters had her confused. I'm actually not 100% sure she is Mr SeaSpray's age..she may be a year younger ..or IS she???

So.. I forgot all about that and as planned ...gleefully decorated the house in black decorations... chuckling in thorough amusement as I pondered the surprise. :)

Well ... let me tell you fell very, very flat.

No one appreciated the humor and so it ended up being a downer. Mr SeaSpray's family is very quiet and reserved and they just looked around without even a smile and seemed perplexed. Mr SeaSpray said he didn't care..but he didn't laugh either.

You'd think I decorated for a funeral ..well in a way..I guess I did ..with the black and all.

Usually ... after a party bask in the afterglow of a fun event and I like to leave the decorations up a couple of days because they're fun, festive and a reminder of a good time.

I remember sitting on the sofa after my family went to bed... looking up at the black balloons and streamers running across the beams ... and thinking it all looked so depressing and ugly. I took everything down IMMEDIATELY!

Maybe it was all the florescent lights at the hospital that countered the dreary effect of the black ..or maybe because everyone there were kindred spirits with their teasing senses of humor, always ready to crack up at good joke ... but that was the last time I ever decorated with black in our home!

However ..the saga continues .. because my friend decided to make good on her threats ..and so not to be outdone ... of course there just had to be subsequent birthday retaliations. :)

To be continued ...


StorytellERdoc said...

Great post. Your friend Donna sounds awesome. My older brother is a very cool, level-headed fun guy but acted the same way on his 40th...maybe they all need to answer a survey before we put them through the black decorating phase!

Great to have you posting again, Mrs. SeaSpray!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Jim.

That's funny.

May you have a most blessed and joyous New Year. :)

Oh and thank you for the writing encouragement. I've been going through a whole lot of self doubt about my writing/blogging.