Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree - Lipstick Connection :)


I can't believe we got the tree already and so easily and uneventfully.

We got it and put it up on Sunday ..which amazes me ..because I have never put a live tree up so early (December 6th) because I leave it up 2 weeks after Christmas and always figured it would look like the Peanuts -Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas tree ... bare ..with all needles on the floor from being so dry. That happened one year.

But the guy at the lot said it was just cut in PA on Friday and would be good to the end of January. It looked very full and fresh.

But ..first I will backtrack to my boeuf du jour plan... the plan that was supposed to lull Mr SeaSpray into total Christmas bliss and compliance .. meaning no testiness in going out to get the Christmas Tree.

First off ... I didn't think we were going out for the tree on Sunday ..but younger son called me in the morning to say that the lot we wanted to buy a tree at ..looked like it only had 3 big trees left
and for me to be ready when they came home so we could go get one.

I was going to say ..well tell Dad to buy one ... but then remembered the tree the *one* Christmas I let him do that. It was a small tree if you were the size of one of Snow White's Dwarf friends. Need I say more? (I did go along and act happy about it though) It was a short... short... cute little tree. :)

Then I was going to say.."Well tell Dad to come back and we will get a tree now", but thought better of that because they had plans.

I just said "O.K."

Well ..now I didn't have time to get a pot roast all succulent looking and get ready. So ..I settled on chicken..chicken breasts. They were frozen (the pot roast would've been too) and so I began simmering them in the pan with sage and a big onion and some water.

*If you haven't had time to cook, but want the house to have the aroma of something good being cooked... simmer an onion... add some spices. With the onion, sage and chicken ..it was beginning to smell good and so I took my shower, etc.

About 15 minutes before they'd be back, I decided to brown the breasts and turned up the heat a bit...but then I got side tracked and so the next thing I know the fire alarm is going off because I was now burning the darn breasts instead of browning. That smoke went everywhere and did NOT smell very good. I quickly put water in the pan and fortunately ..that was good enough to loosen any burned particles and the chicken just ended up being a dark brown. I quick put the ceiling fan on and cracked the sliding door open and cranked open the bow windows in the kitchen. The alarm stopped and even though frigid air was coming in..the smoke was clearing. I threw a fresh onion in the pan with more fresh sage and simmered again, closed the windows and door... just in time. Mr SeaSpray and son came in ..just as everything was smelling better.

As soon as he walked in ..I did a Vanna White and lifted the pan lid to show him the chicken and commented on how juicy it will be later to have with the football game. He agreed and seemed pleased. (Ha! he also could've been humoring me because I was obviously trying to please him! :)

Ho ho..hi ho ..off to get the tree we go! Oh WAIT! Wrong song! Fa la la la la la la! :)

It snowed the day before and the scenery was beautiful. It was so cold that the snow was staying on the branches. We weren't even out of the driveway yet when I exclaimed... "Oh! LOOK at those cottons of puff!" Mr SeaSpray cracked up at my obvious mix-up of words. This was good ..we're all leaving laughing. :)

Well my gosh! Buying the tree couldn't possibly have been more pleasant. They didn't have any big Frasiers (my favorite..strong non-pricking branches, pretty color and last) ...but they did have a big Douglas fir ..about 8 1/2 feet and for only $68.00 dollars! At another place we frequented ..that tree would've easily been over $100.00 dollars. At first I hesitated ..because I really wanted more firm branches ..but Mr SeaSpray had pulled this one out and it is a beauty. He and son liked it and so that is the one we got. It is a bit wider then I usually get ..but doable.

Mr SeaSpray ... liked the people selling the trees so much that he said we should bring them a pizza and soda. He has never done that! I don't know if he was just downright giddy because we got the 1st tree *he* picked out, in a lot not even 5 minutes away, it was a pretty tree and cheap ... and the people were very nice and the money goes to a good cause... a local Catholic school... or if the gently simmering almost burned .. but not burned - just dark brown ... chicken, back home had sedated him ..arresting the Annual Resist Buying the Christmas Tree Disorder (ARBCTD), that I spoke of in the previous post. (ARBCTD). I'm gonna go with because the people were so nice and because it was all done so quickly and easily. That chicken was no succulent pot roast. :)

So ..we got the fresh cut on the bottom and upon arriving home placed the tree, unwrapped in the stand filled with water outside. We couldn't bring it in because I still had to clean out the closets the tree would be blocking for the next month or so.

http://www.webweaver.nu/clipart/img/people/mouths/lipstick-kiss.gif http://www.webweaver.nu/clipart/img/people/mouths/lipstick-kiss.gif http://www.webweaver.nu/clipart/img/people/mouths/lipstick-kiss.gif

When we got inside ... feeling extremely happy about this ... I enthusiastically kissed Mr SeaSpray on the lips and I knew he'd wipe it off cause he doesn't like the sticky feeling and I am guessing he also doesn't like wearing cranberry lipstick ..but ...I also kissed each side of his neck and so my lip prints were left there. I was secretly chuckling because I knew he'd wipe that off too... but he was engrossed in football and so he wouldn't see the lip prints in the mirror until later at some point. But ..he and son were watching football then.

Not only were my cranberry lip prints on each side of his neck.. but they sparkled! Ha ha ..because I topped the lipstick with this pretty gloss that has colored sparkles in it.

Festive ...although I'd wear it anytime.

I knew he will be slightly annoyed ..but chuckle when he saw that I did that. :)

Fa la la la la la! :)

Chris will help me put the angel and lights on tonight. I want to hold off on the decorating until the weekend ..when Devan comes over. Hopefully she won't get snowed in like last Saturday. But I want to let her help put the stockings up and with some of the other decorating too. Christmas music, popcorn , hot chocolate and a Christmas movie too. It is so much fun to see Christmas through a child's eyes. :)


Gia's Spot said...

What a wonderful world you created! Thanks for sharing it!

SeaSpray said...

Awww... thank you Gia. :)

Ha ha..wonderful world if I don't fill the area with smoke from burning food. ;)

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