Wednesday, December 29, 2010

7lbs, 7 oz - born at 2:36 pm. :)

Our d-i-l had their 3rd child ...their first son, just as I was writing this post.

7lbs, 7 oz - born at 2:36 pm.

And she looked great ..only 5 hrs later ...sitting up all dressed!

I was worried too ...because I thought she was in labor a lot longer than she was. It turns out that it was an easy birth (if there is such a thing)

And he is soooooo CUTE! And so sweet ...I could just eat him with a spoon! :)

The kids gave me a camera for Christmas and I took a gazillion pictures of him. So ...maybe I will put one up ..when I learn how to use everything on the camera.

Still Waiting

Shouldn't be long now.

Dear d-i-l had an epidural and water broke.

Ha! Son is announcing on face book too. (Cool)

Every time the phone rings ...I make a mad dash for it! We are all waiting and wondering. :)

Interesting on how with technology ...all the relatives can follow and be in on it as soon as son posts.

As mom ...I am glad to hear his voice and get the personal update.

So exciting!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Not long now ...says me 10:50pm and not in labor.

Our dear d-i-l will be having their 3rd child ...a baby boy ...sometime tonight or tomorrow!! We are watching the girls and look forward to having fun with them.

I put a birthday table cloth on the coffee table in family room and the girls made birthday cards for their new brother. Since they haven't mentioned a name yet, Devan is leaving a blank space to be filled in after he is born. Wrenna made her card with the help of her older sister. I'm calling them glitter girls right now ..because you can never get rid of all the glitter once you've worked with it. :)

Wrenna decided it would be fun to dump the entire large basket of crayons on the couch and so I just had to get a picture of her sitting next to them. Devan also made an Christmas ornament for the tree. I will pack it away in tissue paper every year ..just like I do for the boys special Christmas projects.

Plan on baking later. And hopefully ...Devan and I will get to watch a couple of movies. We're making fresh popcorn with the old fashioned popcorn popper and she picked out her own teapot from which she can pour her own hot chocolate ..the yellow one. I am going to use the blue pussy willow teapot.

I could hardly sleep last night because I feel so excited about the new baby and can hardly wait to meet him. We're all eagerly anticipating his soon to be arrival. :)

I just could not get to write any Christmas posts before Christmas, but I may still put one up. :)

P.S. I had glitterized ham on my dinner plate tonight. It was kind of pretty. Pretty ..sparkley ham. Must've fallen off me from somewhere. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

MIA For Christmas and Other Thoughts

I can't believe that I haven't written even one Christmas post ... anywhere. I've never been MIA for Christmas blogging. But, I've been busy with a capital "B"! Hopefully, I will catch up with writing after tomorrow. If you like SCRUBS'll appreciate the following videos.

Nothing like the 12 days of Christmas being sung about a surgeon's night in the OR.

Well ...God forbid my life should have anything to do with the OR version of the 12 days of Christmas. I'll take the 8 maids a milking any day ..well ..actually ..I'll take the 10 Lords a leaping ..because after all who doesn't want to leap around a bit? Nah ... pipers ..11 pipers and oh ..I'll take the 12 drummers too ...because after all ...who doesn't like music? And 5 Gold rings ...a girl can never have enough jewelery. I love anything French and so I must have the 3 French hens. But of course True Love trumps all. We should all have True Love in our lives. I'm just saying. :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

This was a good episode. The short video is about Turk's (Surgeon) being on call for Christmas Eve and you see him being woken up non stop in the call room ... and surgical lyrics to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." being sung.

What they don't show is that earlier ..he was so positive, filled with faith and believing in miracles well as acting like Mr Christmas spreading holiday cheer. However, after his hellacious night in the OR, he goes home exhausted and discouraged ...questioning God's existence.

In this next clip (below), while still discouraged ..he gets a thought ...leading him to the location of a missing girl in labor in the park ...thus saving her life. Turk regains his faith and belief in miracles and the other previously jaded friends recognize they witnessed a miracle.

And miracles ...they do occur. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

*Gladly* a New Customer! :)

For at least a few years now ...I have been on a quest for a good pizza establishment.

I finally found one last night. A NEW one!

I had just dropped off what has now become the traditional Christmas basket of goodies I bake for my wonderful urodoc and partners and the lovely staff that work for them. They are just the best people and the best office to go to. They really are.

I even decided to wear a Santa hat this year. :) However ...I am disappointed with myself for not being able to get it there when I wanted to. I guess it is because I have so many things going on this year. And I probably should've waited until next week when my schedule cleared a bit. So ...I didn't get it to the office until right when they closed the doors to the waiting room and so most of the staff had left. They are always so enthusiastic and of course that is part of the fun. But ..I do smile thinking that they must've been surprised when they saw the baskets of goodies this morning and knowing they could be having them with their coffee break or lunch. Ha! I guess I was like Santa ...leaving the present while no one was around ..except the one receptionist. :)

But I digress.

I got out to the car and called a pizza place about 15-20 minutes away. But I didn't factor in Christmas traffic at Rush hour. because of the traffic ...I actually left the building ...turning in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go, so I could turn around ..come back up and just go straight through the busy intersection, instead of having to make a left turn. That meant I was sitting in traffic even longer! And I was imagining a mediocre ...maybe warm pie that would be cold once it hit the frigid outdoor air. I was thinking that I should've just ordered and waited for it there.

It goes to show you the importance of word of mouth (WOM), because a friend of mine recently RAVED about their basil tomato pizza. I remembered that and so I thought I would give them a try.

I had actually written that pizza place off a long time ago because another friend of mine used to work in a store near that pizza place and she said the owner would be working out back on his car and then without washing his hands was making the pizza dough. She witnessed it. YUK! Again WOM kept me from ever going back there. His pizza wasn't good anyway.

And ...for some reason me ..the pizza places in my immediate area are bland or lacking something. It can be very disappointing. I have found that sometimes it depends on who makes it. You'd think there would be a set recipe ..but they can be different even tho coming from the same place. There is a good one a couple of towns away ...but's a couple of towns away.

Then there is a Dominoes pizza ..but a frozen box of pizza is just as good and cheaper. That being said ...I love the domino's pizza when we are at the shore house. It tastes so much better! It must be because is vacation the shore. :)

I love the taste of boardwalk pizza. The thin crust and flavor ..awesome! And that one pizza place I like up here ..well they are from Bergen county ..which is close to NYC and so I think pizza down that way tastes better too.

Well it turns out that pizza place with the owner who didn't wash his hands is under new ownership now.

Walking in was nostalgic, because years ago was also the pizza place we HS kids would walk to during lunch and buy a slice of pizza. Memories. :)

So ...I walked in ..stated my name and what I had ordered. The girl promptly pulled the pies that had been warming on top of the oven. After exchanging a few pleasantries while paying for our greatly anticipated treat ...the owner said, "Thank you Pat."

I was immediately taken with his kindness and a warmth he had about him. I said "Your welcome but thank YOU!" and left.

The pizza was just warm ...but ...let me tell you ...upon tasting the basil tomato pizza ...I was exclaiming "Oh my God! This is so good!", with every bite. Even ..the CRUST! All of it!

Actually guys like meat on their pies and so I got half tomato basil, half meat (a lot of meat for you meat lovers :) and then a personal white pie (my favorite) with broccoli (although I prefer spinach ...but broccoli still good), tomato, ricotta and garlic - to die for IMO. :)

The guys loved the meat pie, and son also loved the other pies too. It was sooooooooo delicious that it was guilt free calories. Okay ..well not totally guilt free or I wouldn't be mentioning guilt. :) But if you're gonna cheat ...make sure it is worthwhile. Oh WAS! :)

I cannot wait to have another tomato basil pie! I think I like it as much as the white pie. Now that is saying something, because white pies are my absolute favorite!

Well ...I just had to call them to tell them how much we enjoyed it.

I told the girl,"The pizza was delicious, the best pizza we've had in a long time ..that my husband and son really liked it and that we will now be their customers." I asked her to please tell the owner and she said she would.

Then she said "Thank you Pat."

There it was again.

They used my name. And they used it in a warm, knowing way.

No one from any pizza place in my entire life has ever used my name. N-e-v-e-r.

Good salesmanship 101: Use the customer's name. It demonstrates they are important enough to care what their name is and it personalizes it and draws the person in ..because they no longer feel like just a number.

Now ...I have heard that over done sales people that are just oozing phony and want the sale. And the pizza people obviously didn't know me. But there was a sincerity that I picked up on. A warmth. Inviting ..causing me to want to come back. Are they consistently that way? I don't know. But personally ..I got a really good vibe and they are now our new go to pizza place and I will tell everyone to try them.

That is me. I like relationships ..with the pharmacist, the doctor, the grocery clerk ..whomever. People are special. I like the connection. I like the familiarity. I like the mutual respect. And I like the resulting trust that builds over time. I like the sense of community.

I know that is not for everyone ...but it is me.

The owner had me at "Thank you Pat." :) Truthfully ...even if the pies weren't all that good ...I would still go back there ...just because of the owner and the sweet girl.

I think the pies will be even more excellent if we bring them home when they're still hot.

For those of you living in the area ...the name of the place (located in the Shoprite Plaza) is called:

"The Pizza Shoppe" 973-209-2299

I'm telling you girlfriend was right ...the basil tomato pizza is soooooo GOOD! And even if you think you don't like basil and tomato pizza may really like it after trying the
Pizza Shoppe's basil/tomato pizza. I'm just saying. :)


P.S. Now I am heating up a leftover slice to eat ... MMMM ...while decorating the Christmas tree. Perfect tree this year - again I digress. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baker's Law of the Universe ;)

Baking, baking and more baking!

House smells wonderful.

My scale numbers are NOT wonderful and crept up 3 pounds since Sunday.

So ..this afternoon ...I decided to put my scale in my kitchen work area.

Because everyone knows that when cookies and brownies and any other little tasty morsels break off ...or seem the least bit defective ... in any way is the Baker's Law of the Universe that said baker has to taste (to the point of complete ingestion) said ..broken or defective any way baked goodies ...just to insure that all the intact pieces will taste just as good.

It's just the way it is.

But ...I am just going to have to defy this baker's universal law that I have been so obedient to in all my years of baking. Heck ...I wouldn't even be surprised if there were some subconscious baker's sabotage going on know the kind of sabotage that insures there will be broken and defective pieces ...thus activating the Baker's law of the Universe. I'm just saying. :)

Anyway ..I've decided that stepping on the scale - looking at my numbers would empower me to be noncompliant of said Baker's Law of the Universe . But, let me tell you ..while it is having an effect's not easy going against the universe.

Vive la résistance!

Again ..I'm just saying. ;)

I am baking for the urology office basket tomorrow and a care package for a friend's son in the Coast Guard. Then there will be some dessert platters going out between now and Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is She KIDDING Me?!! *May She Have Many More

Obviously not.

She just needed to say that.

Because she (SeaSpray) is v-e-n-t-i-n-g... she says with an ever so disingenuously soft ...eerily sweet intonation in her voice.

Okay ..she knows ....usually when SeaSpray goes into 3rd person she is distancing from a post ..usually one that causes some kind of blogger's remorse ...but n-o-o-o ..not this time ...this time she is distancing herself from her too adorable puppy who is probably a tweenager in her young years ...may she have many more.

She is distancing and v-e-n-t-i-n-g through this post when she really had planned to be in bed ...right NOW and had just hung up the phone from a friend stating she was tired and wanted to be up early to get a good start on the day ...but now SeaSpray feels adrenalin coursing through her veins and so here she is blogging... and at risk of repetition is v-e-n-t-i-n-g about said tweenager puppy ...still in her young years ...may she have many more .

It was pretty bad when said tweenager puppy chewed SeaSpray's glasses she uses for distance to pieces last weekend rendering them virtually unrecognizable.

The very next night ...late Sunday night ..a week ago ...darling puppy decided to chase the elderly cat ...who decided to run through the almost empty paint tray filled with yellow paint ...who then left yellow paw prints on the kitchen tile to where he stationed himself for the ultimate defense under the table. Thank God for latex because SeaSpray was able to get all the yellow paw prints off the kitchen tile. SeaSpray also discovered that it was not fun to have to stop to clean paw prints off the tile when she was exhausted and still had to continue painting and then clean the paint tools.

But when she was ready at 1am to clean out the paint stick ..she regrettably had to awaken Mr SeaSpray so that he could assist her in emptying buckets of paint water rinse outside. But ..when they walked back out to the kitchen in ... oh she doesn't know ...maybe a minute or two ..they found a trail of diluted yellow paint. SeaSpray grabbed a big towel and began wiping up said diluted yellow paint as she followed along the yellow brick road yellow tiled path across the kitchen and then down to the tile in family room and then up onto the dark blue carpet ...really wondering if the sofa was next... and really wondering what she had done now and did she ingest any paint and where is the closest all night emergency vet on call at 01:01 in the morning that they could bring adorable tweenager puppy young in years to ...may she have many more.

And lo and behold there it was ...the object that had dripped all the watered down paint. She grabbed the paint cylinder that inserts into the roller ..that holds the paint ..that had been soaking in water in the paint tray ...that SeaSpray concedes she mistakenly left on the floor for what would be just a minute. (She was tired) She also thought she would only tinkle for a minute and is when she heard the cat vs puppy skirmish and the paint tray sliding on the floor.

Suffice it to know ...yellow paint on a Sapphire blue rug is quite the contrast ...glaringly so at 01:05 in the morning. And suffice it to know that it is not fun to clean up yellow paint ...even diluted on a Sapphire blue rug at 01:05 in the morning. SeaSpray is just saying. *sigh*

So ...after a week of SeaSpray yelling "Faith! NO!", more times then she can count ...tonight was the final straw ...when she heard what she knew was a now broken/shattered collectible Longaberger Christmas mug she loved so much. But then was driven to writing this post because she is v-e-n-t-i-n-g because after hanging up the phone, eagerly anticipating bed as she walked into the other room to shut the computer off ...she found her favorite, most comfortable, fairly new ...pretty pink slipper that were the last ones left in the store ...with the whole back half of the slipper sole chewed off ...gone. !! SeaSpray evidently thinks that maybe if she puts the chewed glasses on or maybe if she slides her foot into the chewed off slipper that maybe they will morph back to normal, but instead finds that she can't see out of or even wear the glasses, nor does it feel right when half her foot is on the floor and the other half of the foot is sitting in a saliva soaked slipper. SeaSpray hadn't even been talking with her friend that long!

"FAITH!!!", (who was nowhere in sight), exclaimed SeaSpray as she reluctantly removed the half eaten, saliva coated slipper from her foot and then looking for sympathy ...brought said half eaten slipper to son ..silently holding up the slipper which son flashed a big grine and says "You wanted a dog."

Yes ...yes SeaSpray did want a dog and she wanted this adorable tweenager puppy young in years ...may she have many more.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make it Stop!

Does anyone know if this is spam? I didn't click on their link to verify account. It was in my junk mail. the e-mail address is:, which looks suspicious.

Also, I have been getting junk mail using some of my e-mailing friends names and email address. The first time I got one I clicked on it and my computer warned me of a virus. Fortunately nothing happened. So ..if you ever send me an e-mail and I don't respond is possible it ended up in junk and now I won't open with a suspicious return e-mail address. But my one friend's looked normal. ?

This is so frustrating!

Why do these people do this?

I could care less about them or what they are offering!

And have you ever gotten any of the ridiculous names that you just know you will not respond to?

What is the point, the purpose ..the gain for them to do this?

What a waste of time.

Anyway, here is the message.

Oh and how could they get my paypal info and how can they get names of people in my e-mail? It's IN my e-mail contact list that can only be accessed with my password?

I would close my junk mail, but sometimes people I do want to correspond with show up there and so I have to leave it open. What do you do with your spam? I just wish I could make it stop ..I tell you ..m-a-k-e it s-t-o-p!

Dear Hotmail Customer,

Your account has been Flagged for security Issues and access to yourCustomers account has been herewith suspended, We are sending you thisemail to Reactivate Your account with us as soon as possible.

Your account must follow a Verification process before it will be Verified.

Click here to verify your account

This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.

Technical support team

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over!

You haven't lived until you've pulled something out of your dog's butt. Yes ..I said that. I'll come back to it.

Suffice it to know that our sweet puppy amazing as she is ... crossed the line when she chewed up my prescription glasses this morning! (I had left them on the end table next to the sofa in the family room) No ..I didn't yell at her because we didn't catch her in the act and I've heard that dogs don't know why you are upset because they quickly forget what they did wrong. To make the connection ..your reprimand has to be within seconds of the undesired act.

Oh and the sofa ..specifically the love seat ...last night she chewed the foam stuffing out of a section on the foot rest part. Why??? I stuffed it back in. I don't know how to repair it though. :(

I have come to terms with the fact that her main mission in life to playing with anything and everything (which we love about her - her antics are hilarious) to secure the cat food any way she can. She is relentless. She's cunning. She lies in wait for the very second we are distracted ..and then with lightening speed ...comes in for the inhale.

We probably should not laugh when she comes out with one of our shoes. And I probably should not have given back Mr SeaSpray's chewed up slipper for her to totally annihilate. She has a chew bone and several toys. What is it about the shoes?

But I have to tell you ...that I draw the line at canine roto rooter service after having to pull a stream of paper towels out of her butt last night! The honeymoon was on shaky ground right then.

But this morning ...let me tell you ...the glasses ...finalized it.

Honeymoon OVER!

Son brought them to me. I exclaimed "OH NO!" Then I just stared at them in disbelief before I even reached out for them.

Son remained silent.

I looked up at him and back at the glasses. I took them into my hands ...still in disbelief. She even chewed the part that goes over the ears. But one side wasn't good enough. No ... evidently, she's an equal opportunity chewer. One side still had the curve for over the ear...although chewed down to the bare metal. The other side was mangled kind of straight.

The lenses had scratches and what I thought were droplets of spit.

Son still silent ...not saying a word.

In utter frustration ... I looked into the family room to see where the chewing canine machine was and of course was nowhere to be seen. I looked back at son ...opened my mouth to say something ...anything ..but I was speechless and just looked back down at the glasses.

Then I put them on ...just in case I could still use them at home. I looked up at son ..trying to see him through the destruction

Then... son LAUGHED!

It was like looking at a windshield covered with raindrops.

And there were sharp ..tiny sharp pieces of plastic poking the top of my ears ...and they were sitting all kinds of crooked. I took them off ..trying to straighten them a little more.

Then I turned toward the sink and thought maybe washing them would help.

Suffice it to know that those little raindrops that I erroneously thought were saliva ...were actually all her little tooth marks all over the lenses. She also cracked the upper corner where it fastened to the frame.

The glasses are NOT ..I repeat NOT salvageable!

I would've tried to wear them for TV though. Not gonna happen.

Thankfully ...I still have my prescription sunglasses. Oh'll recognize me on the road at night as the lady who drives at night while wearing her SUNGLASSES!

Lucky for me, the only time I use them is for TV and driving. Lucky for her too!

Oh and back to the paper towel, grossest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life moment and it was freezing outside!

It was like we were a magic act and I was the magician pulling all the scarves out of the sleeve ...except it was my dog's BUTT! If only I had white gloves ...or could've made it all disappear. We were under the back yard spotlight. I wonder if any neighbors saw us?

I have learned that no one wants to see anything hanging out of their dog's butt.

This will be with me for a long time.

It is also going to make me hypervigilant with ...EVERYTHING! I thought I already was ...but apparently not. All day today a new mother listening for every sound ...I've been on alert. Just now I am typing ..I heard her mouthing something, called her over and she just dropped the wrapper from a roll of toilet paper, Q-tip and a cotton ball. She's got me so that I can hear the sound of her swallowing *saliva* 2 rooms away. I should sanitize this keyboard after extricating things from her mouth all day. And I've become quite proficient at the finger sweep in the back of the throat. Seriously!

Back to her BUTT. It was a stream of paper towels that I had left all connected. I know exactly what they were from. Wednesday night, after making the Turkey soup ...I took a bunch of paper towels and sopped up the remaining broth that was on the turkey platter. Then ...I discarded them, but forgot to close it back up because I went on to something else.

She is stealthy too. I was right there!

Thank God she didn't get an obstruction(why not?) and have to go to the vet for surgery ...or *I* would be in the dog house with Mr SeaSpray. (Remember - he told me NOT to bring a dog home? It doesn't matter that he loves her too. You know when the kids are bad ..suddenly ..YOU are the ONLY parent because YOU conceived them ...even if you're a man ...through the immaculate conception or whatever and they are YOURS and only YOURS? YOUR son.. YOUR daughter. It would be "YOUR dog." Love has nothing to do with it. :)

I have never experienced a chewer like this. NEVER! And we've raised 3 smaller puppies and had 2 other adult dogs. I still want to get gates to close her off when we leave, but I am afraid we'll come home to massive chewed destruction. I think I'm gonna be dreaming about this stuff. She is getting *ME* trained!

Is this a phase? Tell it to me straight.

We really love her and are spoiling her so much. Lucky for her ..she has endeared herself to all of us. You'd fall for her too. :)

I was going to keep her on leash for 3 weeks as part of her training in the house because it teaches them to look to you for everything. We learned that from a personal dog trainer that we brought in for Bob because he was a very domineering, strong willed dog when he was a teenager. All of our other dogs were easy to train ..but Bob was strong willed. Keeping them with you or someone else in the house or crate them when you absolutely can't keep them at your side works so well. We became the alpha dogs and he looked to our every move. They are with you everywhere you go. For three weeks, they sit when you sit, etc and it teaches them to look to you and your every move. I started with her, but she chewed the leash. That's not why I stopped though. I stopped because she is actually very obedient and does listen and is well behaved.

But apparently not when out of site ...with the chewing. She even took an earring off my vanity. Little tiny dangling Christmas wreaths. I found the one by my computer desk, on the floor. I can't FIND the other one. ???

And I am wondering what else has gone MIA that I don't know about?

For peace of mind, I am thinking that we need to contact the TSA and see if we can get one of those airport scanners a loaner ..just until she gets through this phase.

"What? Can't find your keys, my jewelery, the cat, or the door to the bedroom? Going crazee looking for something?

Scan the dog!"

Mystery solved!

And we have the Christmas tree ... sitting in a bucket of ice ...that in my perfect world will go up in the stand tomorrow night. Hundreds of ornaments ... all those dangling ornaments.

Fa-a-a la la la la la l-a-a-a .....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 11th Commandment - Pure Logic

<span class=

Turkey soup with dumplings (last winter - but will look like this in a little while :) Mr SeaSpray prefers his soup sans dumplings and I so I alternate, because we all like the dumplings. He likes a broth type of soup and we like it thicker. Unfortunately ... eating too many dumplings ...makes for walking dumplings. So it's good that I alternate.
I always say, "NEVER waste a good carcass!"

Chicken or turkey doesn't matter. In good conscience ...I just cannot toss a carcass out. Can't do it. I can't do it because I know how many more meals I can get out of said carcass. And the soup always tastes soooo good. :)

A while back, my sweet m-i-l mentioned she was going to get the rest of the meat off the turkey and then throw the rest out.

Me - "WHAT?! You're THROWING it OUT?! Mom! NEVER throw out a good carcass! You can always make a good soup out of it."

She laughed and gave me the carcass to take home.

And I made the turkey soup and then gave her some in return.

She gave us our Thanksgiving turkey and so tomorrow we will surprise her with some soup. :)

This past Saturday night, while out celebrating a friend's birthday ...I told her I was looking forward to making the turkey soup. She told me she was too, but that her husband threw the turkey out.

Me - "WHAT! He THREW the carcass OUT?! NEVER throw out a good carcass!" (Obviously he didn't know the 11th commandment! ;)

My friend sighed and agreed. It didn't occur to him. A couple of years ago, I shared how I make turkey soup and so she has been doing that. But ...I guess he isn't carcass oriented as yet.

As for me ...I just can't bear to throw a good carcass out and it almost hurt the few times that I had to. You'd think tossing out the carcass was an actual sin.

Well ...actually ... it is pure logic that even though the old testament was inspired by God ...the writers somehow dropped the ball ... um I mean dropped the carcass and omitted what I believe surely must've been God's intended 11th commandment, which reads as the following:

"Thou shalt not toss, throw, slide, punt, or endeavor through any other method to dispose of ...thus waste the chicken or turkey carcass, without first making soup out of said carcass to feed thy multitudes and/or thyself."

No wonder I feel like tossing the carcass is akin to a sin.

And now that you've been enlightened ..."NEVER waste a good carcass!"

I'm just saying. ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye Bob/The SeaSprays in "Discussion"/Welcome Faith



I actually wrote the middle of this post a couple of weeks ago and then put it into my drafts almost a week ago. It was going to be a Thanksgiving post about being grateful for our newest family member. It was originally just supposed to be about the "discussion" Mr SeaSpray and I had, but has evolved into much more as I began to tweak it for posting tonight. I am leaving it this way, because this one is important to me since it is about some family history with our pets. One of the print worthy ones for another journal.

I've been so busy lately, that I just couldn't get to writing a Thanksgiving post. But, I'd still like to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoyed the holiday. :)
First ..I will just say that last January, we had to put our dear German Shepherd, Bob down. It was so unexpected. He would've been 10 in May and was the perfect picture of health for his years. He was a great weight, white teeth, strong with lots of energy, shiny coat and no apparent arthritis ..something shepherds are prone too. And so it was a major shock when he took suddenly ill, couldn't get up onto hind feet and within minutes had a stroke. It turned out that he had a hemangiosarcoma , a canine cancer ( vet said that shepherds, retrievers and rottweilers are prone to this disease) that caused him to have a tumor the size of a volley ball off his spleen. The vet said there was no way we could've known and that the tumor was concealed because of how the German Shepherds ribcage is so long. (I think that was it. I know it was because of his internal structure) Our son first noticed that he was sluggish and thought it was the new food I had switched him to, but I knew it was still a quality food. I thought that he was getting up there for a large dog and maybe had arthritis starting. Then the weekend before, he seemed to have a fever and I thought maybe it was Lyme disease, because he had it when he was younger. I did not feel any sense of urgency and he was scheduled to be seen on Tuesday. But then everything happened on Monday.

We were all so upset. I was so devastated, I could not keep my afternoon uro appointment, nor could I follow through with surgery later in the week. And the office staff was so sweet. They gave me a Christmas ornament which was a German shepherd dog with angel wings. I've had it on my kitchen hutch all year and now it will soon have a prominent spot on our Christmas tree. :)In our family ..our pets are family members. Our other dogs were medium in size and he was the largest. You miss all your pets ..but I found that a large dog really has a presence in the house and it seemed even more obvious that he was no longer with us.

Needless to say, I felt guilt over not responding sooner, but the vet assured me that once this is diagnosed it is too late and they usually only have 8-12 weeks to live. Our son noticed he was sluggish in early December ..around then ..and so he had another 6 weeks from that point. And we would not have opted for chemo or any extraordinary treatment. I think with an animal is about quality of life and I would not want them to suffer additionally with treatments and side effects if it would not have a good outcome. I think sometimes we people do it for us, because we don't want to let go. I went through that with another dog we had. I questioned his perfect checkup in May and he said that unless he did routine x-rays on every dog at risk for this disease ..there was no way to know.

And he was one strong and loyal dog. The Saturday night before he had the stroke ...he heard me running to something and concerned and he jumped right off son's bed and came all the way out to me. he was an awesome dog and so handsome too. We still miss him and sometimes still ..I expect to see him around the house.

Good ol' Bob were an amazing dog that blessed our family in so many ways. It wasn't just that he was our dog ... we were truly his people. :)

I think sometime in the future, I will do a series on the different dogs we've had they came into our lives and talk about them. I just need to gather some pictures. They all have a story. :)
Anyway, about a month ago, I called a local pound telling her that I was interested in getting another dog. I told her about our dogs and what I we liked regarding looks and personality/traits. We would adopt an adult or a puppy. Whatever felt right for our family.

And not long after, she called, stating she had the perfect dog for us. She was found without identification, wandering around and they had kept her the required amount of time for someone to claim her. And she let us take her home for the weekend to see how she fit in. She is so well behaved, that she had to have been someone's pet and so I asked if they were sure they couldn't locate the owner. She said that so many people just abandon their pets, especially now with this economy.

They called her Beulah. :)

On her paperwork it says German Shepherd/Rottweiler and they figure about 9 months old. I am not so sure about the Rottweiler part as she doesn't seem that she will be as large as either breed, unless she is younger than they are estimating. I see the shepherd markings though and her back is very similar to Bob's. She's pretty. Unlike a shepherd she has slightly droopy eyes, medium sizedfloppy ears and little wrinkles up on her forehead. She has a strong bark and when she gets insistent about what she wants ..she howls kind of like a hound dog. And so I wonder if she has hound in her or do some dogs just do that sometimes? She's both pretty and cute. :)

We called her Bella for a couple of days and then I decided on Faith. Faith because I think it is a positive name. A reminder to have faith that things will work out, faith in God or faith you can succeed. Faith is good to have in your life. Faith. :)

After calling her Faith for awhile, Mr SeaSpray said we should call her Annie for Little Orphan Annie since she was wandering alone out there. I think that would be a great name, Annie ..but we had already been calling her Faith and she was responding. Faith Annie. :)
But it wasn't all smooth sailing on the home front.

Some of you know how I use pot roast to lull Mr SeaSpray into not contesting going out for the Christmas tree. Every year, he knows exactly the day we are going to get the tree and yet acts like I just sprung it on him and will be tearing him away from the Superbowl or something. So, I know he loves meat. And I also know that when he smells the aroma wafting through the house ..especially when he first comes in ..that he is likely to be more agreeable.

So before picking up the dog for the trial weekend, I ran into the store to buy a big pot roast and all the the other food to go with it. The house smelled really good, the roast was perfect ..and he didn't eat any of it. I think he is on to me. I guess it works for Christmas trees, but not living creatures to be responsible for.

And so when he came home from work the next day, he was still annoyed at me and so I apologized and clarified that I could take her back Monday. I told him I vaguely remembered him telling me not to bring a dog home, but maybe I had selective memory about that.

He responded with "Yeah ...I THINK so!"

But after that he seemed fine and it was obvious that he liked her and so on Monday ..I just went up to sign the papers and pay the pound fee. And so the SeaSprays frolicked with Faith all week.

And then this discussion ensued on Sunday morning:

I was surprised to see myself in a disagreement with Mr SeaSpray this morning over the dog.

I had planned to go to the 11 0'clock service, but he was also going to be at his mothers and so I casually asked, "What should we do about the dog?"

"I don't don't know. That's your problem."

"Well, I am going to get a couple of tension baby gates. We need them anyway for the baby."

"I told you I didn't want a dog. I don't want the responsibility."

"What?! We DISCUSSED it when we were in Chris' room last Saturday! Remember? I apologized and all the things I said?"

"I know you like a book. You're shrewd." (at least he didn't say I was a shrew. And I'm NOT.) "You knew bringing her here was getting her in the door and I couldn't say no."

Now we moved from the kitchen into the family room. Voices moderately escalated in response to each other.

"You KNEW I didn't want a dog!"

"But I told you she was a trial. I could have brought her back on Monday.!"

"You KNOW you wouldn't have wanted to!"

"Well yeah ..but I WOULD have!"

"And then I'd have to hear all about it!"

"Well yeah ..I'd be upset ..but I would've brought her back. And so now you see her with RESENTMENT?!"

"I told you I didn't want the responsibility. Now I have to get up and take her out. And clean up the yard."

"Well I am taking her out all the time. You don't have to. Just let me know if I don''t hear her." (I admit, I didn't offer help about the yard) "Besides ...all week have been affectionate with her and coming to me,telling me all the funny things she's done she's one of our KIDS when they were little! And when I tell you funny things, you smile. You LIKE her!"

No answer.

Now the mean time we are having this "discussion" ...I was hearing a gnawing sound. I knew it was her. I knew she was very close to me ..lying on the floor ...just to the left of me ...gnawing something ...really working it. But I was so engrossed in our "discussion", that I never looked to see what she was gnawing on.

Then, after Mr SeaSpray and I settled down, I reached for my cup of coffee and happened to look down at Faith ...and to my utter dismay ...the entire time we had been having said "discussion", she was gnawing on my rocking chair ..the part of the rocker that juts out in the front it can rock.

Mr SeaSpray bought that chair for me when I was very pregnant with our first born son. I wanted to be able to rock him to sleep in his room. And I used it for our second son too. And our granddaughters. And very soon ... we will be have a baby boy as our newest addition into our family. :)

My girlfriend's daughter gnawed on the arm slightly when she was being held, while we were all busy talking. :) It has some other marks and needs a little wood glue on one of the rungs. It has acquired "character" since we gave it a home over thirty years ago. If this chair could talk ...oh the stories it could tell. If being the operative word here. If the chair was not discreet because we all know ..discreet rocking chairs ..don't tell stories. I'm just saying ..and digressing. ;)

I am very sentimental about the chair.

Anyway, Faith (our new dog ..well older puppy), had chewed down into the middle, and splinters of wood were lying all around the the damaged part of the rocker. I can't believe I didn't look down at her even one time. *Sigh!* And I think MrSeaSpray was secretly amused. I saw the glint in his eye.

Then he said "It's old anyway."

"Old?"! I then proceeded to tell him why it is important to me.

I think I can sand it ..not sure. And put some kind of stain on it, but I won't be able to get it to look as good or match. It won't be the same as the other side. I suppose it will be a funny story someday, that I will tell with the same fondness I have occasionally told people how my dear friend's daughter chewed on the arm of the chair. Heck ..I already am with this post! :)

So ...instead of getting into the shower, I was caught up in this "discussion" and now there would not be time to go to church. I walked back into the kitchen to get a second cup of coffee. MrSeaSpray came in and asked, "Aren't you going to church?"

"Church? After our fight, I don't have time to get ready to go to church."

"We didn't fight."

"What?! YES we did!"

No answer.

So ...we did our separate things for the next few minutes. Then, before he left ..he gave me an extra hug before he totally let go of me.

I am going to bake him some Thanksgiving Pumpkin cookies, so he can snack on them during football or whenever if he wants too. I actually made up a basket of them for church Friday afternoon and he was disappointed I wasn't leaving any for home too. I usually do, but I wanted to fill the basket I was using.
Update - 18:00:- he was absolutely enjoying the dog when she jumped up on the couch with him and was cracking up when she kept trying to lick his face. He likes her. She has this amazing personality. :)

Update -November 29th: We are all in love with this wonderful dog ...including Mr SeaSpray. Son's friends, our relatives and my friends ..all really take to her. And we even let her on our furniture and bed. We just don't do that, but there is something about her that just wins us over ..completely ...almost like sI think she would be a good therapy dog to bring into the nursing homes. And she is s-o-o-o playful. She lives to play. She takes your hand in her mouth and gently mouths it. Not sure why she does that. But she never bites down hard. She does the funniest things and even seems to talk to us when she wants us to play and we don't want to at the moment. Faith is also cute, pretty, gentle, smart, obedient and just so many things that most people would want in a dog. Not the chewing though. She got MrSeaSpray's slipper and one of my shoes, a baby rattle, cat toys and other things. I constantly have to take things from her.

But, she also loves to play with her toys. She's hilarious when she tossed things in the air for herself and runs around with them. She's brought a lot of joy and laughter into our home. And healing too.

Faith is so special feels like she was hand picked by God just for us. :)

P.S. And this past weekend ... Mr SeaSpray put a furry cat ears headband on her to show me. He has never done that with any other pet. He laughs at all of her of her antics.

Need I say more?

I rest my case.

He LIKES her. I bet he already loves her. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why It Would be Fun to Work in a Urology Office - Best Word Ever! :)

Ha ha! As I was reading through the material about the psoas hitch surgery, it occurred to me why it would be fun to work in a urology office.

Forget the fact that most people hope to work with great co-workers, docs and staff, that it could be in an aesthetically pleasing work environment, the work would be interesting, salary competitive and appreciated and I could be a support and encouragement to the patients, because I have been through a few things myself. Forget all that.

This SeaSpray has priorities.


Okay ...admittedly, I don't even know what a ureteroureterostomy is ...not exactly anyway. And I don't care. That was the skim through part. besides's not a prerequisite to know the meaning of the word in order to like it ...and like it.. I do. I was so taken with the word, that the meaning pales by comparison. :)

In reading the material hit me ... THE REAL reason I would enjoy working in a urology office is that I would get to say words like:


I saw a longer uro word once, but don't recall what it was.

But I especially love URETEROURETEROSTOMY. :)

Go ahead say it.

Say it out loud. Try whispering "ureterouretrostomy." Fun huh? It's fun supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (sp?) Its fun like reading a Dr Seuss book out loud ..especially the ABC Dr Seuss book. You can read or sing or read AND sing that book. I do both. I do so love Dr Seuss ...I do ..I do ..I do Dr Seuss ...I DO! But not as much as saying ... ... ...


After first hearing the word, ureteroureterostomy ...I imagined naming a new dog URETEROURETEROSTOMY... just so I could say the word often. Ha!

"Good Ureteroureterostomy! Bad Ureteroureterostomy! Come Ureteroureterostomy! Her name is Ureterureterostomy. Oh spell Ureterureterostomy this way..."U-r-e-t-e-r-o-s-t-o-m-y - URETEROURETEROSTOMY!", Go get it Ureteroureterostomy! Bring it back Ureteroureterostomy!, Drop it Ureteroureterostomy!! I love you Ureteroureterostomy. Ureteroureterostomy is a GOOD girl! URETEROURETERO-S-T-O-M-Y-Y-Y-Y... come back here!"

Of course it might be hard to fit on her name tag, food dish or Christmas stocking.

It would be so much fun at work being able to say the uro words. So much fun that I would think I should pay THEM!

"I'm calling to precert for the upcoming ureteroureterostomy." "Mr Smith, here is the paperwork for your ureteroureterostomy." "Hey Mr Smith do you feel since the ureteroureterostomy?" "Do you need help spelling ureterureterostomy?" And for the big guns ..pluralizing the word .."Hey Doc did your ureteroureterostomies go?" "How many ureteroureterostomies are scheduled this week?"

"Oh ..I see, this patient is having a ureteroureterostomy."

"Code for ureteroureterostomy - 50760.

Even better, code for
ureteroenterostomy with ureteroureterostomy or ureteroneocystostomy - 50830."

"God forbid, the patient has complications s/p ureteroureterostomy."

I ask you ...could coding possibly be any more fun? Especially while perusing the uro codes? :)

Coding for the emergency department and outpatients wasn't THIS much fun!

And speaking of fun..."I'm thinking of a 19 letter urology word that begins with a "u" and ends with a "y". Any guesses? Good for you! URETEROURETEROSTOMY!

Also, it occurs to this SeaSpray ...that team players are considered to be valuable assets to the corporation. Well what better way to demonstrate being a team player then rallying the staff should things become a bit dull around the office ..perhaps for both employee and patient inspiration (participation encouraged :) :

"Give me a U, give me an R, give me an E, give me a T,E! Give me an R, give me an O, give me a U, give me an R,E! Give me T, give me an E, Give me an R, give me an O,S! Give me a T, Give me an O, give me an M-M-M, Y!"

To office staff: "What does that spell?!"


To waiting room patients: "What does that spell?! "


To staff and patients: "What does that spell?! "


"All together now!"


You know ... there really is nothing like a hearty cheer to encourage team spirit, get the blood going, which is particularly invigorating for that late afternoon slump time a-n-d with the added benefit of conveying to the patients that the medical staff is on their team ...cheering them on to victoriously overcoming their medical obstacles. Power of suggestion, can do spirit and all. I'm just saying. :)
photo credit

And as some of you already know ...I have been avoiding the reconstructive ureteral repair surgery. But ...if urodoc tells me that it includes the ureteroureterostomy ...well then I certainly will reconsider ..because ..well ..just imagine ...for the rest of my life ..I could say "And when they did the ureteroureterostomy... Back in the day when they did the ureteroureterostomy. Or I know how you feel about having the ureteroureterostomy ...but I have found that once you have the ureteroureterostomy, you will feel so much better and for the rest of your life ..if you want to will have a good reason to say ..ureteroureterostomy." Now ..THAT might tip the scales - pro surgery. :)

As you can see ...any excuse to say the word ...ureteroureterostomy, would suffice.

Conversely, I wouldn't want to work in a gastro office. I always meant to do a post on that. I have a partial anti-gastroenterology post sitting in drafts. And I really appreciate gastroenterologists everywhere - thank God for them!

***I have a really nice gastroenterologist I've used for the dreaded "C" ending in "PY" word ...but like I said ..that is another post. :)

However, for this post ..just saying the word "GASTROENTEROLOGY" ...well ..WHERE ...I ask you ...WHERE is the FUN in saying THAT?! "Gastroenterology." ?? Need I say more?

But ...URETEROURETEROSTOMY ...well ...that just FLOWS right out. (Pun intended. ;)

While looking for a photo, I found an interesting link regarding ureteral robotic surgery- NYU Langone Medical Ctr

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My 4th Blogaversary (November 13th) - Past, Present and Future

Yesterday was my 4th blogaversary already. Wow ..time does fly when you're having fun. :)

That being said ...I am having a hard time blogging lately. I find myself second guessing what I write. I wonder if it's interesting to others or funny? I wonder if my writing about reality ...but shifting gears into what I think is humorous fiction is as funny to you as it is to me? Or do y'all think, "That girl needs to talk to someone!" ??? ;)

Aside from the fact that I have enjoyed writing as far back as second grade, this blog has been cathartic for me in dealing with some medical issues ..more specifically ..the urology issues. Although ..I've vented about the other appointments, procedures too.

And speaking of venting ...sometimes the crazier the fantasy ...the more I am blowing off steam regarding something else. Hey some people get high or drunk ...I write a story. Or maybe it is an undiagnosed ADHD kicking in. ?? ;) Okay and I do have a zany imagination sometimes.

Like JD in Scrubs ...he is always imagining crazy scenarios ...well, sometimes I am like that when I write. And then I worry because I have mentioned Bajingoland and turquoise glitter, Throckmortons - okay the Throckmorton salad bar test(Thank you Trench Doc) is forever one of the funniest things ever :) and the girls and things like that and lots of urine posts, that maybe it gives the wrong impression and I certainly do not mean to do that. Although ...I really do have pretty sparkling whizzie winkles ...just ask my urologists. ;) See ..I can't help it - it just comes out ..not the pretty whizzie winkles (well they do too when the plumbing is working right ..hmmm and um when it's not.), but my goofy humor. It just ties into some crazy thing that happened or I was influenced by.

I was 15 years old the first time I wrote something humorous. It was for my sophomore English class. True to form -my being a last minute ..under the wire girl and all ...I was writing it the night before the short story was due. And actually was one of the saddest days in my teenage life because a boy had broken up with me that afternoon and I was crushed. No explanation. But he was 4 yrs older ...already in college and had to come up on the weekends from Queens to the Lake to see me. I say that with adult insight and maybe a couple of other thoughts about it too. He wanted to stay friends and we did.

I was inconsolable. Again ..with adult insight looking back ...I think I was also crushed because my Mom had sent me away live up here with her brother only 10 months earlier and no doubt that rejection triggered what was a monumental sense of rejection and loss deep within me ...even though I wasn't aware of any of the psychological implications. No Phil Donahue/Oprah or Dr Phils to enlighten in 1970.

I cried all day. I also went to a friends house in another lake and then stayed to have dinner with them. Afterward, I decided to write my English assignment. So there I was at their dining room table with the family activities all around me and a broken heart.

I wrote a comedy.

I wish I could remember it all.

It was called "The L.A.D.S."

That was the acronym for the "Life After Death Society", and the story took place in heaven. I remember there was a heavy set angel named Horace and there were also people. Food was non caloric. And there was a banquet table set up and there was humorous conversation between the angels and humans - new arrivals to heaven. And they were eating.

Unfortunately, I don't remember most of it.

We all had to read our stories for the class. I read mine. The teacher laughed. The class laughed. And I was happy they liked it. After I finished, the teacher enthusiastically told me I got an A on it and that she really liked it. Then she asked me if she could have it. I never saw it again. I wish I had thought to ask for it back or at least for her to make a copy and give it back. She never told me what she did with it and I didn't even think to ask. I forgot about it.

That was the last time I wrote anything humorous until I wrote a long ..but funny poem for our anniversary one year back in the late 70s. And then not until I began blogging in 2006. But, over the years ...I have written in journals, notebooks and on napkins or anything that would allow me to write a thought down. I am slowly but surely getting things cleaned out as I do this major cleaning out and organizing task and it has been interesting to read things I wrote years ago and to see how things have changed ..or haven't.

And it really helped me to write about my mother ...when she became ill and then declined while in the nursing home and even after her death. It was truly cathartic. And many of you were supportive either in the comments or and/or e-mail and it meant a lot to me.

Blogging has been a most positive experience and I have grown through it as well. I've also enjoyed reading and commenting in your blogs, although I have am behind in that right now too.

I don't know why I keep second guessing myself regarding the posts I write lately ...but here I am already thinking of not posting this one. Maybe it is a sign that I should take a major break from it. And I do have some personal distractions right now.

Anyway ...four years ...a lot has happened in these last four years.

Blogging is here to stay with me. I do love it. And in the end ...I guess we bloggers are really writing for ourselves. But is is fun to know other people enjoy your writing too. Actually ..I think it's amazing! Thank you to those of you who have followed my blog. Welcome to the new readers.

May we all have many more blogoversaries to come. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

35 Years Ago...

<span class=

Wow! Thirty Five years married ...35.

We were married on a rainy, Saturday afternoon. October 25th, 1975 at 2pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Franklin ..the church my husband grew up in be exact.

Well actually was supposed to be at 2pm and everyone was waiting ...and waiting ..and waiting. Mr SeaSpray and the ushers were up front at the alter. The guests were all seated. Everyone was waiting ...I am guessing ...wondering where I was....

I was disappointed it was so gloomy and rainy... but I was so excited and happy ...filled with expectant anticipation. Others were nervous and I was not. Not even an ounce of nervousness. Just looking forward to the great day ahead.

While I was getting my hair done, the beautician told me it was good luck if it rained on my wedding day. I still would've taken my chances with the sunshine though. Although I liked the thought. :)

And it was pouring when we had to leave and I had a satin dress and so spots showed. My Aunt Janet told me not to sit on my dress.

So we were all inside, before 2pm.

We were all there. My Aunt and Uncle and the bridesmaids.

My life long friend , since I was four and she was five ...Iris, was my matron of honor. I had been her maid of honor the previous year. My cousin Lee, and friend Joyce were my bridesmaids. My Uncle Hector was giving me away. He was Lee's father. He and Aunt Janet took me into their home to live when I was 14. They gave me a wonderful home life. They gave me our wedding.

So we were all standing there and I was as happy as could be and as cool as a cucumber. No nervousness whatsoever.

And then Aunt Janet yelled at me. "PATRICIA! I TOLD you NOT to sit on your wedding dress. It's all WRINKLED now!"

Then I cried. Fortunately, my tears were brief. I was just wanting to walk down the aisle ...but there we stood ... for what seemed an eternity. I think it was 10- 15 minutes past the hour and my aunt and uncle were getting annoyed. Then ...finally uncle opened the vestibule door to see what the hold up was. The little old man, that worked for the church ...forgot to open the vestibule doors. Or was it that my uncle ...or someone should've thought to open them just a crack let the little old man know we were all there ...ready and waiting? And we did have a wedding rehearsal the night before, but I don't recall that end of it. Evidently none of us did. :)

I felt exhilarated while walking down the aisle and I remember all the smiling faces ...but most of all ...I remember Mr SeaSpray. :) He later told me he thought I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I was only 20 and he was 24. We had dated 3 years to the month and then there we were ...sharing our wedding day. :)

They say something always goes wrong at a wedding ...even though you plan. My bridal bouquet was supposed to be trailing a bit more and was shorter than I had picked out. My cousin's basket was filled too high and when she shifted while standing ..the water leaked out onto the floor. An our neighbors had a car accident on the way to the reception. Thankfully they were alright, but never made it up to the reception.

I was so disappointed to learn that the free lance photographer only had 7 wedding pictures to present to us for our photo album. 7! It turned out that the synchronization of his flash was off and the pictures didn't turn out and the color was off in some of the pictures he did have.

Other people that took pictures gave us copies, but oddly many of them had problems with their cameras. Ha ha! I guess we broke the cameras!

I just found these very small, poor quality pictures in a drawer while organizing on Sunday and thought I'd share them. They blurred with enlargement.

<span class=
Mr SeaSpray's mother standing next to me and his grandmother next to him.

<span class=

Our first dance was to the song by Chicago, "Color My World" and the lyrics are as follows:

As time goes on
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now
Now that you're near
Promise your love
That I've waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you

It wasn't my favorite song, but was popular at the time. The idea actually came from a coworker. I would've chosen something different for sure ... if I had known the band only played instrumental music.

Anyone familiar with the song, knows how repetitive the music is ..over and over again...and dancing to that seemed so monotonous. It just was not the song to choose without the lyrics being sung. My Aunt and Uncle chose the band because one of the guy's parents was friends with the family. His parents and my mother and Aunt and Uncles all knew each other from childhood and so it was a given his band would be picked. And they were good ...except they didn't sing. Actually ..he paid his way through med school playing in that band and became an Obstetrician in a larger hospital not far from here. I didn't know him well, but had always liked him when we met at family barbecues. And they did a great job at our wedding. It was a fun night.

We had our reception in the Glen Brook Inn, up in Wantage. It was a rustic restaurant, lots of wood and cathedral ceilings and it was a popular place with weddings at the time, but not as expensive as Perona Farms and some other places. And I just LOVED that the bridal party table was located right in front of the large windows taking up almost the entire back wall, from which we could see the fall foliage, mixed with pine and cedar trees and especially the beautiful brook coursing through the rocks at the base of the mountain. It was beautiful ...creating the perfect setting for our fall wedding reception. And there were lights illuminating the brook at night.

The ambiance was warm and cozy for a chilly fall night. Good food, sharing our joy with family and friends and lots of dancing. And my Uncle Jim seemed to take special delight in clanking his utensil on the glasses ...just as we had a mouth full of food. He had that impish grin every time ...knowing we'd have to rush to finish the food so we could kiss while every one joined in and watched us. My mother always said I was a tease like my Uncle Jim. She was right. I definitely have some of his genes in me. :)

<span class=

Encouraged by our guests and Uncle Jim's genes, I intentionally shoved a big piece of cake in Mr SeaSpray's mouth. ;)
<span class=

Mr SeaSpray on the other hand was gentle about it. :)


Mr SeaSpray's aunt an uncle stopped at our houses so we could change out of our wedding attire, before heading to Newark to catch a plane. Just as we got into the car when leaving his house ...his little 7 year old cousin, Jackie ... no doubt prompted by his uncle ... hollered out, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Funny! Obviously he didn't know what he was saying. :)

We honeymooned in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

We didn't stay in the fancy hotel on the Island, but in a small motel ..The Beach Inn. It was pretty. My favorite thing about the motel was that our room had large sliding doors that opened up to white sand, palm and casuarina trees, our own little beach hut away from the sun and a view of the ocean. It was amazing to step outside our door and have all of this as our back yard. We practically had the beach to ourselves all week. Most people were located closer to the outdoor bar and restaurant. I loved the French cuisine at night. :)

About mid week there was a hurricane in the area and so we did have a couple of days of winds, rain and rough water. But the rough water was more exciting and we could body surf better. The rain didn't bother us since we were already wet from swimming. :) Now ...I would never go in water like that because I know there could be strong currents caused by the storm system, that could drag a person out to sea. Ignorance is bliss.

The movie Jaws had just come out 2 months earlier and I admit that it did unnerve me a bit and I did think about it when I was in the water I am sure many ocean swimmers did at the time. :)

There was so much to do, including going into Nassau. We had so much fun. It was the perfect honeymoon location for a SeaSpray. :)

And I checked with Mr SeaSpray to see if I could say the following and he was alright with it.

Last ...but not least. Mr SeaSpray and I had some real rocky times in our marriage and it was hanging by a thread for many years. We are living proof that you can work through your problems and come out even better on the other side of the storm. Thank God we did. :)

We are still very opposite in personality. We will sometimes see things so differently's astounding. :) And we still have our same crazy making traits for each other. But I say that with love. He would agree. I think with maturity ...we've become more accepting and definitely more appreciative. And it sounds cliche to say ...but when you experience loss of loved ones, health and other challenges wakes you up to what is most important and you can come through stronger and appreciative of the good things. And maybe that is the key ...APPRECIATE the good things. And even though we have definite differences in personality ...we do share the same core values, i.e. family, faith in God and other things important to us as a couple. And ...we also have our separate times ...where we do our own thing. And we communicate better than when we were newly weds.

We have two wonderful sons and a dear d-i-l. Older son and his wife have blessed our family with two beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way. The perfect Christmas present! :)

I have also been blessed to be a part of his family. They are my family too. I always joked that marrying into his family was like marrying in to the Waltons, so large and loving. :)

* I wish I had time to pull out some other pictures. Of course blogger's remorse may cause me to take all of them down. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't You Just LOVE a *GREAT* Idea?!! :),pink-db97e708a6d02abcc3cc8c10c9b6fa8c_m.jpg
Photo Credit

In recognition of October being breast cancer awareness month, I am putting up 2 "Pink Glove Dance" videos that support the cause of fighting and overcoming this disease. Hopefully a cure for all cancers will soon be discovered, rendering it a disease of the past. My heart goes out to all cancer patients and their loved ones. To all the medical workers and support people who's work puts them on the front lines of helping patients battling cancer them ...I say "Thank you."

The original video was shot at St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. And now there is a sequel to the original which hospital staff and breast cancer survivors in various medical facilities from all over the country are dancing in their Pink Glove attire. :)

The smiles and enthusiasm of the performing hospital staff and cancer survivors is contagious! You'll want to get right up and join them ..Pink Gloves and all. I do!

So here is the original Pink Glove Dance video:

And here is the sequel Pink Glove Dance:


Also is a link to "Pressing Breast Facts" in the Jill of All Trades, MD blog.

4 the point ..breast cancer facts.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Word Search ..the Big ...

Some friends and I got together for lunch in a local restaurant.

One of them ..aside from being a teacher a Longaberger rep and has hosted many parties for this group of friends and myself. We have all been avid collectors of the Longaberger products ...baskets, pottery and wrought iron. And all the things that go with the baskets such as fabric liners, tie ons, wooden lids and so many other things. But it is expensive, especially when you add tax and S&H.

I love this product. I feel happy ... a pleased feeling when ever I use the baskets or the pottery, etc. It's aesthetically pleasing and reminds me of home and hearth. :)

If you have something you collect ...and you feel that satisfied or even excited feeling when you are near it ..handle it or are going to add to your collection understand my feelings.

I have so many baskets and most are functional and so I do get to use them. I have 2 regular dish sets ...traditional woven blue and paprika and then the Nature's Garland Christmas dishes and accompanying accessories( linens, glasses, candles, etc.). I'm crazy about the stuff I tell ya! :)

I love to use these baskets when I bring food to people.

They go up in value after the items are discontinued, although I would never part with mine and want to pass them down to my family. I hope that they will have some good memories when they see the baskets years from now.

However ..since I haven't been working ...buying it is a luxury that I have not indulged in for awhile now.

So... today, as we were about to leave friend gave me the current fall/winter catalogs along with holiday fliers. My favorite Longaberger time of year is for the Fall-Christmas items and so I always had a party in October. House all decorated for harvest, amber candle lights in windows , food, mulled cider and good company for a fun evening. Oh and fabulous hostess credit thanks to friends and family.

Anyway I said's been awhile.

I got so excited when she handed me the catalogs and fliers that I held them close to my chest and basically just hugged them like I'd never let go. :) And I got this rush ..tingly feeling from the center of my chest and shooting out my arms. I joked that I felt almost giddy (still holding the books close) and felt tingly and was groping for another word.

Without missing a beat of my other friends said ... "SeaSpray, I believe the word your looking for is ORGASM!" Ha ha! Too funny!

So I told them they'd know what I was doing tonight! I would be cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and Longaberger ... fantasizing about my wish list! ;)

And I will be ..after Dancing With the Stars and a little blogging. :)

By the way ... if you watch Dancing With the Stars ...don't you just wish you were on that dance floor doing the tango? I DO!