Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Revenge - Part IV and V (includes I, II, and III links)

Birthday revenge by you.
Birthday revenge by you.

The board/birthday sign was at least twice the size of what is shown and pretty high. The pictures don't do it justice. The flashing lights were bright! :)

Birthday Revenge - Part IV

This is the final post in the birthday revenge set. This post will be about my birthday revenge surprise for one of my dear friends ..Debbie, aka Pstamper. Her 40th birthday was 5 months after mine. I must admit that I was very much looking forward to payback. :)

Here is what caused me to go all out after Birthday Revenge Part-I and Birthday Revenge Part II and III if you would like to read from the beginning... to see why I so very much was looking forward to a little pay back. :)

I began my little project the week before her birthday. On the last night I worked in registration that week, I asked the ER staff if they could please make a banner for me because they had the printer paper.

"WILD PARTY TONIGHT! COME ONE, COME ALL! FAVORS FREE!!!" with a picture of Tango dancers at the end. :)

Then on Saturday night, I went down to a local store called Rockaway Sales. It was a small store that had a little of everything and everything I wanted that night for my little plan.

I bought a paint brush, black paint, nails and a 100 light strand of white Christmas lights. :)

Later that night, after Mr SeaSpray and younger son went to bed (older son wasn't home) ... I went out to the shed to find the big wooden board that I knew we had. I waited until Mr SeaSpray went to bed because I didn't want him to tell me I shouldn't do it.

I knew he knew all about their pranks on me and that he heard me talk about doing *something* for pay back for Debbie's upcoming 40th birthday ... but I also knew that if he saw me come in with the board, a hammer, nails, paint and paintbrush and that the prank involved electricity..he would not have thought it was a good idea. And ..I knew that once he saw the completed project coupled with my enthusiasm ..he'd acquiesce ... knowing I was determined to see it through in all it's glory and in good fun ..of course.. :)

So, I carried the board and supplies into the house. I moved the chairs around the table out of the way and placed the board on top of the table. I began painting the birthday message on the board. You can plainly see from these pictures that art is not my strong suit. I made a whole bunch of mistakes while painting. Hence the letters and their placement look just a bit weird. :)
Birthday revenge by you.


She was really turning 40 and so now with the "43", the neighbors could think *she* was 3 years older than she really was ...and think she looks great for her age. (She does :)

I also played around with her name and turned it into something to infer "GEEZER" although she certainly wasn't an elderly man. :)

But now looking at that picture it looks like GiESHA and someone driving by might've thought in Geisha Girl!

Birthday revenge

Put GiEsha together with the computer sign and one might have thought Geisha favors!!! LOL!!! Up close you can see GiESER ends in "ER" but maybe not when driving by. Hahahahaha!

I don't know why, but I do like to hammer nails and so I enjoyed hammering every nail in ..all the way around the board. And I was quite pleased with how it was evolving. Heh heh. :) There were a lot of nails and I was afraid Mr SeaSpray would hear the noise and wake up, but he didn't. I got a bit over zealous and hammered one nail into the new table ..but not too badly. I eased up after that and was careful to pull the board over the edge of the table.

After the nails were in was time for the best part ...the white Christmas lights! I ran the string of lights all the way around the board, weaving them in between the nails to hook them to the board. I set the lights to twinkle mode so they'd light up like a Vegas show sign. I plugged them in and turned the lights out.

PERFECT!! This would attract attention to the sign, I LOVED it and could hardly wait to carry out my plan. :)
Birthday Revenge - Part V

I don't remember if I set it up on the following Monday or Tuesday night. But at that time, Debbie was working part time in the same hospital I worked at and since she was in my department..I knew her hours and I knew she would get out at 7pm that night.

Mr SeaSpray ended up being my accomplice in crime because he had to find all the heavy duty power cords for me, but that's as far as he went. I did all the hooking up.

But first I went to talk with Debbie's husband. I thought I should tell him what I was doing so he wouldn't be surprised if he saw me setting these things at up the end of his yard. I also asked him if I could put an additional sign (ER nurse made it for me) up on their garage window so that her lights would shine on it when she pulled into the driveway. I think it said Surprise and Happy Birthday! ..but not sure exactly. He gave me permission. :)

So I went back home and walked all the way back with the big board. I went back, plugged the power cords into a power source at our house and then ran the cords down to her property. Then I went back home and grabbed 2 chairs to place with the sign ..and I went home again to get the pack of ENSURE and my video camera. In retrospect it would've been better to drive the stuff over instead of doing all the back and forth.
I just knew she'd appreciate the ensure for a birthday gift! After all ..she was simply delighted to not only conspire and work with neighbors and husband to put the over the hill banner and balloons on our fence..but then to personally deliver an "over the hill" mug and geriatric type coupons the next morning. LOL! ;)

I plugged the lights in and they lit up in the dark fabulously! A definite attention getter. :) I then leaned the sign against the chair and then strung up the banner... attaching it to both the tree and the sign. Then I set up the other chair and placed that closer to the road and placed the ensure on top of that so she could see it easily when she turned into her road.

I positioned the sign just right to maximize it's visibility and it was *VISIBLE*... most definitely VISIBLE. The lights were a nice touch. :)

So now it was time to hide and I chose to hide across the street in the middle of my neighbor's evergreen tree. It was the perfect camouflage ...although somewhat prickly. And it was a very cold night ...and windy. It felt like the cold was whipping right through me and my hands were cold because I didn't think to bring any gloves. But I had a hood to put up and being inside the tree helped to block the chilling wind. It was the perfect spot because I could catch her coming down the road and in her driveway and with zoom was perfect. It's great when a plan comes together. :)

What was was not perfect that I assumed she would be home by a certain time. I knew how long it takes to get home and planned accordingly ... but I didn't allow for stopping off somewhere or anything that might detain her. So, it felt like I was in the tree for a long time and I was getting really cold. At least I had the tree surrounding me..blocking the worst of the wind chill.

And then the moment arrived..she was driving down the road toward her house. I turned the camera on and captured her drive down the road. LOL! The closer she got to her property ..the more she slowed down... until she was just creeping forward with her car. Then she stopped midway as she turned into her road. Just stopped. Her car was halfway on one road and halfway on another road and now it wasn't moving.

I continued filming.

I wondered what she was doing. I figured she was processing what she was seeing and possibly afraid to go home, into her house. After a couple of minutes, she continued on her road and pulled into the driveway.

I continued filming.

She sat in her car.

I continued filming.

Then finally ..she opened the car door and got out ...but she just stood in her driveway with her legs apart, facing her garage. She didn't move.

I could easily see her because the spotlight was shining down on her as she just stood there looking at the sign on the garage window. She looked so cute!

I wondered what she was thinking and thought that she might have been wondering what was going on in her house and was perhaps afraid to go in. At that point ..I just couldn't contain my laughter and exploded with laughter from inside the tree ...across the street behind her. She turned around and I got out of the tree and walked over to her ..laughing the entire walk over to her.

I don't remember all of what she said, but she was a good sport about it and I imagine relieved it was just me... being the prankster. :) We walked back out to the lights and looked at it all again. She did say that when she first turned onto the road, that from the other end it looked like a fire. Then she thought maybe her husband put up some kind of Christmas lights and she wondered if he lost his mind. LOL!

Anyway, for 3 more nights... like clockwork, I turned the lights to her birthday sign on.. as if they were Christmas lights and I left them on pretty late. I've always loved Christmas lights. :)

She was definitely a good sport about that. :)

Also... it never occurred to me that running a power cord on a road, across a road might not be the safest thing to do know ..where cars drive over it. Is that some sort of zoning or electrical violation? Even the cops never interfered. They had to have seen it because they drive down our roads all the time and at that time there were 3 that lived in the area.

Ahhh ... I ask you ...what are friends for if not to taunt and tease you every now and then? ;)


StorytellERdoc said...

Mrs. SeaSpray! Glad to have you back and writing! And awesome post! You captured the moment your friend pulled into the driveway perfectly! Good thinking to get it on film, too. I was cracking up through the whole post--you must be a good friend.

Enjoy your weekend.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - I lost my writing mojo for a bit..but does feel good to put a post up in here. It warms my heart to hear you appreciated the humor. :)

You have a good weekend too. :)