Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birthday Revenge Pt II and Pt III

Birthday Revenge - Part II

The first part of this little birthday revenge series was about my decorating with black balloons and streamers for Mr SeaSpray's 40th birthday.. but it backfired because no one seemed to think it was funny. And my neighbor and dear friend thought it was so awful that I would do such a thing (can't help it ..but that still makes me laugh :) and she threatened me with putting tombstones all over our yard on my 40th birthday. That threat amused me greatly and I imagined the fun I'd have in retaliating with tombstones all over her yard. You know ..that whole payback is a biatch thing. I'd never have thought of tombstones but she did threaten me with them. :)

Well ... I was only 36 on Mr SeaSpray's 40th birthday. I was turning 35 that coming June.

So I had 4 years and 3 months before she'd get the opportunity to teach me a lesson... or so I thought.

Donna didn't waste anytime.

First of all .. I am amused that she thought about it for 3 months. She evidently decided she wouldn't wait 4 years and 3 months until my 40th birthday. Oh no. Donna decided she would make it my 40th birthday on my 36th birthday! Not only that ...but she saw to it that all the neighbors that didn't know me well would also think it was my 40th birthday ..when I was only turning 36. She aged me by four years. Who was cruel now? ;)

It was the evening of my THIRTY SIXTH birthday and I was waiting for family to come over. I was in the kitchen getting food ready. I walked over to the sink and just happened to look up and to my great surprise as I looked out the window toward the road... what did I see ???


I was surprised and thought "What is she up to? This is the pay back." Then I began to chuckle as I watched her for a minute.

She had put up a long strip of brown butcher block paper along our fence rails. I don't remember exactly (have pictures somewhere), but I think it was the length of 2 long rails ..about 20 feet all total. I think it is 10 feet between the posts. There she was crouched down with a bucket of red paint beside her. She was busily painting with a four inch paint brush, which is pretty broad when used for painting words.

I couldn't stand it. I had to see what she was doing and so I bolted out the door to check it out. I cracked up! She laughed too but was disappointed I saw it before she was done. So I said I'd look later as I was getting ready for company. I was thoroughly amused. I was also thinking about how I would get back at her..but her birthday wasn't for another10 months. :)

Then when J's family arrived... I noticed they had stopped and were staring at the fence. They weren't laughing. But as I already said ..they are very quiet in nature. I was wondering what she wrote though since I had only seen part of it.

So I walked out to them and said that Donna was playing a joke on me.

LOL! In bright red letters painted with a 4inch brush on brown butcher block paper, about 10 or 20 feet long said:


I could've fallen on the street laughing but instead escorted bewildered family inside. I explained it was payback for the black balloons and she didn't like that I did that with Mr SeaSpray.

My mother knew Donna well and did get a chuckle out of it.

The "FREE FAVORS" thing was hilarious since that could've been taken another way and I know that is exactly how she meant it. :)

I left it up for a few days. :)

Ha! I wonder if the neighbors really do think I am 4 years older than I am? Well then maybe they think I look good for my age. ;)

If I ever find the pictures ..I will put them up. :)

I never did get back at her because she had something very sad happen in her life later that year, and the last thing I would've wanted to do was add anything to it. But oh boy..if that didn't happen .. she would've woken up to tombstones here..tombstones there ..tombstones, tombstones everywhere...AND black streamers and balloons... AND anything else I could think of. :)
Birthday Revenge - Part III

Now you'd think that was enough for her ..that she got back at me... but oh no ..not at all. And this time ...she enlisted the help of Pstamper and her husband! :)

This time it was my 40th birthday and the day of older son's graduation party. We had a big barbecue for him that day with friends and family. I don't recall why ..but my car was parked out front.

Later that night ..around 10 pm or so ... I decided to go get the car and park it back in the driveway. So as I got closer to the car ...I heard something and saw some scurrying of some sort and when I got up was just Donna and Passionstamper's husband ...Mr Passionstamper.

I might not have thought much about it ..but they were acting all weird. I don't recall exactly, but they were fumbling for why they were out there together the dark in front of our fence. Donna said something like "We were taking a WALK together! We just happened to run in to each other out here and decided to take a WALK!" In my mind all she had to do was add "yeah that's it ..yeah ..yeah that's it! we were taking a WALK together!", and then I really would've believed her...NOT.

I quickly concluded it was one of two possibilities... either they were having an affair and our fence was the rendezvous point ..or Donna was up to her shenanigans again and they are doing something to my fence again ..this time for my real 40th birthday. I knew it had to be the latter. And I thought I had seen someone else dart out of the way.

So ...I pretended I didn't know what they were up too, got the car and went back inside. but then around 1am, I couldn't stand it any more and even though everyone was sleeping .. I grabbed a flashlight and went out to look at it.

They had put up a long black and silver "Over the Hill" banner on the fence. I don't recall what else..I think some balloons. I took pics the next day and will show them sometime too. :)

Mrs Passionstamper was in on it too and she was on a roll. The next morning she came over to give me my birthday gifts. She stamped an "over the hill" mug and gave me a bunch of geriatric type coupons she had cut out just for the occasion. For ensure, dentures, depends ,etc. LOL!

I left the banner on the fence for a few days. Maybe some of those neighbors that were thinking I was 4 years older now thought I was 4 years younger real age. oh wait ..only if the banner or something on the fence said 40th birthday. Ha ha! Or else they then thought I was 44! LOL!

As fate would have it ..the next 40th birthday to be celebrated was Pstampers... 5 months later. Heh ..heh.. and it would be PAY BACK time!! :)

And so Part IV will be about the birthday revenge ...surprise I set up for Pstamper on her 40th birthday. I will put the other picture up with that post. Even filmed it.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm glad you guys have fun.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - We do. :)

Happy New Year to you and Fire Guy! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Thank you. I wish the same to you and Mr. Seaspray.

StorytellERdoc said...

You are a good friend, a good family member, and a good spirit to make so much fun. Great post and writing...really enjoyed it!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Angel. :)

I hope all is well. Are you hunkered down all cozy inside during this frigid weather?

So pretty outside with the snow. It's been a great winter for snow lovers. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - You are such an encouraging spirit.. a much needed quality in people.

Yes.. I'm blessed to have such good family and friends/fun loving spirits in my life. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Pretty much hunkered down, as you say. It looks like a snow globe out there today.

Your new friend is killing me with his posts. This last one, yikes! One of the worst things I've had to do is suctioning someone on a respirator, while they are battling an upper respiratory infection. It was a long double shift. Worse for them and I kept that in mind. Still, I can take some things, but like Ramona's tuna fish weakness...sputum is mine.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Remember...that was what was *probably* in my mouth ..compliments of the Kentucky Fried Chicken worker? Don't know if I should have but I left links for those posts on his blog.

He is definitely one of the TOP med bloggers out there. And so thoughtful and encouraging too.

I've been questioning my ability to write anything interesting and perhaps I hit my peek with this blog but his encouraging words have renewed my spirit regarding writing.

It must be gross to suction. Interesting to me that one of the readers would rather deal with merconium, etc. vs sputum. Guess we all have our calling. ;)

What is Ramona's aversion to tuna fish about. It's my favorite sandwich. :)

Snow globe - that's a pretty image. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I can understand them choosing meconium over sputum.

Suctioning down through a trach when the patient has a URI is not pleasant for anyone. I feel for the patient that can't breath until you get in and get out of there. That has got to be an awful feeling. You certainly don't dawdle.

Don't serve tuna fish sandwiches to Ramona! She had a post up about it some time ago now. You might find it in her older posts.

SeaSpray said...

I'll have to check it out or ask her. Must be pretty bad if she has an aversion to it... which makes me curious.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Everything okay, Seaspray?

SeaSpray said...

I'm fine Angel ..thanks for asking. :)

StorytellERdoc said...

Where did you go to, Mrs. SeaSpray? I keep looking for your new post...hope you are well.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim-I have to be in the mood and I've been preoccupied. Unusual for this writer's heart. I'll finish soon.

Thank you for asking. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

You know I have to worry if you are too quiet over there.

Thank you for letting us know you're all right.