Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Think ..I could be YOUR Random 03:30 ED Patient Tonight

I burned the back of my throat a little while ago.

I was making the turkey gravy from the roast I made earlier (see previous post), which by the way ...turned out quite tasty ...if I say so myself. There is no rhyme or reason to my gravy making abilities. Sometimes I can and sometimes ..well suffice it to know ..I always make sure I have some fake back up jar gravy ..just in case.

I blame it on gravy confusion early in our marriage, but I digress.

Anyway ..I got a soup spoon to taste the gravy. It was steaming hot and so I blew on it but evidently not enough ... because when I swallowed... it burned the my tongue a little, but I guess because I really thought it was cool, I swallowed hard and fast and the bulk of it caught the back of my throat ... in front of my uvula ..maybe... or right by it. ??

So I quickly drank a glass of ice cold well water and gargled. I had ice cream and am back to drinking ice water again. Oh and I am slowly inhaling to let cooler air come into my throat.

I feel like I have a sore throat and it feels weird.

Okay at the crux of my concern is I really do not want to be the ED patient that walks in to the Emergency department at 3:30 in the morning because she's afraid to go to sleep (If I can't sleep then why should the doctor sleep? ;), in case her throat closes up. That's where I'm going with this. Could that really happen? I would think it would've by now as it's already been a couple of hours. I just don't want to have to fall on a hollow pen or something to get air into an obstructed airway... is all I'm sayin. ;)

You know how much your tongue hurts when you burn it..well the throat is worse .. I am finding out. I just got the idea to maybe suck on some healing honey and let it drip down my throat. Maybe that will sooth it ..oh.. and I have some cold aloe juice. Also good idea. Aloe is healing.

I'm gonna be making Whizzie Winkles all night ..which I guess is a good thing because then at least I'll be awake.

Seriously ..if any one happens to see this there anything I can do to feel better that I haven't mentioned here.

I'm thinking that just like when you put ice on a burn and then take it off .. the contrast of ice and regular room temp air makes it hurt more.. this is happening with all the cold stuff.

I really thought I cooled it off!
My Aunt Janet always made enough gravy to feed an army out of the droppings from her big roasting pan. There were no flies on her ... she could make gravy out of anything... even socks I think. One day while showing me she said you NEVER put water in the pan. You just add flour and seasoning to the drippings, mixing them into a paste, heat and then add cold water as it thickens. Delicious!

Mr SeaSpray's grandmother (I watched her) also made volumes of gravy to feed the masses ..his large family. But she said she always adds water in the pan once the turkey is in and later makes a paste of flour and water and then adds that. Delicious!

Well ..I can make volumes too ..but it doesn't always taste good... and then sometimes it's so good tonight and I could bottle it to sell. :)

Update: Well ..I survived the night and so I put the hollow pen away. ;) It's about 14 hours since I burned my throat and am drinking coffee now. It's just irritated but not burning now, hurts a bit more when I swallow.

What I wrote is an inside view of a potential ER patient's thinking processes when they are scared and is how they end up in ER's in the wee hours of the morning. Something is scaring them. And I know better and knew time would heal ..but those scary thoughts pop in. And anyone who works in a hospital will go out of their way to NOT go in as a patient and so if you do go or are considering it..something has to be really concerning you... as it was me. It really hurt!

To put it in perspective for how much I will avoid a hospital as a patient..when I first had the constricted ureter (didn't know it and thought it was a bladder infection), I actually had sepsis, pyelonephritis, etc and was having massive chills since I got home from working at the ED the night before and got antibiotics from the doc that was on that night. My husband wanted to take me and I kept saying the antibiotics just needed to work. I was also extremely nauseated ..vomiting a couple times...profoundly weak and the 3 sets of chills I had were to the bone and incapacitating so that I could do nothing but shake and be cold. Couldn't even dress or move. It wasn't until the 3rd set of chills, 104 temp and 124 pulse rate ..that I felt like and thought I might die ..that I waited too long, but didn't tell my family or call an ambulance, but just told them the 2nd night ..that I needed to go to the ER.

And this past summer when I fell off the stairs to my deck, landing flat on my back and as a result hurt everywhere, but it wasn't until 3 days later when every inhale hurt that I finally went to the ED.

So that I would even remotely entertain the thought of going to the ED last night shows just how much it hurt.

* Lesson learned: Never ever swallow steaming hot gravy. ;)


Gia's Spot said...

Ok just one question... What the heck is Whizzie Winkles? And time is the only healer here!

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha! Hi Gia - Whizzie Winkles is a euphemism used by Dr Kelso in SCRUBS when he was razzing Elliot (Dr Reed), because she was so uncomfortable with private body parts and used all kinds of euphemisms.


here is a great YouTube link:

She calls a vagina a bajingo and is where I got the idea for Bajingoland. My definition for that is it covers the entire area down there from front to back ..more than just the bajingo. :)

Funny ..if you google Bajingoland (the entire area south of the border). WhiteCoat pointed that out a couple of weeks ago. I did recently take my Bajingoland brochure down as only recently I thought I may have gone too far with that post ..after being up for 2 years. :)
Thanks Gia. I just put the hollow pen away. ;) And am drinking *coffee*, so I guess I'll survive. It was touch and go for a while there. :)

Seriously just feels irritated now and you are right about time. :)

Hot gravy (grease) is NOT the hot thing to burn yourself with. I think the grease makes it worse.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Geesh, Seaspray! I just saw this. You are very lucky. Burns like that can be serious. Be careful to test that food, and spit it out if anything.

I don't know as I'd be drinking coffee after all that, for a few days yet. What am I to do with you?

I did read the writing about Passionstamper's birthday and meant to say something, but got called away. You two are lucky to have such a great friendship. It is great to have your girlfriends to be silly with. Friends are great!

Stay out of trouble!

StorytellERdoc said...

Horrah Mrs. SeaSpray!

Glad to hear you are healing okay. I think cool gargles, and antiinflammatory (like Ibuprofen) a cool mist vaporizor with a soft cool diet for a few days is your answer. Also, it never hurts to sleep 30-45 degree angle just to be safe.

Glad you are back posting on a regular basis! Yeah!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - My throat is all better. :) I'll certainly never do that again.

Yes thank God for good friends.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - I didn't know 4 out of 5 of those suggestions and so I learned some new things.

Thank you.

Thanks for your encouragement too. :)