Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Big Brain

I am doing well post-op and will be back soon to describe my experience at the surgical center and home post-op, as well as whether or not my SeaSpray stent removal theory is correct.

But for now ... I was looking up lipstick pictures and then stumbled onto an article about kissing and of course everyone knows that girls just have to read an article about kissing and then that led to an article about men's opinions of women regarding various topics ...and everyone knows that of course women just have to know what men are really thinking about them .. and then ...I guess because I was reading about men's opinions of us ..we women that is ..that somehow (the male connection ..I guess) led to funny post (that I did link to and then upon reading it for a second time(just now) and not bleary eyed sleepy ..I realized "OOPS!" and so have disconnected from the link/post title because while there were some very funny parts some other things that got by me ..well ..I would not want to link here.) Now of course I inquisitive woman ..was wondering .."What did the woman do with it?" ..because I was reading all these articles on men and women and so assumed some woman did something to this poor guy's schwing- schwong or at the very least controlled it in some bizarro way and so ...I of course just had to know ..although was hopeful it wasn't a Bobbitt, which thankfully it was not ... and so I read it and laughed throughout this guy's post ..not that there is anything funny about his or anyone else Schwing-schwong ..but apparently his pondering circumcision is... at least the way he writes about it. Boy ..that can be a controversial subject!

Then after I processed that post ... I began thinking about the internet and how all I wanted was to find a pretty picture of lipstick ..because of course ..we girls like lipstick ..this girl does for sure ..kind of tied into a sort of post-op surgical post and so.... I was pondering how the lipstick pictures led to the kissing, the kissing led to men's opinions ..and there were so many - one connected to the other and so on... and then to a hilarious circumcision post (I did laugh out loud ..but then it didn't activate a wince reflex in me either) and then to my pondering ..the Internet is like one big brain ..a woman's brain of course. That is because everyone knows how we women think's all connected and we go on and on and on ..never ending in thought. Remember Mark Gungor's "Nothing Box" Men actually have a nothing box in their brain ..that they can go to and are you ready ..actually ..think about NOTHING! (Here is a funny post with video I wrote about the difference between the male vs female brain)

Nothing ..does not ever compute - connect in a woman's brain! I wish I could go to a nothing box. How do they do it ..the men ..go to a nothing box?

Seriously ..women simply cannot think of "nothing."

Therefore ..I have also concluded the Internet is a female entity. It makes sense ... to this female brain ..anyway. I'm just saying.

And now I am going to fill out the surgery center's survey on line. I'm giving them high marks and have good things to say. :) It's cool how you can respond on line.

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