Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SeaSpray Stent Removal - Kidney Spasm Theory

Anaesthetic Knockouts

I will be KO'd tomorrow because I am getting my ureteral stent removed. I'm very happy about it and it will be a relief and I have plans for my new found freedom ..and ...I am also quite ambivalent about it ..but that is for another post.

So, I have to be in SDS by 7am... thank you urodoc. We discussed this and it will give me more time in post-op if needed because I sometimes have a very rough time with kidney spasms post stent removal and I have suffered horribly with nausea and vomiting when I am in the car on the way home and then by the time I get there is horrendous.

To have kidney spasms with it too ..ugh... I am not looking forward to it.

But my current urologist has always managed this very well and so I usually get through it with minimal problems. I don't know why sometimes I do really well and breeze right out of post -op and other times ..shooting me would be a mercy killing.

However ..I don't know why ..but when a stent is taken out ..I am guaranteed to have serious kidney spasms.

I have a theory though.

I've noticed that when the 1st urologist just yanked the stents out in his office ..I had bad spasms... very bad spasms. Then when my current urologist removed a very small stent ..which actually felt good in a weird way because all I felt was this warm gush ..which was me trying to pee on the Doctor and his assistant ..but they'd obviously finessed the jump back while simultaneously exclaiming "WHOA!" from the flying pee move. You'd think they choreographed the move with their perfect split second timing. The "Uro Dance" where the lead dancer ...usually the urodoc ...swings a stent around while in perfect step with the partner they both jump backwards... exclaiming "Whoa!" ...repetitively. I have it on good authority that patients love it..quite entertaining. :) It great with the right music. But it's not authentic "Uro Dance unless flying pee with a gush is involved. I'm just sayin. ;)

Anyway ..even though the removal of said stent didn't hurt that day ..the kidney spasms sure did at home. I spent all afternoon and evening on the couch. Missed a Longaberger pool party too.

But I digress.

Interestingly ..and here is where the theory comes in to play ..the next time urodoc removed a stent in the clinic... it was done very slowly. I don't know why. Maybe because it was encrusted ..but I don't know if that is the case. Anyway ..there was a lot of stop-go, stop-go ..until it was all the way out. That wasn't too bad either. It did hurt...but nothing like when the 1st urologist just yanked them right out. Those two stent removals forever jaded me regarding stent removals.. even tho these other ones were good.

Well after that particular stent removal ..I had kidney spasms ..but not as bad as the other times. I had one done under anesthesia, they when I was in post-op with in the hour the pain was horrendous.. but fortunately SDS managed it acting on my urodoc's orders.

These spasms begin approximately an hour from when it is removed ..maybe a little longer. You would think it happens right away... but it doesn't. My theory is if you remove the stents quickly ..the kidney says "HUH? What was THAT? O-W-W!!!" as the stent is yanked out creating a shock vacuum force. Then after the shock of it all ..the kidney experiences separation anxiety after losing it's side kick of so many weeks or months without so much as an "Au revoir " and simply convulses in sadness... until it finally settles down again. It's the shock factor ..being shaken up with it's companion just flying right out of there .."INGRATE!".

On the other hand ..the stent that is gently coaxed out .. has time to tell the kidney .. "Hey thanks ..we were a great team .. it's been fun. Ha! Remember when she drank the raspberry cool aide? Turquoise is a good color for you. Too bad when it mixed with her next dose of Pyridium you turned all green after that. You take care now...Good-B-y-e-e-e-e." And then the kidney is somewhat saddened over the separation and so does spasm a bit but quickly settles down.

One stent removal creates the shock factor and major separation anxiety and the kidney spasms wildly. The other stent removal was amicable and they had the chance to say their Good-Byes and so the kidney spasms mildly because it still has settle itself because it does miss it's former companion and has to readjust to the emptiness for a bit before finding it's niche again.

Well that's the SeaSpray theory on how to avoid severe kidney spasms during ureteral stent removals. :)

* Okay ..I may have blogger's remorse over this post, Suffice it to know I'm a bit punchy ..but can't sleep. I never can the night before going into the OR.


rlbates said...

Best to you, SeaSpray

SeaSpray said...

Thank you for your well wishes Ramona - it went very well and urodoc says the ureter is wide open. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

How are you feeling today, Seaspray? I'm sorry I didn't make it over here sooner.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...
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Chrysalis Angel said...

I still got them. ;)

I'm sorry you are going through all this.

I just finished contacting our friend, Rositta. She's recovering from surgery too. Never fun.

Sea, no one can tell you what to do or what you shouldn't do in the long run. Whatever decision you come to is yours alone. You can listen to advice and weigh things over, but only you can decide. I feel so bad for you having to go through this every time. Just be good to yourself right now.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - How did you get them? I deleted them so quickly???

But it's not my decision if my doc won't stent again.

And I am not happy about yearly stenting because as you can see from what I wrote it's hanging over me ..the inconvenience..pain and discomfort. The only thing is *if* I'd lose the darn weight ..I'd be in better shape ..but haven't done that yet either..not enough to matter.

Bo*ngi said that everyone has risks in surgery ..but an overweight person will have them all. Couple that with my hearing someone adamantly say "She's NOT a good candidate for open surgery!" ..and well here I am ..between a rock and a hard place.

But I wanted the decision to be mine... *when* I am ready.

SeaSpray said...

P.S. No one knows how hard this has been and unless they are going to be on the table with me with the same risks ..they can't possibly know.

I have really been miserable with this this predicament. maybe I am not looking at it clearly but have been doing the best I know to do ..survive. Maybe being dramatic ..but it is how I feel.

if the surgery would be 100% successful ..then I have been a fool who has wasted a great deal of time and money (not working/med bills accruing).. but if it wasn't the time ..if I heard that for a reason ..if I was meant to not jump into it ..then I am alive and well at least.

I am too young for an indwelling stent. I don't want it. So ..I'm back to square one anyway.

I need to make the most of this year... to get healthier and to enjoy and I may be healed.

My doctor was optimistic and I am glad someone was because I need to believe it too.

This is so uncharacteristic of me because I have always been one with great faith that God is in control and he can do the impossible and that no one will die unless he decides it's time.

And so using that logic.. if he wants me home ..he could take me out anywhere ..not just in surgery.

Hard to believe .. me ...miss optimistic Pollyanna girl has been thinking like this... life and death.

It's a horrible position to be in.

Yes ..there are worse things ..but this has been hard... more then I let on ..or people can possibly realize... unless they have been through it and faced with the same things.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I understand, Seaspray. I can't know what it is to go through all you have, but I understand the emotions and thoughts that have been going through your mind. Perhaps you should talk to your doctor about what you over heard. Rest up for a bit now.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...
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StorytellERdoc said...

Best to you, and how are you doing? I want you to know good energy and well wishes are being sent to you. Chin up--this too shall pass...

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Jim - I receive them all. I can't wait for it to pass. :)

I am behind with your posts but I love them and you are definitely one of my top favorite bloggers in the top 5. :)

I love your pic by the ocean. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, don't forget to vote over at Medgadget.

Karen said...

Just want to say thanks for your post. I had a stent put in 2 wks ago due to a kidney infection caused by a stone. Last week I had the stone removed and the stent replaced and am still in severe pain when the Vicodin wears off. The nurse said this is from kidney spasms due to the stent. I thought the pain would go away after the stone was removed... I'm starting to feel that I'll be addicted to Vicodin soon! They are taking the stent out in 3 days and I will tell the dr to do it very slowly!!!

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Karen - Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am sorry that you are going through all that. I know it is not pleasant.

Yes ask him if he could remove it slowly. I am still going to write the second part of that post.

I 100% believe ...and with all joking aside ...that there truly is something to my theory of slow stent removal will reduce severity of kidney spasms post stent removal. I need to finish that post as I have more to say about it.

regarding becoming addicted to the Vicodin: Mindful that we are all different, thus our personal experiences unique to us ...i will share what was told to me when I expressed the same concern.

After being on iv narcotics during my stay in the hospital that first week and then coming home to have to take percocet for the duration the stent was in ...I was secretly scared I would become addicted. I say secretly, because I was afraid to even mention it to my doctor because I was afraid he'd take me off the pain med and I knew I could not tolerate the stent without. i was a newbie stentee and it was tough even with my smaller - first stent. Of course the last large one I had ..oh boy that was in a category in it's own.

Sorry for digressing.

(But, prior to that ...I had thrown out old percocet prescriptions - three different times and now here I was on a daily basis taking it.)

Anyway ...I called a friend ..a Paramedic and expressed my concern about becoming addicted. He said,"You won't become addicted as long as you ONLY take it when you have pain. It is the people who take it when they don't have pain that get addicted." I was so relieved ...although admittedly have still ...always been guarded/respectful and conscientious about taking any pain medication.

I can tell you that because of that ...because i never took it when not needed ...I have never had a problem. Again ...we are all unique and so I would always run your concerns by your doctor.

Oh ..and now ...I realize I should have at the time (expressed my concern to urodoc)and I would've saved myself a lot of angst in the beginning of this urologic roller coaster I was riding on.

I wish you well and total healing.

Thank you for stopping by and your comment. I hope this helped.

Oh and one more thing ...if you are having the stent removed in the office ...make sure you have a pain medication in you. My first urologist said stent removal was "no big deal" ...and let me tell you ...for me was a HUGE ...PAINFUL deal. I did have one percocet in me and it still hurt.

Everyone is different and so maybe it is uneventful for others. I would rather err on the side of caution tho.

And one more thing ...when my new/current urologist removed a stent in the office ..the last time ...he also was doing this stop and go technique. Just when he stopped is when the pain was beginning to hit and so his stopping caused the pain to subside before it really hurt. He did that all the way through and so it was not the hideous stent removals I had been familiar with in the past ..done by my former urologist.

I will be writing a part II to this stent removal theory and so check back to this blog in future. I also have other urology posts in here from this patient's perspective. :)