Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Gave me a Much Needed Laugh - "Mass Backwards"

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Life has been a bit hard lately and I say that guardedly in view of the loss of life and destruction in Haiti. My stuff is minuscule by comparison. But ..even though a hangnail is little by comparison to other serious bodily ailments ..the hangnail still hurts ..a lot ..especially if twisted around a bit.

That being said doesn't feel right to complain. My Aunt used to say "If you don't have something good to say ..then don't say anything at all." I try to live by that..especially when it comes to people. (except for politicians)

I will talk about something soon .. and yes it is one of the reasons I was quiet here. And so Angel were right in wondering what was up with me based on how quiet my blog was. We are all well. Life gets complicated sometimes and sadness thrown in here and there and I just didn't have my blogging mojo I guess.

My stent will be coming out next week and so I will probably do a patient perspective story before that. If not soon, then I will afterward.

Ive noticed that whenever I say I am posting about something's like I jinx the post and it sits in my drafts. Like "Bajinogland Olympics". I never did get that one up.

I am grateful for all the blessings I DO have in my life... and there are many..thank you God.

Anyway ..if you pay attention to politics will love this Jon Stewart clip. I found it on Dr Schwab's "Cutting Through the Crap" political blog. Ha! If you are a conservative ..unless you you enjoy the sensation of having your blood boil after reading many of the posts and comments, and have thick skin may not be the blog to read. That being said .. I am a conservative and still enjoy his writing and the comments (even though I usually disagree),however, I miss his writing in Surgeonsblog.

Jon Stewart did this the night before the MA election and it is HILARIOUS!!! I have been sad and worried about something - now resolved and I busted out laughing throughout this clip. I was hoping Brown would get in ..but I would've laughed just as hard if he didn't. There are so many good things in here ..but "I drive a truck" so funny. :) All of it. :)

So, I hope you watch it and laugh as much as I did. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Life is a bumpy road at times. You know I care for real, Seaspray.

I miss Sid writing period. I keep telling him to start writing another book. He would do great with mixing fact and fiction. He's one of the best writers and his talent is sitting there. I should warn him I'll sick you on him if he doesn't get writing. He knows you can be like a dog with a bone. He'd be grabbing his head pleading, "No, Chrysalis - please don't." haha. (Got to tease you, Sid.)

I hope things work out, Seaspray. I can tell you've been contemplating....listen to sound advice. Please.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Ha ha - Dog with a bone. You're observant or I guess that just comes through loud and clear.

When I was a young girl mother used to say "Patty! Your like a bulldog ..once you sink your teeth into something DON'T let go!" :)

Maybe I should've become a lawyer?

I spent hours on a comment to put up in response to his religious remarks, but then not sure what he'd censor and so left it in drafts. he censored some of my political comments and so not worth writing if not put up. But I am very fond of him and his writing... and even though I usually (not always) disagree ..I admire his passion.

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's why I loathe can make enemies out of friends. It takes very mature people to have differing opinions, and still see that they have a friend in front of them. Sometimes, it's best to accept the differences within the other, and embrace those parts of each other that drew you to be friends in the first place. Things like wit, kindness,and compassion are too important to let go of in this world.

SeaSpray said...

I agree wholeheartedly Angel ..except that I am an admitted political junkie.

Wish I wasn't because I feel like I am taking in so much negative info... but I'm drawn in like a moth to flame. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog! I totally understand about jinxing yourself when you say you are going to write about something. I do that all the time! Yesterday, i wrote a great post in my head on the way to the chiropractor. Today I am sitting trying to get it on the screen and all I can say ... I wish I had some instant, voice to computer software so I could just write while I talk to myself in the car. Did I just admit that I talk to myself in the car??! LOL!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Cynthia - I really enjoyed your blog. :)

Yes ..I have great blog thoughts (says me) while driving. it's interesting/funny how we dedicated bloggers throughout the day get ideas for posts as during our daily activities.

No problem talking with yourself ..only if you fight back in an argument. ;)