Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check Out the Interview Tonight at Blogtalkradio!

Tonight Jim ... the StorytellERdoc will be interviewed on Blogtalk Radio on the Dr Anonymous show. It airs at 9pm EST.

With a great introduction to StorytellERdoc by Dr Anonymous is the link to the show airing tonight:

I am definitely going to check it out ..even though my favorite show for which I am a lifetime cult member ...Grey's Anatomy is the competition for that time slot. ;) I very much look forward to hearing what this funny, compassionate and talented blogging doc/writer has to say.

I may even call in ..if I don't get a shy attack.

It was fun when I called in during
Sid Schwab's interview back in February 08. I remember that Dr Rob, Enrico and Bongi (from South Africa) called in to say hi to Sid too. I enjoyed saying Hi to both Dr A and Sid and hearing everyone's voices.

What a fun way to connect and learn a bit more about fellow bloggers! :)


Dr. A said...

Thanks so much for writing about the show tonight! I hope that you're able to call in tonight! See you for the show!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Excellent job on the phone with Jim, Seaspray. It was very good to hear him.

StorytellERdoc said...

Hey SeaSpray! Well done last night...Now, time to consider yourself being in the hot seat! LOL Thanks for calling in and talking!

Rositta said...

Hi Seaspray, it was nice to hear your voice and of course Dr. Jim's as well. I kept hoping Chrysalis would call in, it would have been nice to hear her voice as well. She's one of my biggest supporters. I didn't phone in because my voice is a bit hoarse right now. He does sound like a nice man though doesn't he...ciao

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's sweet of you, Rositta. I actually thought about it. I had the number written down, but time factor and other things.

Seaspray has heard my voice. I'll send you a voice mail sometime. I have a soft voice, kind of like Sprays--do you think, Seaspray? I hope you feel better soon Rositta. I see that your doc's office is in the process of moving, so difficult for you to get in there during this. Keep us posted on how you're feeling.

Seaspray, again, it was good to hear you on there. It was like the last interview I heard of you and Sid.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr A,Angel,Jim,& Rositta!
You're very welcome Dr A. It was fun! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with both of you (Dr A and Jim)... and the people on chat.

It would've been nice to hear you Rositta. I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Angel is a wonderfully, supportive friend. Yes ..I agree ..nice man for sure. :)

It would've been great to hear her too.

Yes ..Angel do have a soft voice .. but softer and sweeter than mine. :)

Thank you all for your kind words. It was definitely fun. What a great group of people and fabulous hobby!

SeaSpray said...

Oh ..and I am *considering* the HOT seat. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, you're a doll. You and Rositta have been supportive of me as well, it cuts both ways.

And hey, watch where you put this "Yes ..I agree ..nice man for sure. :)" I thought you were saying I was a nice man! Wouldn't THAT freak out Fireguy...I can hear the song "Lola" playing in the back ground now. ha,ha,ha.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. LOL! I didn't see that. Funny! :)