Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Excited About This One!

I used to be a die hard Survivor groupie for years, but then other people stopped watching and it wasn't as much fun because there wasn't anyone to share my thoughts with. However, this 2010
Heroes vs Villians that will be airing it's 1st show Thursday night at 8pm EST on CBS ..looks like it is going to be excellent! They have selected the best of the best from all the shows and then devided them according to how they played the game ..with honor ..or unscrupulously. many of these people are all time favorites and so I think it will be interesting ..and most certainly fun to watch.

If anyone else out there watches ..let me know it might be fun to compare notes and share predictions. :)

Thursday night is a great TV night because Grey's Anatomy is on at 9 and then Private Practice after that.
Now I am off to watch 24 with Mr SeaSpray and will come back to blog for a bit after that.


Rositta said...

I don't think I've missed a single Survivor since the beginning. Only the last two that start in September I've missed the beginning episodes because I can't get them in Greece but I have kept up with the story on line and as soon as I'm back in Canada I get right into it. I'm so looking forward to tonight. It's the only program I actually watch other than news...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta! Then let's compare notes and do some projections as it gets going. :)

The funny thing is I was NOT into any reality shows, but son and d-i-l got me hooked on it and have long stopped watching. Younger son and I always had take out and watched..but he's busy with work and school now and lost interest. Mr SeaSpray goes to bed early because he gets up so early. And I eventually drifted away these last couple of years ..but as of tonight..I'm dedicating myself to this season! :)

Enjoy the show! :)

Rositta said...

Let the fun begin...I still can't abide that Russel guy, I hope he gets booted soon. Great beginning...ciao

Chrysalis Angel said...

I think Boston Rob will take care of Russell.

Glad you gals are watching. Fireguy and I enjoy the show.

SeaSpray said...

Hey Girls! I'm glad to share some opinions.

So ..what did you think of the episode. I LOVED it!!
Boston Rob is one of my favorites. Russel got past me.. he kind of blended in to the group..but then I watched at 3 in the morning. :)

Coach, Gerri, Pavarati (never liked her)and Rob stand out to me on that team ..oh and the one who buddied up to Rob ..she won before. I must've missed that episode because I don't remember her.

I love Rupert, Colby, Stephanie the Fire guy(name escapes me at the moment),James, Amanda , Shari (sp?).

I was worried when they were strategizing to vote Stephanie off.

This episode is gonna be some kind of intense.

How about that 1st game??? WOW!! Rupert gets his toe broken in 3 places, Stephanie gets a dislocated shoulder and one of the villain girls unhooks the other girl's bra to keep her down and she runs topless anyway and then turns around and defiantly bares her breasts back at the other team as if to flaunt your dirty tactic didn't work and we won anyway!!

You know what I would've been so pissed about that (excuse the word ..but accurate)and been so competitive..I would do EXACTLY what she did. Run topless and then defiantly flash back. Not sexual then ..but represents triumph in your face if your gonna play dirty with me. :)

I am so into this season. I am going to watch a second time hopefully draw son back into it... and maybe husband ..but he probably won't want to.

Watching this game with these top veteran players is like watching any other season as intense as the end of the season and they just began.

let the games begin! :)

Amazing Race starts Sunday. I'd LOVE to do that one. That game is so stressful because they can't give up because even tho last ..they could be first and you never know. I love how they have to do things in unfamiliar cultures and communicate in another language, etc.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Tom, that's the fire guy. Cute! I don't know how old he is, but he's hot - just like firemen should be. ha,ha.

Yes, did they really think ripping off her bathing suit top was going to stop her? Please...wardrobe malfunctions are par for the course in this game. Not a thing to the imagination in those outfits. ;)

Poor Colby when he lost to that Coach. The other team made me laugh though when the guy said, "Might as well be a woman now." Poor Colby.

Rositta said...

I'm glad they voted off Sugar, I think she was just looking for a romance. Rupert has kind of disappointed me thus far, he couldn't even start a fire. I'm rooting for Boston Rob for the moment although that could change. Stephanie has my respect for the way she handled that shoulder thing. I'd have passed out for sure. The other person I don't much like is Ciree (is that how it's spelled), she's really devious and is on the wrong side for sure. She belongs with the villains...ciao

StorytellERdoc said...

Yeah! SeaSpray and Rositta and CA...another Survivor fan here. A great show for our family...a big bowl of popcorn, blankets, the fire lit, and Survivor...although I worked last night and am trying to give up recording...the kids filled me in though. Have a great weekend.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Tom! Yes! he was one of my favorites and glad when he won... and yes handsome. :)

Yes that was a funny line about Colby and he did take lot that way.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta I yes I really enjoy watching Rob and I hope he is in the game for a while.

My uncle would say that Stephanie has moxie. :) She's one tough girl.

I think you are right - Ciree. I have mixed feelings about her. She is a strategist for sure.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - That sounds so cozy and fun family night. :)

It was a fantastic episode!

I have a friend coming over tomorrow night and so I will watch again with her.

This is gonna be one intense season.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yay, one more fan! I hope you have a good weekend too, Jim.

Stephanie does have moxie. I've had a dislocated shoulder and it hurts like heck. (ok, we all know what I really wanted to say there.) It's bad. Feels MUCH better once it's put back in.

SeaSpray said...

Yes Angel ..they look awful. Stephanie must be tough because I've seen men come in to the ED with less control ..and I don't blame them.

I'm sorry that happened to you, but glad you mended. :)

Pstamper coming over to watch the episode tonight and so we have another cult member. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yay, the more the merrier. Please say hello to Passionstamper for me.