Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If You Want to Laugh...

OMGOSH! Phil in "Modern Family" is hilarious with the kidney stone!!

Wife says "I'll bet it's just a kidney stone" (ANYONE who's ever had a kidney stone knows it's NOT "just" a kidney stone)

In response Phil says "Just?! Someone get your mother a glass of water and a piece of gravel from the driveway and see how she likes it."

Then with the next wave of pain.."OHHH ..I't's gotta be death..DEATH is C-O-M-I-N-G!"

He then is requesting a pill and in next breath reassures everyone he's alright and overreacting .."because there is an A-L-I-E-N inside of M-E-E-E! Ohhh Close it down ..all systems down" as he writhes in pain on the bed before the emergency personnel get there to take him to the hospital.

This next part isn't in this clip ..but he is calm in the hospital because he got morphine and happily states that his insides "feel like velvet". LOL!

I have to say ..I never had a relaxing experience in the ED with a kidney stone ..even with heavy duty drugs. The pain came right through ..STILL a 10 for me... and with vomiting ...non stop vomiting.

Do people really relax without pain with Morphine while they are still being assaulted by the kidney stone? Or was that a *for tv* moment?

I discovered this show by accident Sunday night. I was looking for "Desperate Housewives", but I guess they put other shows in their time slot since the Super Bowl was on. Anyway, I had never seen "Modern Family" sitcom, but now I am hooked ..completely hooked.

This guy who plays a husband and father ..Phil is my absolutely favorite character. This giy/character is extremely funny. I love how he delivers his lines. :)

So I have some catching up to do with watching the past shows.

And in this episode .. as he's writhing in pain on the bed..he realizes his wife got dressed up all sexy for the fireman. She denies it ,,but he knows she did and so that is a funny segment too.

After this segment ..Joey is passing a kidney stone and also very funny.

If you could use a laugh ..check out this 3:28 clip. :)

In Wednesday night's show airing, Phil's wife surprises him by being naked under her trench coat ..except her belt gets stuck in the escalator. Too funny! :)


StorytellERdoc said...

Too darn funny! I have to say, there are some medical illnesses I NEVER want, and a kidney stone is one of them. I've seen many broken adults with that one.

Enjoy your day!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - It's a riot!

No you never want a kidney stone.

Thanks - enjoy your day too. :)