Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Satin Panties Soup ;)

Speaking of men's nothing box .. well I did ...2 posts back ...according to this mini clip of med staff in SCRUBS ..all you have to do is talk about "shoes" and men will go to and zone out in their nothing box.

It's hilarious ...especially when at an M&M conference, Elliot mentions "shoe shopping" then all the male physicians in the theatre ..totally bored...head to their nothing box to zone out ..looking up to the right .. in unison, and in complete boredom ..utter the words, "shoe s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g". But then Dr Cox (on the M&M panel) a veteran at avoiding the shoe set up..because he lives with the she devil, states he is immune to that and then with the authority of a drill sergeant.. snappily calls out " Satin PANTIES!" and all the male docs then snap to attention..completely alert.

So ..you see ..apparently ..there really is a nothing box .. men have a nothing box ..as so aptly demonstrated in this SCRUBS episode. :)

Satin PANTIES would work on my husband ..but so would Pot roast, ham and sausage. :)

I'm thinking the next time ..for fun and to test my "satin panties-pot roast" theory out ... seeing the likelihood of Mr SeaSpray going to his nothing box ...as I talk with him, ..I am going to interject "satin panties" and "laced bra" intermittently into the conversation and then for the big guns utter the carnivorous words... maybe even softly whisper "London B-r-o-i-l" in his ear. ;)

I'll let you know how well "Operation Satin Panties-Pot Roast" goes. I'm thinking when he first sits down after working all day would be the perfect time to execute said plan. Or for a different twist ..instead of blocking the nothing box ..I wonder if "satin Panties-pot roast" theory could also be used to grab a man's attention away from something else he really likes ..like say the upcoming Super Bowl.

Hmmm.."Satin Panties-Pot Roast" or Super Bowl..Satin Panties..Super Bowl ..satin panties-Super Bowl? I wonder what would win out there?

It could be fun doing this.


Or for additional fun... if you are at ...the supermarket .. perusing the soup aisle and a man happens by ..softly ..talk to yourself ..barely audible.. but enough so that anyone near by can hear you. " Let me see ..Cream of Mushroom, vegetable... corn c-h-o-w-d-e-r-r-r ..Satin Panties ...Tomato .. L-e-n-t-i-l... taking each can and tossing in your basket ..except since obviously there isn't any Satin Panties Soup ..just grab any can, toss in basket and then walk away. You only say Satin Panties once tho...and then they wonder if they heard you right... LOL!

Or ..they start looking for the Satin Panties soup! ;)

The SCRUBS clip is HILARIOUS and totally worth the 1:20 time to view this clip. :)

P.S. to any guys that may've read this ..I'm just teasing ..I know you wouldn't fall for the Operation "Satin Panties" ploy. ;)

I'm still trying on Mr SeaSpray though. Although ...I'm gonna be jealous if "London b-r-o-i-l wins cause... I can't wear London b-r-o-i-l-s. And even if I managed it ..wearing London Broils... could get messy and I'm thinking I'd be the main attraction for all the neighborhood pets and a few wild critters too. Nah..I have my limits. I'm just saying ... ;)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I had to laugh. You'd probably have some weirdo follow you home from the super market. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Ohhh ..that's a BAD thought!

I did have a scary store experience once and a guy was following me. At first I didn't realize it and then I was getting a vibe and so I purposely went in different directions in the store ..and he was there and when I headed to the register ..he was there and so I pretended I wasn't going to check oput but then darted in front of another woman and he got right in line. i couldn't get out fast enough. Bad vibe. But also ..he could've just left and so not sure what that was about. But I could not wait to get home. i told a counselor about it and she said that people should ALWAYS pay attention to that vibe ..even if things seem alright on the surface. if something doesn't seem right get out of there because we can often pick things up at a subconscious level 1st.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Absolutely! Never second guess that.

StorytellERdoc said...

LOL...funny funny post. Yes, I visit my nothing box occasionally, too. Oops. Now where was I? Oh yeah, I visit my nothing box,too. I just try hard not to visit it from work!
Have a good day.

SeaSpray said...

Hi - Jim..THANKS! I appreciate your input. Sometimes I think I've lost my writing mojo because I don't get commentators like I used to. And I didn't get a lot before..LOL! I know many of my posts are too long. I could right a chapter on an ordinary rock if that's all I had to work with.

There was a blogging lady from across the pond, Elaine who was always amused that I could create a whole post out of one little thing. I used to love to read her blog about her daily life over there and her recipes. Sadly she took ill and died last spring.

We do form friendships in the blogasphere. I appreciate yours.

Hope your vacation has been fun.

I'm jealous tho ..I want a nothing box to go to sometime. ;)

Jabulani said...

I have a nothing box. I find I use it when my son is having a hugely long-winded and excruciatingly detailed conversation (monologue) with me about Star Wars/Lego/Ben 10/homework/blah/blah/blah... He has this unerring knack of beginning to talk as soon as I start the engine and when I switch off the engine, he takes a breath long enough to exit the vehicle before he begins again. I swear he is the only male I know who can talk the hind leg off his sister!! I am exceedingly good at zoning out noise and concentrating on something else... like, er, driving, yeah, driving.

I often do the satin panties thing with friends. There have been times when I've been having a conversation with someone and I just know they simply aren't listening, so I'll throw in some totally out-of-the-ether comment - usually one I can recover, e.g. "bat flew in the door", so if they are listening, I can say "Yes, did you miss the bit where I said we had to catch a bat?" Or my other way of dealing with a non-listener is to summarily cease the conversation and see how long it takes them to realise a) it's now silent and b) they haven't got a clue what I said. It does rather sort the men from the boys...and teach you where - and with whom - you can discuss things. ;)

Lace bra and satin panties would not work on my husband. I'd have to totally change the sound of my voice for him to listen to me. Not even pot roast would do it!

Totally LOVED the clip but then I totally love that show!

SeaSpray said...

Jabulani..HI! - Awww how cute of your son! LOL! That is unusual for a boy. maybe it's indicative of a future career in communications of some sort... or politics ..teaching.

My older son was into Star Wars and other action figures (still have them in the attic and the boxes. He also collected them and so some are unopened.

Younger son was totally into legos and even sent them an idea for a set he'd like to have seen created. they didn't uses it but they sent him a very nice letter. He's play with legos for hours. And my m-i-l always got him the current big set ..pirates or whatever was popular at the time. :) he still has them all and brings them out for Devan ..his niece to play ..and he builds things right along with her. He's 21. :) I told him that is why parents really have kids ..so we can have an excuse to play with toys. ;)

You're so funny Jabulani! I'll have to remember that should we ever meet ..to stay alert and attentive. ;) Clever idea. You had me laughing.

The Super Bowl was tonight and I didn't do the test. But I am going to try it. :)

Have a great Day!!