Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comfort Food - Homemade Soup -Politics

soup2010 by you.

After today's vote *for* the HC bill .. I am in need of comfort food. This is a picture of my homemade turkey soup with dumplings that I made about a month ago. My dear d-i-l took this picture of her bowl of soup for me. :) I find dumplings to be especially comforting. :)

However, today ..Mr SeaSpray made some homemade chicken soup ..which was delicious. I tend to like thicker soups and he is more of a broth kind of guy and so no dumplings today ..but it was still very good. I also loved being treated to someone else's cooking. :)

Okay people ..I am not going to get all political here because I do not want to alienate anyone and that is not what this blog is about. That being said ..I am distressed about this health care bill being passed the way it is designed and sincerely hoped they would scrap this one and truly begin again in a bipartisan effort to rebuild it from the foundation up.

I do have specific concerns, but won't belabor them here.

I am wondering if there is a silver lining behind it being passed the way it is at this time? Is there something I am missing? If anyone cares to enlighten me about any silver lining in the HC bill I can't yet see ..I welcome your opinions.

Well .. Celebrity Apprentice will be on in a few minutes. Anyone out there like that show?

I thoroughly enjoy it! :)


John McElveen said...

Sea Darling,

If you eat that Homemade Soup that you made A MONTH ago-- you will need a Doctor--Bill or no Bill--LOL!

That looks awesome BTW!!!


SeaSpray said...

Hi John - No carcass ever goes to waste around me. :)

John you are so FUNNY and you always make me laugh! :)

It was and is. Thanks! I'm a good turkey soup maker. :)

StorytellERdoc said...

Hey Stranger
First, great picture. Your soup looked amazing, from one dumpling fan to another.

Although I rarely make it a point to watch Celebrity Apprentice, I had to watch to see how unique Cyndi Lauper is. I wasn't disappointed. If we could all create our worlds to be so fun and violent-free.

Finally, don't even get me started on health reform. We've both worked in the ER, we see first hand the waste of resources. I'm not political either, your wish for a bipartisan restart was my hope, too.

Hope this finds you well!

Chrysalis Angel said...

I won't even talk about the HC issues..when so many of us are on the same page about it, it makes you wonder what the powers that be are doing.

I watched the Apprentice last night. I have to say, Sinbad trying to throw Bret under the bus was pretty bad. It's one thing if the guy wasn't pitching in and contributing; it's another to set him up and see that he has no role in it, and then claim he's a weak link. I gave Bret credit for how he just sat there and didn't say a word until spoken to. (I see he's had experience in a court setting. ;)

The right man was sent packing in this case. Not everyone is cut out to lead.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jim - if I could I'd cybertube you some.:)MDCD abuse biggest ER waste! Using up expensive beds/equipment/tests/ Now a free for all because HEY's FREE!!! :)

Sorry ...I'm still feeling fiery about this bohemoth HC debacle.

And I don't want my quality HC private insurance destroyed which has always been affordable and now it's going to get expensive and to make up their losses ..offer less quality.

We needed to fix the system ..but WHY could they not tackle tort reform, open borders ..put caps on certain things? Why throw the good out with the bad? Why decrease incentive by subsidizing millions more? And if mdcd/mdcr and VA facilities can't cover all they should and access/resources are limited with these programs ..then WHY in the world do they think a massive government program deciding the quality of our health care will be fiscally sound, *save?* money and provide state-of-the-art hc for all? Where do they think the money is coming from to pay for this? Why do people come to this country for medical care? How will this effect the quality of care? Time frames - will we end up with waiting lists to get basic procedures that we routinely get done without wait? What about research and development,state of the art equipment?

How do they seriously justify the cost by *SKEWING* the stats on cost? What about taxes, increased premium rates, cost for businesses and small businesses?

What is the incentive to but the mandatory health ins when simultaneously if you don't pay a fine but save not buying ins and yet the minute you have the injury, the CA dx ..they have to give you ins? So all these people they expect to be in the pool ..won't be and there goes funding to support the free ins. We all know it is not FREE!

This thing where sm business owners will be fined 2000.00 per employee if they have 50 or more employees and don't provide insurance. So they pay 100,000.00 or pay ins. Hmmm if I was management ..I let employees go and come under the quota. How does that stimulate the economy?

Hiring 16,000.00 IRS employees to insure that they will be on top of tax penalties for non compliant insurance purchasers? Well .. THAT'S one way to raise revenue.

The majority of Americans did not want this bill. It is flawed/cracked at it's foundation and a house divided can not stand. And for what? partisan political gain under the guise of helping the masses. If they were so concerned with that ..then why *waste* billions of dollars in corrupt kickbacks? All the financial waste in that bill that has nothing to do with MEDICINE!!! Yes both parties have done these things but not when the majority of the American population is against it and not in epic proportions such as this.

I do not feel good about the government having more say over my personal HC than my doctor. Just wait until this all really takes effect.

They absolutely should be tackling tort reform and it's not even in the bill.

Americans should never give up their sovereignty and uniqueness.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-I immediately thought Sinbad had poor managerial skills (he was all over the place and had no vision)and I was frustrated with his ignoring Bret. WHY was he doing that? Bret was asking solid questions and ready to tackle. He probably shouldn't have walked away ..unless as he indicated the self imposed timeout prevented him getting angry ..although he still did.

The others did stay and found stuff ..but Sinbad was also giving them attention. He definitely ignored Bret and I thought that was odd... unless he was trying to cause him to blow-up with the idea it might help him in some way.

If it were me the 3rd question I would've been assertive (politely) and stepped right in and said Excuse me! Timeout please...SINBAD .. I'm ready to tackle something ..I can do xyz or what do you prefer? His walking away could've backfired because you could see Trump didn't like that he walked away vs standing his ground. But also to that ..I do think it's wise to step back and regroup to come back in stronger. Depends on the dynamics over all.

Court comment - funny. :)

I love that these episodes have been two hours. is that going to continue? Of course now I'm not seeing desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters... but I'd watch Apprentice any day over those shows.

SeaSpray said...

Jim-my RANT in previous comment NOT directed at you.. or anyone... just so FRUSTRATED and concerned. Cyndi Lauper is cute and I get a kick out of her in this. She's definitely unique. i love when she breaks out in song and so do the people around her. I hope she lasts for a while. :)

I also don't mean to insult anyone with my views and certainly welcome opposing view points.

Just that to undertake this when we are in this recession and owe trillions of dollars ... it is not fiscally sound.

And what angers me that these politicians do NOT know what is in it and the long term consequences and/or they don't care.

Sorry - doing it again.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Court comment - true

I think he'll leave on the next show.
We'll see.

Mary W. Boggs said...

From the mere look of your soup, it can surely heal any bad day... on the political side.., i just hope that everything that is happening in our country will just come to pass, may we find comfort somewhere a long the way...

SeaSpray said...

Oh Angel why do you think he'll leave? I like him.

Survivor on Wednesday night this week.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mary - welcome! Thanks about my soup. :)I do think it has healing properties with all the vitamins in it and then of course the comfort factor. problem is too many dumplings and I look like a dumpling. :)

I do hope we find comfort along the way. I hope that in order to help people (always noble) that many more aren't hurt. I just wish they worked on the trouble spots in the HC system instead of this drastic overhaul.

And I hope that as this becomes more expensive ..we will not have our quality and availability of health care compromised.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'll tell you after we see the next episode.

You know...despite his "Rock of Love" antics, 'em fame. I kind of like the guy too (a little). Just don't send your daughters this guy's way. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel- So he's a bad boy? I'm actually not familiar with him as a rocker. I must've heard him ..but never noticed him before. I gather from the show he has a bad rep.

But I like him thus far as I see him on the show. :)

But I don't have any favorites yet.

Blogo is annoying though. He is so adamant about wanting those tapes revealed that I am thinking perhaps he is innocent regarding accusations. i know first hand how a prosecution side can wrongfully stack the deck against an innocent person, withhold disclosure info and all kinds of tactics. I just understand his intensity regarding the legal aspect. But he's weird. Although must have something on the ball if he became governor.

I get a kick out of Cyndi. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I wouldn't say he's a bad person. Women throw themselves at him and he partakes - A Lot.

Blogo....Geesh, I want to tell him, that ship has sailed, and there won't be another boarding in your lifetime.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I should also add, Bret is incapable of monogamy. The guy just can't do it. Won't do it.